Kentucky’s Bluegrass Cellular to Receive Motorola Milestone and HTC Desire



The Motorola Milestone and HTC Desire seem to be quite the popular devices when it comes to regional carriers around the United States, and they continue their tour of the country by landing on Kentucky’s Bluegrass Cellular. You can even sign up to receive a coupon for a whopping $10 off the purchase of either handset. On that note, pricing and release dates are not specified. No, we only get the familiar “Coming Soon” tag.

Anyone out there on Bluegrass and their 3G CDMA network? This is one I haven’t heard much about before, but they aren’t doing that bad for their first two Android handsets. Nice to see the smaller carriers get some love.

[thanks to Noah for sending this in!]

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  1. Good to see high-end devices getting on Bluegrass, the nub Hero is the only Android phone on it right now.

  2. Their 3G is good, I think they use verizon towers as bluegrass and verizon are closely tied.

  3. These two phones aren’t Bluegrass’ first Android devices. I have a Hero through them, and it is awesome. ^_^

  4. Why the hell aren’t any of the top Tier carriers getting the Desire CDMA version. It is an awesome device and exactly the same(spec wise) as the GSM version, c’mon on Verizon and Sprint already pull your heads out!

  5. Their 3G data network is awesome, I’ve never had slow speeds! Bigger carriers can take a lesson from these guys.

  6. Agree with DannyDarko….would love to see Sprint get the Desire. The Evo is just too dang big & I don’t feel like paying any extra $10/mo.

  7. I have the HTC Hero on Bluegrass Cellular. The 3G network is excellent in the central Kentucky area, and even in the northern Tennessee area! Bluegrass Cellular does roam off of Verizon’s towers, and many of their phones are the generic versions of Verizon’s phones. Oh and here’s a little tip, Bluegrass Cellular is suppose to announce the Samsung Galaxy S (I’m assuming Verizon’s Fascinate) later this year!

  8. Thanks Noah, not surprised to see you and Ryan on here though. Woot Bluegrass!

  9. Verizon and Bluegrass hate each other as Bluegrass blocks verizons phone off of their data. Verizon phones data won’t work unless its on a verizon tower in Kentucky. Trust me, I live in an area with no verizon and tons of Bluegrass.

    They also had the Hero btw.

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