Samsung i5510 Is Their Mid-Ranged, QWERTY-Laden Froyo Handset


Looks like Vodafone’s going to get one of Samsung’s lesser-desired, yet still decent-looking handsets in the Samsung i5510. The phone will run Android 2.2 and – while Samsung Hub reports this will be running stock Android – the shot of the phone below points to TouchWiz (but not 3.0, from what I can tell).


The biggest takeaway here is the slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard which takes a lot of its cues from the one found on the Epic 4G or some of Samsung’s other QWERTY-enabled Androids. Other specs include a 5-megapixel camera, bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, a microSD card slot, and UMTS connectivity. No other details can be had just yet, hardware wise, but it’s said it’ll be offered for around 200 euros whenever it does debut.

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  1. So this low-end gets 2.2 before the Galaxy S line?

  2. I think any phone with TouchWiz is low-end sadly.

  3. @Wello Was developed later, and I’m sure there is probably just going to be one Euro-specced version of this phone, so this was probably built from the ground-up with Froyo in mind.

    With the Galaxy S there are at least 6 different versions, and it is their flagship device. Along with the GPS-fixes, and other bugs and issues (glaring translation errors) they HAVE to get that right.

    It should be worth the wait: Froyo+Hummingbird should be EPIC indeed.

  4. That’s like saying an iPhone with a case is low-end. You can replace TouchWiz..

  5. Ok not quite the best analogy but you get the point

  6. @Wello True thanks to Launcher Pro and ADW but they won’t speed up OS updates.

  7. And custom skins don’t slow down OS updates either..

  8. @Wello what you smokin man because I need some of that. I really believe that you are the only person on planet Earth that thinks that. Nexus One has had Froyo for months, me personally since May without rooting my phone. Custom skins 100% slow down OS updates are you new to Android that has always been the case, I’ll admit they are getting better. For example the HTC Hero it was the original Android to get a custom skin called HTC Sense and it took HTC 14 months to update it to 2.1, 14 MONTHS. Anyways I guess you learn something everyday so I forgive your noobness.

  9. Where the hell is the Epic in GSM form? This is all very nice for people who don’t want a decent sized screen or keyboard, but it’s frankly not tempting anyone away from a Milestone 2.

  10. I disagree. While it took a long time for the hero, the EVO with senor got 2.2 before the Droid did (with stock Android).

  11. LOL “sense” not “senor”

  12. I hope this replaces the intercept I was planning on getting my kids for christmas, Remember Samsung still has to prove itself, dont forget the original galaxy that samsung left hanging out to dry……………..

  13. Um is it just me, or is that space bar HUGE?

  14. The Nexus is the dev phone and it doesn’t have to wait for the manufacturers to get their own version of Froyo running, so of course its going to get the updates first.

    Froyo only got released to developers in May, so its hardly that much of a wait… Its due to drop on the SGS within a month, and 4 months turn around from getting the code through to non-buggy release isn’t to shabby at all.

    Now, since you were kind enough to forgive noobiness, I’ll forgive yours too, because I’m a nice guy. If you think the SGS is slow, you are just wrong. The Nexus on 2.2 get the same kinda quadrant scores as the SGS on 2.1. That means that the Nexus with the ~50% boost Froyo gives it with JIT coding, is only equal to Eclair on the SGS.

    Thats not slow.

  15. @Sam Thanks for proving my point again. I didn’t say the processor on the new Samsung phones were slow I said that custom skins slow down manufacturers from having the new OS version on day one. The original comment by Wello was that custom skins do not slow down OS updates but you even said yourself they do. Also the Nexus got a 150% boost from 2.2, almost a 200% boost really and I already know that when phones like the Samsung Galaxy S’s get 2.2 they will surpass the Nexus One. Personally I don’t consider any phone good enough to be considered an upgrade from my Nexus. Your noobiness my dear sir has been excused.

  16. @Sam You must not have a Nexus if you think a few months isn’t that long to have to wait for an update you are sadly mistaken. When people hear there is an update they go ape shit, on the Nexus One Support Forums there was a 4,500 angry comments thread about when were we getting Froyo and that was in only 2 weeks and we got it first! I have been with Android since day one and the people always want the newest update and they wanted it yesterday.

  17. I can honestly say, this phone is actually nice. I got it about a month ago, and it works perfect. It may not be an Epic 4G, but it is close to it. I let go of my iPhone for this (many reasons). The QWERTY keyboard is also awesome.

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