More Images of the Motorola Milestone 2 and Defy, Headed to Vodafone Germany



The Motorola Milestone 2 and Motorola Defy seem to speeding their way towards Vodafone Germany, as the company had both handsets on display at their booth at this year’s IFA. While no release date is known at this time, the presence of the devices suggests we could be seeing them on the carrier soon enough. While “more” images of the Milestone 2 are almost a moot point with the identical (in appearance) Droid 2 floating around freely, the Defy is a slightly rarer beast. That particular handset will feature resistance to just about whatever you can throw at it including scratches, dust, and water, while still carrying pretty decent specs that put it in the same range as the Milestone XT720. Sadly, even though the Milestone 2 will carry Froyo the Defy is stuck with Android 2.1 for now. More images at the source link.


[via GSM Arena]

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  1. o ok

  2. Is that a matte screen I spy on the Defy? Awesome, now we just need one of those on a phone from a less evil manufacturer…

  3. I see his unlock smear on the Defy. I’m happy with my Captivate. :-)

  4. Motoblur… why?!

    Locked bootloader and meddling with the UI. No thanks.

  5. Defy=Cliq 2

  6. Wow what if the Motorola Defy is the Cliq 2 or the Cliq XT 2. Lol Or T-Mobile may slap a keyboard on it and call the one with the keyboard the Cliq 2 and the one without the keyboard the Cliq XT2. I can say it is a pretty nice phone though, but I’m goin with the G2 and I’m gonna get rid of my Motorola Cliq. NO MORE MOTOROLA PHONES FOR ME!!!!!

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