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It’s just past midnight East Coast USA time and apparently that’s all T-Mobile needed to smack a September 9th date on an official announcement of the T-Mobile G2. The successor to the first ever Android phone includes a 3.7-inch screen, full QWERTY keyboard, Snapdragon processor, 7 home screens, 5MP camera (LED Flash and Autofocus) with 720p video recordingHD video camera and support for a 32GB MicroSD card. It comes pre-installed with an 8 Gigger for those wondering.

T-Mobile G2_Landscape

The press release only indicates a pre-order that will start later this month but you have the ability to sign up for e-mail notification immediately:


You may remember that last week we heard a rumored G2 price of $199.99 with appropriate contract and 2-year agreement.

And the Press Release:

Introducing the T-Mobile G2 with Google — the First Smartphone Delivering 4G Speeds on T-Mobile’s Super-Fast HSPA+ Network
T-Mobile, Google and HTC re-team to deliver the groundbreaking successor to the T-Mobile G1; Exclusive preorder for current T-Mobile customers begins later this month

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Sept. 9, 2010 — T-Mobile USA, Inc. today unveiled the T-Mobile® G2™ with Google™, delivering downloads at 4G speeds1, a blazing fast web browsing experience and tight integration with Google services. The G2 breaks new ground as the first smartphone specifically designed for T-Mobile’s new HSPA+ network2, which covers 100 million Americans in more than 55 major metropolitan areas across the country. The G2 is an ultra-powerful smartphone designed by HTC and is the highly anticipated successor to the
T-Mobile G1, the world’s first Android™-powered mobile phone, pairing a large 3.7-inch screen with a unique hinge design that opens to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. Current T-Mobile customers will get exclusive access to preorder the G2 starting later this month.

“T-Mobile ignited the spark that set the Android world ablaze two years ago with the launch of the world’s first Android-powered mobile phone, the T-Mobile G1, which remains an important milestone for both T-Mobile and the Android operating system,” said Cole Brodman, chief technology and innovation officer, T-Mobile USA. “Now, with the launch of the T-Mobile G2, we are re-teaming with our partners at Google and HTC to provide T-Mobile customers with another first — the first Android smartphone designed to deliver 4G speeds on our new network.”

“One of the advantages of an open platform is the opportunity for developers to create rich mobile experiences and seamlessly get those experiences into the hands of consumers,” said Andy Rubin, vice president, engineering, Google. “From new services, such as Voice Actions, to mobile applications, developer-led Android innovation is flourishing. On Android Market alone, the number of applications available to consumers has grown from just 50 applications two years ago to more than 80,000 applications today.”

“Two years ago, HTC and T-Mobile worked together to deliver the world’s first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1. From that start, Android has grown to be the leading smartphone platform in the U.S., and one of the most popular globally,” said Peter Chou, chief executive officer, HTC Corporation. “With today’s announcement of the G2, HTC and T-Mobile are once again bringing a breakthrough Android product to market.”

The first smartphone specifically designed to deliver 4G speeds on T-Mobile’s new HSPA+ network, the G2 is optimized for performance to provide customers with blazing fast access to a world of information through websites, applications, videos, file downloads and more. Built on Android 2.2, the G2 offers seven customizable home screen panels, including a dedicated panel with one-click access to your favorite Google applications such as Android Market™, which currently offers more than 80,000 applications.

The T-Mobile G2 delivers a powerful mobile data experience that is tightly integrated with Google Voice™, as well as packed with Google applications such as Voice Actions™ from Google, Google Goggles™ and more. It is one of the first smartphones in the industry to offer the new Voice Actions feature of Google Search™, which allows you to control your phone with your voice for calling contacts and businesses, sending messages, browsing the Web, listening to music and completing common tasks. It is also the first smartphone to offer integrated access to Google Voice™, allowing customers to create a new account using their current mobile number right from the home screen. Google Voice then automatically transcribes voicemails to text so customers can read them like an e-mail or text message from their phone or online. Additional pre-loaded Google services include Google Search, Gmail™, Google Maps™ with Places and Navigation, YouTube™, Google Talk™ and Google Earth™, among others.

