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Well if it isn’t that Android-based tablet we’ve been hearing about coming from Motor– wait a second, what the hell is this?! It seems someone has completely kanged (cookies if you get the reference) Verizon’s Droid brand by offering a 10-inch Android tablet named the – well – Droid 10. At first glance, Droid-Life almost made me soil my pants as I thought Motorola had officially announced the tablet that’s been rumored for some time now. What I was met with was disappointment and a need (or desire) to flog those responsible.

I’ll try not to do too much flogging, but I will twist some wrists. So what say ye on the specs? For RAM, we’re looking at a whopping 256MB, but that’s  not about to be outdone by this amazing CPU: a ZT-180 1GMHz processor. That’s right: a 1GigaMegaHertz processor! Oh, you thought they were done? Of course you didn’t! Let’s round this sweet package off with a 10.2-inch TFT LCD touchscreen with a resolution of 1024×600 (hey that’s actually quite decent. They could’ve just done what every other lazy tablet manufacturer does and given us WVGA.)


You’ll get 2GB of internal NANDFlash storage, with the ability to expand capacity to 32GB. WiFi up to N is another plus, but where’s the Bluetooth? GPS?  Anyone out there?

To be fair, it’s not that bad of a device for the price, but when you think about a DROID phone and the high standards Verizon requires out of a phone donning the name (the poor Fascinate aside), you get a little angry seeing a similarly-named tablet that wouldn’t be able to hold a candle to even some mid-range handsets out there. If you don’t care about anything I just said and just want a 10-inch Android tablet, be my guest.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Didn’t Verizon have to license the “Droid” trademark from LucasFilm?

  2. WOT doesn’t seem to think highly of that site.

  3. @Foxeh

    That was my first thought, and I believe the answers is “Yes”.

    Law suit coming in 3…2…1…

  4. 256 RAM is epic failer..

  5. A Giga-Mega-Herz? I thought that wasn’t expected until Q2 2011? /sigh

  6. After looking at their site for all of 15 secs, I’m 98% sure that your $250 will get you a box full of air in return.

  7. From the website…

    Internet browsing: Internet Explorer

    Am I missing something?

  8. Kangfirm’d?

  9. This is made by a Chinese company. they don’t even know what the word trademark means. Nor do they even have to care…

  10. MUAHAHA.

    For all of you ignorant bastards, GMHz = 10^9 x 10^6 Hz, which is, of course, 10^15 Hz, or 1PHz.

    … the more you know …

  11. whats the point of these if they dont plan on being competitive, anyone who buys this tablet either: A) has money to waste or B) is an idiot

  12. Where’s the front facing camera? Or a back facing one? I know it might be awkward to take pictures with such a big device, but it be nice to at least have it.

  13. Chris Rock said it best: “I think George Lucas gonna sue somebody!”

  14. C’mon, do you really want a 10″ GPS tablet? For your car?

  15. Editing Tools: Microsoft Wordpad, Microsoft SpreadExcel

    So sad.

  16. giga mega hertz?
    i thought phandroid was a serious blog!

  17. Same reason I didn’t bother to care for an iPad. The tablet form factor is useless. To carry anything that big, you can carry a full fledged netbook with better specs, keyboard and hardware. Now it’s in “fashion” cause cupertino said so, but in all honesty tablets have been around for a while and though things have gotten better software/hardware-wise, the fact is that the form factor is only acceptable and useful for a VERY, VERY, VERY tiny percent of the market.

  18. Offices in:
    Rio Negro
    Packing and Shipping

    Manufacturing Facility:
    Rionegro, Zona Franca (Antioquia – Colombia)

    Not a doctor but if the droid name isn’t licensed there doubt much can be done. Those are US copyrights.

  19. Kanged, eh? i see what you did there. Much more obscure than “Back to the Future’d” . . . ;-)

  20. Is that Clock a HTC Sense knockoff/copycat…?
    Is there one original idea built into this devise..?

  21. This hardware has been out for almost 2 month under other names. For a while it was being shadily marketed as a Cortex A8 1ghz processor (about 2 generations newer than it actually is). Yes, it’s a total Shenzhen rip off, but alot have sold in lieu of their being real Android tablets on the market. Hopefully folks will stop buying trash like this when the good stuff hits in the next few months.

  22. I ran into some POS “droid” tablet someone was selling at the mall up here in WA. It was so bad I made fun of it to the guys face that was selling it. I did feel bad because android OS rox, but not 1.5 on some tablet that was so slow that the drawer did not even want to open…someone please come give droid tablets a good name! (and not some iOS ripoff)

  23. Weak!! I’ll stay away from Moto products and stick with Samsung and buy the next gen TAB with the dual core P.

  24. haha samsung thats funny good luck with that buddy

  25. I hope this isn’t it.

  26. You know, even though we’re talking about US. trademark/copyrights/whatever, this is George Lucas we’re talking about. I’m willing to bet they’re not going to take this sitting down.

  27. you guys do realize this is one of those ipad knockoffs that theyve been selling on ebay for a while now

  28. so we are talking a billion-million cycles per second are we?

  29. Kind of want… I have mixed feelings about it. The on/off button doesn’t look right, I could see that getting accidentally knocked. And according to those specs at this thing has a resistive screen, which really turns me off. But on the plus side, it has support for usb peripherals and multiple codecs out of the box. I think I would prefer the Samsung tab out of the two though.

  30. Zethink tablet? very very bad, don´t buy!

  31. @Namansell actually, I think the Berne Convention covers it due to its global level of note. Only certain countries (read: China) tend to ignore the Berne Convention, so they can be sued. It’s just a matter of how long it takes for Lucas to get some lawyers on the next flight out.

  32. OK, the most amazing thing in this whole article is that some of the comment posters actually think this is a Motorola made Droid Tablet! Seriously, Phandroid, you need to change the title and the first sentence or two to make it crystal clear for those who don’t read more than that before looking at the pictures and skipping to the specs! The Kang reference is way too obscure to make it clear this is not what it claims to be!

  33. George Lucas and Verizon are about to have a field day on these sobs.


  35. You completely lost me with “resistive” touch screen…uck…

  36. This is a Zenithink ZT-180 tablet. They are just rebranding it.

  37. u people are just mad that u paid n arm n a leg for i-pad n for $250 or less i can basicaly do everything u can do hahahahaha idiots.

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