Sep 8th, 2010


Given that the internals of the upcoming T-Mobile G2 don’t place the HSPA+ handset well ahead of the competition, the phone has three main selling points. One is, well, the HSPA+ support, while the other two would be the stock version of Android 2.2 it runs and a pretty nice hardware keyboard. And that hardware keyboard is exactly what we are looking at here in close-up, giving us a better idea of its layout including a set of three Quick Keys. What are Quick Keys? They will be used to “quickly access super useful Google shortcuts and other applications that may take multiple steps to access.”


These keys will be customizable and should give you pretty free range to decide exactly what they do. Aside from their inclusion, the G2 keyboard is looking pretty spacious with some generously portioned keys. Should be a real dream for those who can’t get enough of hardware keyboards. The rumor mill still puts this phone at a September 29th launch, but we’ll see as the date draws closer.


[via Android and Me]

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