T-Mobile G2 Pricing? Internals Show $199.99 for Even More, $499.99 for EM+


TmoNews is back with more – well – T-Mo news.  This time, they’ve gotten their hands on an internal document from T-Mobile’s marketing team showing what looks to be pricing for the T-Mobile G2: $499.99 shows up in the first column with $199.99 showing up right next to it. We’ll just assume that these are the prices for Even More Plus and Even More, respectively. I can’t say I’m surprised – it’s in tune with most high-end Androids these days – but it’s always nice to get a bit of confirmation before the official announcement is made.


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I wish I could get more excited about this phone, but the 4-row keyboard just kills it. Plus, the 1-GHz processor, while fast, won’t be the fastest once the dual-cores and 1.5+ GHz phones start coming out.

    I’ll be waiting to see what else T-Mo comes out with.

    Too little, too late.

  2. Dual Core processors don’t come out until Q1/Q2 2011. Qualcomm SHIPS the dual cores in Q4, manufactures must test it ….

    on-topic My new phone, or Htc Desire HD.

    sorry 4 bad Englisch

  3. LOL, With that type of thinking you’ll be waiting a long time for a new phone cause those dual-core and 1.5+ GHz phones will also be slow once the quad-core and 3+ GHz phones come out.

  4. LOL, With that type of thinking you’ll be waiting a long time for a new phone cause those dual-core and 1.5+ GHz phones will also be slow once the quad-core and 3+ GHz phones come out.

  5. @ RebelScum
    Just curious but what do you use all that speed for?

  6. It hasn’t even been confirmed that it’s spec’d at 1GHz. I’m not going to get my hopes up if it does turn out to be 800MHz.

    What matters most to me is not the gigahertz or the wifis, but what’s this thing’s battery life going to be like? I imagine HSPA+ is going to be challenging for our increasingly venerable battery tech.

  7. @RebelScum Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I thought the G2 was suppose to have a 1.5GHZ CPU and a GPU. Running Froyo with Vanilla Android. So on and so forth.

  8. I’m not sure the HSPA+ will make that much of a difference in battery. It’s basically a modified 3G, isn’t it? It’s not like a wholly different tech like WiMax 4G. But I’m just speculating and could be wrong. ;-)

  9. That’s what I’m hoping, Jaylan, but with much MUCH higher data throughput, HSPA+ may very well have an effect on power usage. That’s why I’m curious to see how it’s rated compared to the Nexus One.

  10. Regardless of the keyboard, it’s a freaking keyboard! We all know, that 1ghz of snapdragon goodness will be around for 2+ years, indefinitely. It’s not like 1.5Ghz beats the hummingbird lol. So pretty much all games will run smoothly as long as your processor hits 1ghz and up, and exactly what @Androidfan said, let’s just hold out on all phones to come and wait for some 3ghz processors, just accept it, and enjoy it. It will definitely be 1ghz, HTC now is only using that for their high end phones, and seeing as they NEED to have a successor to the G1(the FIRST Android smartphone mind you) they need to do something big, 800mhz isn’t going to cut it, and with 2.2 I doubt it, I have not heard of one device that has 2.2 on a processor other than 1ghz… just saying.

  11. The processor can be clocked between 800 and 1000mhz. I actually wouldn’t mind if it comes in at 800mhz. Easier on the battery. It is the GPU I will be working the most, not the CPU.

  12. @jared please realize you can use apps to under clock and save on the battery

  13. Screw T-Mobile and their backasswards contract pricing. I don’t want to pay an extra $700 over two years just to save $300 on a damn phone!

  14. @#13, interesting math you’ve got there.

  15. @QuantumRand dont go on the non contract rate plan pay the phone off over 2 yrs and you still have cheaper monthly payments and save money overall easy isnt it.

  16. @Sam I Am,
    My math isn’t wrong. If I were to get a phone on contract through T-Mobile, my plan would increase from $105 to $135 per month. Over two years, that’s $720.

    I don’t follow. I just know that with T-Mobiles BS, it’s cheaper just to put the new phone on your credit card and finance it that way. Even if it takes two years to pay off on my credit card, it would only end up costing me like $550, rather than $720 plus the original $200.

  17. @ QuantumRand go to your t-mobile store they will finance your phone for 0% over 2 years added to your bill you dont sign a contract Example plan even more plus 79.99 unlimited everything then you pay like 15 a month extra for your phone ($499)…or with a contract its $199 for phone then $99.99 a month for unlimited everything.

  18. Ah, I’ll look into that. I hadn’t realized the store would do 0% financing added to the monthly phone bill. Thanks Garet.

  19. you can do that with a contract also but only over 4 payments. Kinda weird if ya ask me why the contract buyers get less of a deal.

  20. I feel like I put this on every post about the g2.

    The snapdragon processor is a new typed its called the adreno 205. The old one is called the adreno 200 its what phones like the incredble and evo use. The adreno 205 at 800mhz is only slightly slower than the galxy s phones. Look it up smartphonebenchmarks.com

  21. Adreno is the GPU. Scorpion is the CPU. It has just been confirmed that the G2 will indeed have an 800MHz Scorpion, but I’m still wondering how much that’s actually going to matter.

  22. Will it tether?

  23. @Mark – any phone with a data connection is tetherable. Just root it and download a free tether app.

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