HuddleHub Fantasy Football App Launches for Android, Supports ESPN and Yahoo Leagues



Last week we got word that HuddleHub was bringing their multiple league managing fantasy football app to Android, and just in time for Thursday’s kickoff of the 2010 season they have pulled through. The app supports both ESPN and Yahoo leagues simultaneously, so if you are the type to dip your finger into multiple pots at once this should cut back on app switching. The version now available for free in the Android Market isn’t chock full of features, but the HuddleHub team promises the app will get continual updates adding more functionality.

Download the app in the Market now or follow the QR code below. I’m thinking we should have had a Phandroid Phantasy Phootball league right about now.


[via Droid-Life]

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  1. i second the phandroid phantasy league

  2. Anyone else have problems? First one I had was that I could no register from the app. Had to go to the website. Easy enough to register.

    But then I had a problem registering my ESPN private league. Contacted them via the chat and they said there is a known issue with league managers, which I am not. But are working on getting me fixed. ohhhh, I want this to woooork. I frequently either have to work or are not home during some games and this would be great.

  3. Ummm what version of android do you need in order to download on the website its only showing for droid on Verizon .

  4. No 1.5 support :(
    I was sad when the Yahoo app came out with no 1.5 support but I had hope that this was but nope. Looks like I just need to use the browser to keep track of my fantasy team.

  5. I’m also unable to sign in to either my ESPN or Yahoo accounts…

  6. No 1.5 support AGAIN! Motorola can suck it! I love my Cliq but man not being able to have the apps I want just plain sucks! It’s like everytime a new app comes out I hope and pray that my phone will support it. My phone is not as fun as it used to be. Too bad Motorola keeps dropping the ball and can’t get the update that has been promised for so long. I tempted to plain root out my phone & get the Eclair2Cliq rom installed. Just had an unfortunate incident not too long ago that involved bricking the hell out of it! So now i’m all paranoid on doing it again. Yeah I got lucky with the warranty and all but I don’t want to push my luck. C’mon Motorola get with it! I WANT MY APPS!!!

  7. Forced to upgrade to Android2.1 ,Try it

  8. @Aaron Neyer & @Frank, Upgrade your ROMs! Just root and upgrade your devices. I don’t think I could deal with being stuck on 1.5!

  9. We just wanted to let everyone know the issues with logging into your EPSN account are slated to be fixed today.

    We invite everyone to contact us on your live customer service chat if you experience any issues at

    – James

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