Google TV on the Logitech Revue and Hardware Shown Off on Video


Fall is just around the corner, and still no firm release plans are in place for Google TV, which has been pegged for a release during the autumn months. But thanks to a beta tester in possession of the Logitech Revue Google TV box we have the next best thing. Not only do we get a couple of pictures including a look at the keyboard controller that has been absent from most demos of the technology, but we also get a hands-on video of Google TV looking quite useful.

Not a whole lot is shown off as far as functionality but with a sharp eye you might catch a few tantalizing details, including the Amazon TV downloads announced after the new Apple TV unveiling and a Netflix app. Does this mean Netflix for Android phones isn’t too far away? We sure hope.


The keyboard controller is looking nice, providing a trackpad, directional arrows, Android and navigation buttons, and controls for powering your devices on and off on top of a full QWERTY layout. Revue set-top box has HDMI in and out, two USB ports, and plenty of IR blasters to give you control over many devices from one remote via Harmony Link.


We aren’t learning a whole lot that we didn’t already know, but gee I sure am starting to feel the tingle of excitement about Google TV. Forget tablets, this is what I want for Christmas.

[via CrunchGear]

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  1. Any word on a UK release yet?

  2. yeah… I want this to be cool as much as the next person
    but that video looks to much lick WMC and I can only speak personally but I got a feeling it will be the feeling of the mass market, that keyboard looks goofy and if need one to work this device I won’t be using it anytime soon, they should make it more like the xbox which can have a keyboard but you have to get one yourself…

  3. Oh man….this is going to sell!!! I thought the IR blasters were going to be those kinda that dangled off a box or something. With them built into the box this is no more difficult that buying a universal remote…and those Logitech Harmony remotes SELL. I think everyone knocking IR blasters may end up with egg on their face. And did he say you can do DVR to the CLOUD?????? I wasn’t really too interested in getting one before but now….. And I’m just thinking about what this can become in terms of a gaming platform once the market is on it.

  4. @JB – I imagine you can also use your Android phone. That would surely make it a seller.

  5. We got one at work to play with. I was very excited to see google TV, but was sadly disappointed. The performance was pretty slow, hopefully this will be resolved before it ships.

  6. This looks awesome! Top of my Christmas list for sure! It integrates your cable into the browsing menu?? that’s brilliant!

  7. who would have a keyboard in his living room !!! no one would dare to ask someone else to throw him the tv remote.
    They should have gone for a remote that’s keyboard very much like BlackBerrys

  8. @John, can you be more specific, slow in what way

  9. WOW !! just the fact that it can skip over my DVR and record to my own record space in the “cloud” makes this a win, sometimes the DVR i got from the cable company is sketchy. the interface is great……[email protected] skip comparing everything that comes out to microsoft…how many different ways can their possibly be to dispaly menus and submenus, seriously, would u prefer they list them upside down or reversed, would that set it apart from microsoft enuf for u ?

  10. I’m looking at the remote to my Receiver. Its possible to make that keyboard smaller. I dont like the idea of a keyboard to control it. I want one tho, I plan on getting Google TV. Just gives us a smaller keyboard.

  11. I am so anti-Apple that I would definitly get this before Apple TV. The good thing is that it looks like Google and Logitech are making it easy for me to be anti-Apple.
    Integrate my Incredible?!? Dare I say it. Incredible!

  12. FYI, the DVR to cloud claim is false. He corrected that on the website.

  13. I think it would help to have a remote control-sized controller. The keyboard looks unwieldy, and at first impression may make the whole setup seem intimidating to non-tech people.

  14. Didn’t see hulu on the featured services…

  15. Re: my earlier post #13 – I like the look of the remote controller for the “Scandinavia” TV in another article here.

  16. Also will be great for HD TV Video Calling with Logitech new HD Cams and Online Gaming, Social Networking & e-commerce

  17. I have a wireless keyboard similar to the logitech one shown in this video to work with my htpc and I’m find with it. Then again, I’m a geek, and who knows if the average joe will be ok with it. I’m guessing there’s going to be a small remote option as well, so anyone can have their pick.

  18. Hmm – I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this in the stores … but, there’s a couple of features that I’d like to see that I don’t yet.

    1) ability to integrate with uhf antenna w/coax connection. Why? Because I’m getting ready to dump cable in favor of the free ota that I already have setup. Better picture and free. But, I only see a hdmi-in, no coax support.

    2) ability to use my ipad as a controller. I can’t imagine this will be hard to do … assuming Steve Jobbs doesn’t ban it in fear of his iTV losing out.

    The only other thing that really needs to happen (albeit not from Google) is for ESPN to start broadcasting over the internet.

  19. I’d like to see a remote keyboard like Vizio has on their new TVs. It’s a slide out keyboard on the remote, so typing would be like one your phone.

  20. As long as it can run media from directly attached USB devices (I’m hoping both USB ports aren’t for servicing the unit) then I’m totally getting one. That’s what really irked me about AppleTV, and the horrible interfaces keep me away from other media players that do utilize external storage.

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