Wind Mobile Gearing Up for Launch of Motorola Milestone XT720



Word of Wind Mobile picking up the Motorola Milestone XT720 has been blowing in the, er, wind for some time now, but a recent shot of an internal training screen reveals that the handset launch should be right around the corner. This will mark a significant upgrade from the carrier’s first Android handset the low-end Huawei U8100. This will also give Wind a fairly nice excluive for Canadian Android lovers to consider — the phone has a pretty low presence in North America in general.

The source of the news has the XT720 pegged for a release towards the end of the month, but no word on what the pricing will be like. Wind is a pay-as-you-go carrier, so don’t expect any subsidies to drop the price of this handset too low. It has been selling for over $500 unlocked, so it will be interesting to see where Wind prices it.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. DAMMIT!!!! I just signed a freaking contract with Telus a few months ago, and I got the Milestone. WHY DID I SIGN? A moment of weakness I suppose, I immediately regretted it as soon as I got my first bill (which I had to call in about about 4 times since because as usual, they always overcharge or screw something up).

    As soon as it is feasible I’m switching.

  2. milestone is better than xt720

  3. xt720 is the milstone. I honestly think that the milestone is a really awesome phone and it is rolling on 2.1 in most of N. America and it’s a really good phone. I would have went with Desire if I was going with Telus.

  4. I have the Milestone XT720 from Cincy Bell… it has a better processor & camera than the original Droid/Milestone + more RAM. Kinda a tweener between the original droid/milestone & the Droid X. It is a capable performer…. I freakin love it, like no man should love a phone!

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