Adding fuel to the G2’s speed is its Snapdragon™ MSM7230 mobile processor which combines Qualcomm’s new HSPA+ capabilities and second generation applications processor. The Snapdragon MSM7230 offers an 800 MHz CPU and is optimized to deliver exceptional performance, long battery life and leading edge multimedia and web browsing — with download speeds faster than other solutions currently in the market.

The G2 delivers advanced smartphone features including an HD video camera for recording crystal-clear, high-definition (720p) videos that can be automatically uploaded to your Photobucket account and a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and autofocus. The G2 also offers smartphone essentials such as easy access to personal and work e-mail, including support for Microsoft® Exchange e-mail, contacts and calendar; social networking; and instant messaging. In addition, the G2 features a pre-installed 8GB microSD memory card with support for up to 32 GB, as well as a music player.

Additional features of the G2 include the following:

  • Dedicated Quick Keys for one-touch access to your favorite Google shortcuts and applications
  • Adobe FlashPlayer enabled Web browsing experience
  • Pinch and zoom functionality for Web browsing and photo gallery
  • 4GB internal memory with pre-installed 8GB micro SD card, with support for up to 32 GB of external memory
  • Built-in 3.5mm headphone jack, stereo headset and Bluetooth support
  • Swype® text input for fast, accurate communication


The T-Mobile G2 with Google will be available in the U.S. exclusively from T-Mobile, and current T-Mobile customers will have the opportunity to preorder the G2 in limited quantities later this month. Additional availability details will be shared in the coming weeks. Visit http://g2.t-mobile.com to register for updates.

About T-Mobile’s HSPA+ Network

T-Mobile continues to expand its super-fast HSPA+ mobile broadband network, which now covers 100 million Americans in more than 55 major metropolitan areas. T-Mobile’s new HSPA+ network — which offers theoretical peak throughput speeds of 21 Mbps — offers today’s available 4G speeds to more people than any other wireless network in the country, with plans to reach more than 200 million people this year. For more information on where

Do you plan on getting the T-Mobile G2? Are you a T-Mobile G1 OG?

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  1. Not a T-Mobile fan, but I must say that phone looks pretty nice.

  2. Notice the “H” in the status bar instead of 3g:)

  3. I’m very underwhelmed with this device. 6+ months ago I’d have probably bought one. But now it seems dated and isn’t even out yet. Dammit T-Mobile, I want to switch to you, just give me this phone with a bigger screen & front camera. A faster CPU wouldn’t hurt either…

  4. @will s

    But it does have a faster cpu…. Actually, at 800mghz this cpu is much better than any of the 1ghz snapdragons out there. Only the Galaxy S phone’s can rival this chipset. Screen size and FFC is pretty subjective I suppose since 3.7 is a sweet spot to some people. And a FFC is probably rarely used if ever by most people. I think this is a worthy successor to the G1, especially if that keyboard is as good as it looks.

  5. 3.5mm …LED flash?…. FLASH PLAYER ….720P Video recorder?!?!? OMG I HAVE A BONER fap.fap.fap.fap.fap.fap.fap.fap.

  6. This is freaking sweet… however I might want the MyTouch HD. Hmmm do I hold out and wait to see which one is better or do just buy the G2. Is the MyTouch HD supposed to have a flash, front facing camera, and a faster processor?

  7. I dig the Bob Marley email address! Nice music choice Rob!

  8. T-Mobile won’t give us front facing cameras ’cause they don’t want us sucking up their bandwidth with videochat.

  9. Very professional looking, and I want a real keyboard vs the stupid touch screen on my Nexus One. I hope to heck this doesn’t have the same screen sensor as the Nexus One.

  10. and would you look at that…. a right and left shift key. Very nice. I hope that black background around the keyboard isn’t sloppily applied cheap tape like I saw in the close ups.

