Samsung Considers Android For Television Sets


Samsung – one of the world’s leader in high definition television technology – has today expressed interest in researching adaptation of Google’s Android to their television sets. As it’s nothing but an idea for now, but it’s unclear if they’d be going for the offiically-developed-for-television Google TV platform that is expected to come out near the end of this year or if they’ll be shaping Android as it is to their own liking (ala People of Lava).

Google TV Home

Samsung would be taking on their direct competitor – Sony – who we expect to come out with their own television with Google TV technology embedded. I can’t imagine that this “idea” won’t become more of a “plan” if Sony’s efforts spell high returns, but that remains to be seen as we have yet to see first devices come to market.

If Samsung does jump on the bandwagon, it’s likely we’ll see Google TV as a platform take off like wildfire as many of their competitors – as well as other smaller market participants – will look to emulate their success by molding it into their own business models. As Android fans, we can only hope that will indeed be the case as we long for Android to strive for life beyond phones.

[via Bloomberg]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Aka, not “ala”. Noob…..

  2. @Keller
    a la – in the style of (misspelled, but contextually correct)
    a.k.a. – also know as (contextually incorrect)

    Engage brain before opening mouth.

  3. nice one Sammy. i love their LCDs and now Google tv? nice.

    @Nick lol, that’t Keller for ya

  4. This was announced like 3 months ago! I believe I even read a blurb about it on this site. The samsung OS and apps on their TV’s are garbage. With all the effort they are putting into Android phones they would be fools not to.

  5. :-) Yes, my memory could be better… was off by a little more than a month.

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