Samsung Fascinate Launches in Verizon Web Store with Buy One Get One Free Deal



Well here it is, the final piece to the Samsung Galaxy S puzzle. The Samsung Fascinate completes the roll out of Galaxy S devices launching on major US carriers today, and Verizon is celebrating the fact with a peculiar deal for a phone of such a high caliber on its first day of sales. If you head over to the Verizon web store where the Fascinate is available (it won’t be in stores until tomorrow) you can get not only one but two handsets for the price of $199.99 and some new two-year contracts (after mail-in rebates). That’s right, the Fascinate is holding BOGO status.

Plan on picking up at least one? Don’t forget to check out our Samsung Fascinate forums over at AndroidForums to dissect and discuss the device till the cows come home.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I just don’t get it. I actually like the touch wiz 3.0. But, with my G1 I was very happy with stock android. Why couldn’t verizon put stock 2.2 android and let you choose your search (google/yahoo/bing). I am glad I got the epic.

  2. This is not the final piece, the Galaxy S will roll out on U.S. Cellular next month, THEN it will be finished :)

  3. wow, bogo right on start, I wonder how IPhone 4 will affect these BOGO offers.

  4. if they offer phones like Samsung Fascinate for 99 dollars, they should offer DROID for 0 dollars

  5. Verizon’s Fascinate is starting to look like AT&T’s Blackberry Torch. Both are DOA. Although if it gets cheap enough, it might be worth buying, then rooting.

  6. And when is Incredible going to be on BO,GOF? Or Motorola?
    Damn you Verizon!

  7. I was waiting for the this phone, but the Bing thing was a deal breaker for me. Goes against everything Android stansd for–and what I want in a phone. I guess I can limp along with my hopeless BB Storm for the next few months. I’m sure something better will show up.

  8. Look I would much rather Google as well but lets not go crazy. If you want to use the default search, I doubt Bing will hamper you TOO much. If you love Google, selecting it out of your favorites will take all of 3 seconds.

    Such an overreaction about a small issue on an otherwise great phone. The DroidX is too big and bulky and the 2 has the keyboard. To me, this is still the best Verizon has to offer.

  9. How’s the battery life? Is it easily rootable? If so the carriers choice of search engine is moot.

  10. Yes, the Galaxy phones have been rooted… the bing search should be a non-issue to the advanced user. Once the GPS issues get sorted, this is Verizon’s top phone.

  11. SwampFox – Agreed

    I love Google and am not even sure if I will be rooting my Fascinate. I can deal with selecting Google search from my favorites when I get a very slick looking phone with the best screen, screen size, camera, and GPU currently available.

  12. Go get a fascinate this afternoon and by the time you get home I am sure XDA forums will have a “fix” to make Google the default search provider. The Galaxy S is the most hackable phone on the market right now. Samsung left this thing wide open. I had my Captivate de-AT&T’d in minutes after bringing it home.

  13. Kennon – Can you weigh in on how you like the Captivate?

  14. Hopefully, this is an inaccurate impression based on an early trial phone, but it would appear that Verizon tweaked the phone to not be able to seek out the Google search bar from the Market or sideload the apk for the said widget. No doubt advanced users would be able to rectify this through rooting, but most people wouldn’t be.


  15. Great phone you all are morons good luck with this “awsome phone” hahaha Did you see the specs right did you see the reviews rightttt, I really thought I would like this and it would be my next phone but they fall short not enough memory no ff camera, no google nav search no 2.2 froyo and a better camera etc, its a little to late in the game to come out with a phone like this. Maybe 3 months ago if this phone came out than yea it would have some consideration but not now its too late they needed to do somehting new and exciting. The best thing and only good thing on this phone is the screen and that is sad. If you didnt know what the pohne was or was for att or sprint you know all of us verizon users that like this phone would think the specs were sub par and they are! Im sorry samsung screwed all of you into this but don’t support them for making a shitty product dont make since. We all have opinions but most of mine are based on this sub par specs that are facts so please dont try and say this pohone is better than any phone like the incredible or X even verizon workers which I talked to yesterday told me to stay away and if you want to upgrade get the X or Incredible. Take it for what it is but specs are specs

  16. Specs are specs. This phone is a better size than both the X and Incredible. The screen is MUCH nicer than the X and nicer than the Incredible. The GPU is clearly better than both the X and the Inc. Despite having 5 MP, almost every pic taken on this looks better than anything the X or Incredible can take. The video recording is also significantly better. The one advantage I GUESS is the FFC which is useless to many people.

    So you are to say people should not get the best phone Verizon has to offer, which many other employees have loved, because they will be getting Froyo in a month and you have to go to Google.com or click the Bing app to search and just dowload Google Maps/Nav easily? Give me a break and enjoy the clunky X.

  17. It is not Fascinating due to the fact that it has a 5 mg camera and the big issue is BING. I hate it. Don’t like it on my PC and would really hate it on my phone no matter how many commericals they run. Love my X, hopefully will get Froyo soon cause I really like being able to update all my apps with one click, and my Dinc and by the way my wife’s new D2 although not a big physical kepboard person. I purchased 2 Samsung Home Theater systems 2 years ago and already had to replace one and getting ready to replace the other. Just the name gives me the willys.

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