  11. That is a nice looking keyboard!

  12. Well, given the HUGE photo of this phone on this site- http://gizmodo.com/5633473/t+mobile-g2-is-designed-with-google-voice-and-hspa%252B-in-mind

    I guess they did finish it with a nice quality background for the keyboard. I’m going to check it in the store before I buy, however.

  13. I really like the look of this thing. Is it bad ass enough to replace my Vibrant? Nope. Is it bad ass enough to replace my GF’s hand me down mytouch 3g running CM6? OH HELL YEA :D

    Im telling her shes upgrading. thats that. No questions asked. She upgrades and i get to tinker. She cares not as long as she can text her face off and play Jewels.

  14. tmobile g1 og, but i really wanted a FFC.

  15. Does anyone know if you can use this phone as a wi-fi hotspot?

  16. does this phone also come to europe?

  17. @ Rio, id imagine so, tmob in the US usually translates to tmob in the UK/europe, but anyways this phone will be called the htc desire Z when it gets launched in the uk.

    I’m with will s on this, it actually looks nice, i like the hardware keyboard action and design,not to mention i’ll be able to play emulators without my thumbs blocking 1/4 of the screen lol

    but..the hardware…oh the hardware, when you consider whats in the pipeline, i’d be gutted that super androidphones with massive specs get launched only 3-6 months after i get tied into my 18-24 month contract…eep! also im gonna wait for the official ginger bread 3.0 min specs to be released 1st before i venture and get a new android, i dont want to be stuck on 2.2 (although its awesome) when 3.0/3.5 becomes available :)

  18. would you think this is better than the galaxy s?

  19. t-mobile usa need to fire the marketing team and hire new ones! verizon, at,t and sprint all played follow the leader.t-mobile is the best in everything except promoting that why the rest of the world’s t=mobiles are #1 and the united states is #4, no matter ill stick to what works best,T—–MOBILE USA USA!!!!!

  20. no but it’s still a nice phone

  21. @ Daniel- wi fi hotspot is a feature of Android’s Froyo OS, which this will have. Hopefully TMO won’t have had that feature disabled, or charge to use it. I use the wifi hotspot on my N1 on TMO and it works great.

  22. I want it but i don’t want Tmobile…
    When is ATT getting some Android love.. and i mean REAL love… none of that samsung galaxy s BS…
    I am dieing of impatiens to get a good new phone!

  23. you know as a random thought….would we be able to get this unbranded? like…the T-mob UK G2 was the HTC hero….the t-mob G1 was the HTC Dream? I just hate the T-mob emblem @ the top of the phone lol

  24. I love this phone… but don’t want to switch to Tmobile!

  25. This should come quick to Europe, then i will say bye bye to Moto Milestone.

  26. Ahh, this could well be the HTC Desire Z in Europe and free from the clutches of T-mobile. We can but hope.

  27. I thought this phone was supposed to have an 800MHz proc? That might have been a mistake considering that link in the phandroid post quickly got lost on the net.

    Well whatever, this will be a great upgrade from my Blackberry Curve I’ve been stuck with under 2 year contract.

  28. While it’s a nice device, it would have been “great” 6 months ago. Today I think it’s subpar compared to units on other carriers or even t-mobile’s own Samsung released recently. I’m a bit disappointed. Only a slight improvement over a MyTouch 3G Slide. At least they got it right with 2.2 and “With Google” experience.

  29. @lancaster09 – I feel your pain! This phone doesn’t feel like the next best device to hit the market and as such leaves me wondering what the mthd will be. why can’t T-Mobile make it easy and simply offer the best technology available with a comparably sized screen? I’m done with my g1 but this phone leaves me wanting more!

  30. I think this device is about a year late. This should be the G3. Tmo may have bled a few less higher end customers if they had a better release plan. Good thing the previous CEO went bye bye.

