Official Early Build of Froyo for the Acer Liquid Leaks



We don’t hear too much about the Acer Liquid these days, but that doesn’t mean the phone is forgotten. Far from it, in fact. Acer is currently in the testing phases for the release of Android 2.2 (Froyo) for the Liquid, and Android @ MoDaCo forum member LIQUID_USER has gotten their hands on an early test build. Word is that the build is actually quite stable and that all core phone functions are in place. And thanks to the improvements built into Froyo such as the JIT compiler, the Liquid gets the expected speed boost previous update candidates have enjoyed.

Another user on the same forums was even kind enough to get some pictures of the ROM running on the Acer Liquid up, as well as give a targeted release date of mid-October for the final build according to their sources. You can head over to the source link for a download if you are looking to give it a spin.

[via Android@MoDaCo]

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  1. You might wanna change the picture. Gonna flash this tonight.

  2. Phone almost looks the same as the asus-garminphone on tmobile.

  3. wow you gusy got this article mix up lol, My post http://android.modaco.com/content/acer-liquid-liquid-modaco-com/317360/pictures-android-2-2-for-the-acer-liquid-bombs-away/ I posted the new of a official froyo release for the acer liquid AND I posted the FIRST pictures of the early beta froyo build, Liquid_user after 2 days of me posting the PICTURES and confirming the official froyo bin he decided to leak the official beta froyo bin, not the way around, why cant you just read? its not hard you know..there date on the post which are there for something…

  4. Yeah that is not a Liquid. Looks sexy. Wish my Liquid looked like that. Might be an winmo phone. No idea what it is.

  5. acer liquid is pretty cheap, with 2.2 on it, it is going to be good.

  6. Acer Liquid (especially E version with 512MB RAM) is the best offer today actually (if not counting Samsung S for performance). It is cheaper then Desire/Nexus, yet has the same power inside (underclocked CPU? it does not matter in real life. check benchmarks. and oc is available). Also the screen is better in sun light. I don’t know why nobody loves it…

  7. the image displayed is an acer neotouch windows phone.
    the design is somewhat similar to the liquid though.

  8. acer liquid is the best smartphone you can get for your money! I’m using it for the last 6 months and it’s awesome, it’s like a desire for 200€ less!

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