LG Optimus One and Optimus Chic Spotted at IFA



Oh look, it’s the LH E720 that we saw last week going by the name of Optimus Chic. Aside from sounding like a cross-dressing robot in disguise, the Chic was part of a duo of low-end Android phones from LG announced back in July. The other device pictured and part of the same announcement is the LG Optimus One. Both handsets are looking to compete on pricing rather than all out power and features. Expect these to get priced in a range similar to the recently announced Huawei Ideos. The styling of these LG devices do achieve a slightly more refined, higher-end look, but don’t expect their internals to match the draping.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Not a fan of Samsung Phone’s and certainly not a fan of LG…. maybe one day but today isn’t it…

  2. my god lg what da hell?

  3. Ok i understand optimus one… but optimus chic? lg just keeps trying.

  4. Why the hell is there so much unused space on the front of that thing…………………………

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