  31. Does anyone know the price without a 2 year contract?

  32. Fingers crossed for a UK release! =D

  33. Although…I thought it came with a trackball…

    Not that I care much about that…

  34. I wish it looked more like an i Phone…………..HA!….Just kidding. G1 now…..G2 when it releases.

  35. Every time I look at this I think this could have been a keyboard version of the Nexus, but with better performance and stats. It’s a beautiful looking phone and the size fits well. It probably won’t do as well as the EVO or Galaxy S, but people who have been patiently waiting to upgrade their G1 will find a perfect fit with this phone. Froyo + HSPA+ = winner. If I didn’t love my Nexus as much as I do, I’d be getting this one.

  36. Finally, a phone with stock android. I’ve been waiting for this for ages.

  37. Man its been I long time I remember having only 50 apps when I joined Android.

  38. This or the milestone2/droid 2???hummmm i want my keyboard….

  39. What’s with the Snapdragon processor? I thought this was supposed to be the Scorpion processor. Btw, the Nokia E73 Mode has a FFC on T-Mobile already.

  40. no 802.xx WIFI.

    it better have a super good radio that goes through walls.

  41. I would consider buying it:
    if I see HSPA(+) speeds in San Diego in the entire city. So far it is so spotty and it looks like the city is divided in two parts. Unfortunately in Uptown (where I live) and La Jolla (where I work) the speed is still very slow (800kbps)

    I wish it had a front facing camera but oh well.

  42. I have to ask…….Why the angst over the front facing camera? I’m not trying to be a tool, I am just curious what the desire for a FFC is.

  43. I do believe it will support hot spot tethering at no additional charge.

  44. @Max: Unless you want to depend on Motorola and throw out the phone once it gets unsupported by Motorola (which in case of DEXT was 1.6, in case of Milestone 1 will be 2.2), you want this instead of Milestone2/Droid2/DroidX.

  45. Anyone need a nexus i got one for sale now. the screen looks wider than the nexus screen. i wonder if it will have an amoled screen. whats FFC?

  46. I want this phone, but I’m on Verizon. I’d rather have this than the Droid 2 any day.

  47. FFC = Front Facing Camera

  48. I’ve been rocking my G1 since december ’08, I think its time for me to upgrade to the G2.

  49. Now compared to the G1 the keyboard is worse, there is no dedicated row for the numbers and exclamation-mark, dollar-sign etc, so it will be less usable for fast typing.

    It reminds me layout wise of the (terrible) motorola droid keyboard…


  50. This phone is fail. So glad I left tmobile for sprint. The Epic is truly Epic.

  51. So what makes it a fail? Or maybe you still haven’t reached puberty and are home sick from school today.

    Regardless, if you feel it is less than worthy, please enlighten us as to why.

  52. @will s
    I must say that I agree with you. While the processor is arguably slightly better, it’s still a design from 8 months ago. The camera will still be mediocre, camcorder fps will still be awful in less than optimal lighting, scrolling is till going lag due to a lack of UI acceleration by the GPU, and the use of the optical track pad is still going to be clunky and awkward.
    This is a Nexus One with a keyboard. That would have been something special in January, but in October it’s pretty ‘meh’.

  53. G1 OG here, I’m excited about this new phone. Been waiting a while!

  54. However, I much prefer the G1 keyboard.

  55. I used to be on T-mobile and this phone is just sad…Both 4G phones on sprint have much better specs. If I were still on T-mobile I would stick to a Nexus 1 or the Galaxy S when they fix that GPS issue.

  56. No number row on the keyboard, epic fail.

  57. @Lindley
    hey good luck with your next OS update. by the time you get it your contract will be up and then you can get a phone with Gingerbread! HAHA

    fail beacause of no numbers on the keypad. WTF are you guys typing that requires a full dedicated row of numbers.

  58. This was definetly going to be my new phone but i want everything a phone can offer. I understand this processor is likely to be just as fast if not faster as all the others, but a ffc is becoming a standard in big time phones and while i may i not use it that much i would really like one. I think more android phones should have keyboards so there are more choices. Come on HTC Glacier dont let me down

  59. Its hard to choose between this and the Vibrant. On one hand you have a larger screen, Super AMOLED and a faster processor. Then in the other hand, HSPA+, Physical Keyboard, stock 2.2 and whats actually a factor its HTC made.

