Samsung Galaxy S Coming to All Three Major Chinese Carriers



The Samsung Galaxy S has seen release in countries far and wide around the globe, but one very large market has remained untapped — China. But Samsung doesn’t want the country neighboring their native Korea to feel left out, so they have announced that they will be launching the S on all three major Chinese carriers using three different 3G standards in the process.

China Telecom gets a CDMA2000 Galaxy S with model number SCH-I909, China Mobile’s S will be running on their TD-SCDMA network as the GT-I9008, and China Unicom will see the Samsung handset on their WCDMA bands as the GT-I9088. It looks like the Unicom version will also mirror the US-released Captivate rather than the international version of the Galaxy S. Samsung’s JK Shin said of the Chinese launch, “China is one of the fastest growing mobile markets and offers great potential. I am very pleased to introduce Samsung Galaxy S, which has been customized for the needs of Chinese consumers. I hope that Chinese consumers will enjoy the real value of the smart mobile experience with Samsung Galaxy S.”

The first to launch will be China Telecom’s handset featuring dual-standby for CDMA and GSM networks sometime late in September, and the other two will make their way to China by year’s end. Interestingly, the China Mobile is said to be powered by their Ophone 2.0 platform and feature Chinese CMMB mobile TV. We are sure this doesn’t mean the whole phone will use the Ophone 2.0 skin, but it hints at the sort of bundled experience Chinese users will receive. No word on pricing yet.

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  1. Fantastic! Samsung is releasing this phone in almost every location on the face of the planet, but if I was at any of those locations my phone wouldn’t be able to tell be because I still don’t have a fix for my GPS/Compass!

  2. xda website has a fix for that

  3. wow, way to go Samsung. keep up the good work.

  4. Somebody feed those girls!

  5. It is already available in China, you can even get a 16GB version.

  6. I think samsung is going to dominate the phone market in 2011,because now it has the best screen on the market “super amoled” even the retina display of the iphone4 could not beat it,also the humming bird processor which has 1Ghz of speed with the best 3d gaming graphics that even beats the upcoming nokia n8 dedicated gpu,in 2011 samsung will introduce phones with break resistant super amoled screens and the powerful Orion processors which only samsung haters will try to resist.

  7. @logotic most asian girls are skinny…but yet they are still the worlds most sexy woman

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