What If Your Nexus One Could Perform the Same Calculations as a Super Computer?


To answer the question posed in the title of this article: it can, plain and simple. MIT’s rbAPPmit (name of the app) team developed an app for Android – which they tested using a Nexus One – that could come close to solving the same problems that a supercomputer can in just seconds. The caveat is that they’d still need a supercomputer to create the models and formulas used, but once put onto a powerful Android handset, it’d be able to handle problems with ease (making it ideal for field work). I still can’t wrap my head around supercomputing and all it entails – and I’m sure I’m not alone – but it’s still cool to hear, nonetheless.


[MIT via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Folding@home?

  2. No, its the opposite of folding at home.

  3. I’m not impressed. Models and formulas are the only thing you need a super computer for. The calculation after that is nothing more powerful than excel

  4. I’m with Dave – this news is old. This keeps happening. Also – no news over the weekend every weekend? Does technology news stop transpiring at the weekends?

  5. To those that keep complaining about the news being old, y dun u guys just move on to other sites if this is so “out-dated” for some people (including myself) only look at single source for news, we dun have the time to look all over the internet for the newest news/article. As for the having no news during weekend issue, do u want him to work 24/7 on it?? grow up and stop whining, bunch of babies

  6. Folding@Anywhere

  7. Thanx Bob Lee, u tuk the words right outta my mouth.

  8. “I’m with Dave – this news is old. This keeps happening. Also – no news over the weekend every weekend? Does technology news stop transpiring at the weekends?

    I agree with everything in that statement. I’ve started using other websites recently..

  9. @Bob Lee you seem like the type of person who only watches Fox News. I tell you what, when you can type a readable sentence, I will take you a little more seriously. LRN2SPL!

  10. @Bob Lee

    Im totally with you bro. These immature teenage kids really needs to get a beating. shut their lil mouth lol.

  11. @Keller, got any good recommendations? I have started to consider other sites, but most of the ones I find are broader than Android.

  12. Twelve comments and only Rosen is on topic. If you can’t say anything useful, save the rest of us lurkers some time and don’t post at all please.

  13. @Yamthief

    Dave’s not here man!

  14. Now who will be the first to make a rainbow table app for droid and make all the script kiddies happy?

  15. im having a problem. how come my phone only showing old news, but my pc showing the “up-to-date” news?

  16. @zi: hit the refresh button.

  17. @paycer

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