Sep 6th, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 4:48 pm

How cool would it be to jailbreak an iPhone using an Android phone? Alright, I’m already getting off topic, but you can jailbreak your PlayStation 3 using an Android phone. This method follows the news that one hacker was able to find a way to jailbreak (or – with more contextual relevance – mod) your console with nothing but a USB drive. He was selling that solution for $150, but this one is completely free if you already own an Android-based handset.

ps3 slim phat

You can click here to find instructions on how to do this, and a list of compatible phones can be found here. Not all phones are supported, but they have a list of devices which they’re targeting and it’s possible more will be added over time. I’ll be trying this out with my T-Mobile G1 as support for the EVO 4G I own isn’t yet finished. After you’ve done it, it’s up to you to find out what you can do with a newly-jailbroken PS3. Google‘s calling your name.

[Update]: As one commenter pointed out, it’d be rather irresponsible for us not to warn you of the potential dangers of doing this. Not only do you risk the working health of your console or phone (not likely, but possible with any hack like this), you also risk losing the ability to play games online. Sony does have the ability to block your entire console from ever signing into the PSN, and they’ll use that if you’re caught (even if what you’re doing isn’t illegal, I’m sure they’re protected in their terms of use that you agreed to). If you’re not worried about your ability to play online, then this warning doesn’t fully apply to you. I still urge caution when doing anything like this, though.

[Thanks, Belec!]