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Motorola has once again revised their software upgrade chart to reflect the latest timeline for their Android devices to receive their respective updates. Most notably the Motorola Quench has been deemed unfit for an upgrade after a previous iteration of the chart said its Android 2.1 update was “under evaluation” as well as the international Backflip and Dext. Devices that were listed as not receiving an update now get the text “Will remain on Android 1.x for the best combined hardware and software experience.”

On the USA side of things the chart has been updated to show the completion of the Motorola Droid Android 2.2 roll out, while the Droid X remains listed for a late summer push. We are about as late into the summer as we can get, and with the wording of this particular entry not changing it’s a good sign, trust me. The Motorola Backflip has gone from an Android 2.1 update in Q3 to joining the Cliq and Cliq XT as “testing in process, planned for late Q3/early Q4.” Strange that the foreign counterpart — the Quench — simply won’t receive the update.

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  1. How about some Froyo for the US XT720 ?

  2. LMFAO Tell me why some people say that custom skins don’t slow don’t OS updates at all, they need to stop smoking that good stuff.

  3. Moto-verizon=FAIL!!!

  4. hey maybe a t-mobile update list but im sure it doesnt exist NO PHONE LEFT BEHIND right

  5. oooh ffs. Just push out the damned 2.1 update for the Backflip already so I can root the damned thing and pull off all of the unnecessary CRAP that AT&T put on there. Ugh…

  6. Hopefully “late summer” begins tomorrow.

  7. All MotoBlur phones currently with 2.1..the Motorola Charm. Wow! But the Cliq can’t get it yet, Backflip, Devour? WTF!! It’s Moto’s FAIL on so many levels especially the Cliq. The Cliq has been available since November of 2009 but still hasn’t been able to be placed to at least 2.1. Does that sound even logical?! Think about it. I mean how many people are working on this upgrade for it..2 maybe..3 tops! Lol! Motorola makes awesome phones it’s just too bad you have dropped the ball on so many people that paid good $$ for the Cliq and promised a “timely” update. Well “timely” is outta the question and you still have the nerve to release a NEW phone with UPDATED MOTOBLUR SOFTWARE! This is beyond a spit on our faces. HTC will be my next phone and that G2 is looking mighty fine right about now. At least I’ll be able to receive apps that aren’t held back because of 1.5. Good riddance and goodbye Moto..Moto this (obscene gesture)up your @$$!

  8. @dogsby lets hope I have the X and Im dying to try froyo, I just dont want to resync my whole phone again!

  9. peace out Motorola! Really disappointed in you!

  10. Wow

    Lots of anger at moto.

  11. They have to realize that this is not an I phone platform. There are a lot of phones out there and if they dont take this seriously they are going to loose this game. because I know my next android will not be a Motorola phone.

  12. Disappointment with motorola another let down. I will no longer support any motorola phone beyond the cliq. So long motorola another dissatisfied customer. Looking forward to the htc G2

  13. G2 here i come

  14. Wow, glad I didn’t get a Motorola. Check out all the phones that won’t get past 1.5 Brutal. How can a US version be going to 2.1 while the other versions get stuck at 1.5 Isn’t it the same hardware?

  15. See the table for Latin America http://bit.ly/cIsC5z

  16. Company : MOTOROLA
    Timeline : will remain a small player until it realizes they must have either open phones where community can support and update the phones or will provide updates itself for more than 1 year after release.

  17. Wow…this is ridiculous. My dad uses a Moto DEXT here in the UK, and while he’s happy with it, I know it could be SO much better running 2.1. I’d love to know how Moto work out that the DEXT can’t handle more than 1.5 (“for the best hardware/software experience”), but the American Cliq is gonna be running 2.1 – despite them being (with exception to the radio) the same phone. I know Moto don’t have to do updates, but come on.

  18. September 21st is THE last day of summer…

    If they are to be believed the updates should start rolling out for the DX on the 20th or 21st…that’s as “late” as they can be and still hit their mark. We just need to hang on for another 11 or 12 days. Sheesh!?!?

  19. What do u expect? Moto is the anus puppet of verizon. U put those two together and what u get is RAPED! Vzn replacing google w//bing, moto not updating other carriers devices but vzn. Locking their phones down tighter than apple knox. Moto blur with all its f@#$g bugs. I want someone to unlock the DX AND GO PURE GOOGLE. THANKS

  20. As an X owner who bought on launch day and thinks late summer is the last week of August, I’d like to remind other X owners that they’ve never said the update would be late summer …. of 2010.

  21. Well, not much choice here other than Moto/Verizon.
    Where I live (San Diego) T-Mobile and Sprint networks are supremely inferior to Verizon and AT&T.
    No G2, No EVO…

  22. What about Milestone (US-Cin Bell)? Just got a new one (Family in love with CinBell, Get me out of Here!) Nice Phone/Carrier combo for travel? Any idea why call volume so low?

    Or Wait a year and hope I can go to another phone, or cancel and go with a real carrier/phone for less than 100 contract Break?

  23. I just can’t believe this. I leave AT&T for Verizon – cool, because now I have 3G within walking distance of my home. I give up on HTC phones and buy the Droid 2 (coo, because within my 30 days, I could tell Verizon that I wanted the Droid X instead – which I did.) Next, my X comes, but now it works “less perfect” than the Droid 2 I gave back because of delays on the O/S upgrade…NOT COOL. I just gave up a sorry carrier and so-so phones for a company that I thought had it all together. Did you guys let some Microsoft people start working for you? This has WinMo (WinSlo) written all over it!!