    The Vibrant will probably take what will feel like ages just to get 2.2 while he G2 will more likely get Gingerbread faster due to it being stock android. The Vibrant has that faster processor and excellent screen but lacks that keyboard I love. Then theres Samsung vs HTC. Not that I dislike Samsung because thats not the case but I like HTC, their devices and support more.

    Oh lets not forget the fact that I can go to the store and buy one right now but not the other for weeks. That just makes it harder to decide ><

  60. im an og g1 user but i havent decided 2 get the mytouch hd cuz of the bigger screen, or possibly thst 1 htc phone thst was 1st thought 2 be goin 2 verizon (it looks like a evo deire mix) i wanna see if tmo gets that by late november or dec.!!! http://phandroid.com/2010/08/27/new-htc-device-gets-pictured-for-verizon-could-it-be-the-htc-merge/

  61. Dear T-Mo, REALLY? I’m still on my G1 waiting for a completely worthy upgrade. Would it really be that hard to put out an HTC phone with HSPA+, a bigger screen, FFC, HD Video, LED flash, and stock 2.2? A physical keyboard with a dedicated number row would be nice too. Maybe I ask too much. I’m fine with this processor as long as it saves battery without noticeable lag. Thanks, that is all.

  62. 500 without a new plan. thats a lot for a phone thats kinda outdated this should have dropped in june instead of the my touch slide. ill wait for something better early 2011

  63. 3.7 inch screen, that’s weak. why does t-mobile always under achieve. I am so glad I left to big red.

  64. Ok they got my full attention now with the 4GB internal memory :-)

  65. @Bizzle: Do you think Samsung whipped up the Hummingbird over a long weekend? You think 8 months is too old? This isn’t an N1 with a keyboard. It’s a whole new processor core with a dedicated GPU that keeps up with the Vibrant and blows away the N1. Lack of GPU acceleration, they just had a GL benchmark for this phone on phandroid like yesterday, and it’s looking pretty damn promising.

  66. Acer Liquid Metal has pretty much same hardware, looks better and will probably be cheaper.

  67. for the idiot who thinks sprint is better than t mobile. (I AM NOT A T MOBILE CUSTOMER) i was on sprint and got the evo, their 4g is horrible, if you look at all of the speed comparisons sprint is dead last. YOU ARE AN IDIOT, use facts to back up your claim

  68. @fangorious
    I agree that the SOC is better (though only slightly). My wording about it being “8 months old” was intended to point at the physical design of the device. (I’ll assume you can see the physical similarity to the N1.) I can see how my wording made it sound like I was talking about the cpu/gpu package. My mistake.
    Regarding GPU acceleration, I was very careful to say “UI acceleration by the GPU”. The Snapdragon in the Nexus One is a pretty powerful SOC. The Adreno GPU isn’t the best, but it’s more than adequate for GL accelerated Apps that take advantage of it. The G2 will only be better at this. However, as of now, Android does not take advantage of GPU acceleration in the UI. So, you’re going to get the same experience as you get now on nearly every “Android Superphone”. Medicore camera/camcorder fps, laggy scrolling throughout the UI and browser. The overall experience will not be any better/smoother than the Nexus, except for typing of course.
    Therefore, given the looks of the G2 and UI performance, I stand by my comment that his is a Nexus One with a keyboard.

  69. baldwinjr9 just posted a few pics of the G2, that kinda shows that the G2 might come with a front facing camera.

    What’s your opinion on the pics? http://forums.t-mobile.com/t5/T-Mobile-G2/is-this-a-frontfacing-camera-on-the-g2/td-p/468668

    My opinion is it really does look like a camera build in.

  70. That’s why i like T-Mobile so much. Nice phone and some very nice tariff plans for it. I’ve done some research about this G2 in other providers using http://simtariff.com/. It’s a nice site with multiple tariff plans from international providers and i must say that it helped me a lot in this. Be sure to check this one out, you certainly won’t be dissapointed

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