  24. Just To Add More Fuel To The Fire Rant: Not only did they (Moto) PROMISE an update but also PROMISED a timeline for it numerous times. They never kept their PROMISE! Excuse after excuse while leaving the patient customer behind. They mention a new timeline then nothing surfaces..except another timeline. After awhile your just numb to the notion and don’t even trust Motorola’s word. I LOVE Motoblur and what it does for my social networking! Absolutely love it! But in the end it’s the apps that kill the whole experience. The biggest issue befalling the Cliq is the fact that there are more and more apps coming onto the market that are not compatible with Android 1.5. For example lets say you already have an existing app and need to “update” it…most of the time it WON’T! Due to the incompatibility of the Cliq not having Android 1.6 or above. GRRRR! Hell you CAN’T even download virtually any newer apps from the market whatsoever! Hence making the phone less fun & more frustrating to the end user. In turn this makes the phone you bought 1 year ago seam like old tech at a way faster rate than usual. Especially when you paid good money for a product that is being backed by a reputable and well trusted company like Motorola. It’s not just about us Android loving folk and “wanting our updates”. It’s about the end user (the general customer) being screwed in the end with incompatibility issues ,a company’s mistrust to back their product, & keeping their PROMISE..Nuff said!

  25. Motorola are showing us – one move at a time – why they were in such bad shape that they needed to be rescued in the first place. A tip for Moto: If people feel ‘burned’ by buying one of your handsets they won’t buy another for many years <- this is how you lose market and mind share (see Nokia for details).

  26. This is utterly crap.
    It came time that I had to upgrade my phone both because failing hardware and plan costs. I did my research and from the limited choice at that time, the DEXT was it.
    One major factor in this decision was that an upgrade was posted as happening on the blog post.
    It was even enough for me to go Motorolla since I swore off them from back when 3G was introduced.
    Come on Motorolla, at least allow us to build custom ROMs running 2.x while I wait for something like the Milestone 2. Or maybe I should just go for a Galaxy S

  27. the g-2 will be out just in time for the beginning of the 4th quarter.

    i’ll take the g-2 for a test drive if it’s ok kewl, if not, upgrade my cliqXT.

    first chance i get i’m dumping my cliqXT but, only for something way better.

  28. lol at all the people who expect that their phones are going to get every update there is to Android, especially the ones who say they’re moving to HTC. Because, as we know, HTC upgraded the G1 to 2.2, right? Oh, wait….

    You can’t expect every phone to run every version. I don’t expect a 386 PC to run Windows 7, why should a Devour run anything beyond what it has? Yes, maybe it can run 2.0 – no argument there. Maybe Moto has screwed some people who should have received the updates their counterparts in other countries did. No argument there. But don’t expect that A is going to magically get/run B just because you want it to. You can’t expect a low-end Android unit to run the most advanced stuff.

  29. The CLIQ may not be a flagship, but it was the best Motorola Android device available at T-Mobile when I got mine in March knowing that the Android 2.1 update for it was close at hand. Sadly, they then pushed it to Q2 and now Late Q3 (coming to an end soon) or Early Q4. The discussion thread at Motorola’s site is flooded with irate customers, conspiracy theories and testimonials of people vowing to never buy Motorola again: https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/31533?start=0&tstart=0

  30. @ All, I found a solution. I am no longer plagued by Motorola’s pathetic excuse for customer retention. I have put my money where my mouth is and purchased a Galaxy S. I shared my frustrations with my T-mob rep and he understood the fact that the Cliq hardly a year old and already completely out dated (try downloading facebook on it now) and about to be dropped from the T-Mobile line up.

    As for the phone, (the Vibrant) it’s a world of difference. Samsung promises an update to 2.2 sometime soon. Something tells me it wont be prolonged a year.

    I have shared these frustrations for most of my Cliq ownership and I feel your pain. I encourage everyone to complain to your local rep and opt out. I for one feel Moto deserves a boycott. Sure we probably won’t make a dent but it’s the principle that matters. (The G2 is looking mighty fine right about now)

  31. After my beloved G1 fell in puddle,last winter(January) I bought the Cliq instead of another G1 because I’ve had a long history with Moto(ROKR E8,the PEBL,RAZR…etc)..but WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!…it seems as if Motorola only cares for the phones that cost 500$+….the Cliq was only $479 so I was $31 off…by the time us cheap Cliq,Backflip,Cliq XT owners get Eclair’ed..the world will be digesting gingerbread…F@#* THAT…..HTC G2 here I come….Motorola,to quote you in the voice of your old ad voice..”goodbye moto”.

  32. They lost me long ago. Never going to use another Motorola phone. Cliq was the biggest waste of my money ever.

  33. Well running a rooted dext with the Barely Blurred rom, 2.1 and the dext rock, if moto think 1.5 is the best combined hardware and software experience they really need to pull their heads from out of their arses and look around. Can’t see how they can ever justify giving 2.1 to the cliq USA but not the dext globally, they are the same phone FFS.

  34. Notice that the Dext has been dropped off the upgrade list. Really dreadful after-sales experience Motorola. Understand that many loyal customers have been mislead with upgrade plans. Not wanting to remain loyal to this brand.

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