Droid 2 Does Lowest Smartphone Return Rate on Verizon



While we have heard our fair share of stories of people returning the likes of the Droid X and Droid Incredible, the same doesn’t seem to be the case with the Motorola Droid 2. Even after early reports suggested something might be up with the antenna (we called shenanigans from the beginning), it turns out the D2 has one of the lowest dropped call rates on Verizon, which has in part led to the handset holding the lowest return rate of any smartphone on the carrier. Moto must have done something right with their subtle redesign of the Droid 2, as it seems to be winning over users just like the original. My little boy has grown all up. Brings a tear to me eye.

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  1. I still don’t care for Moto’s lock down attitude towards there android phones.

  2. yep, i was considering the milestone 2, but i might wait for the htc desire Z/g2..

  3. While this isn’t a good phone for tweakers (like the original or the Incredible), it is a fantastic phone for average people.

    I still think it looks ugly as hell compared to the original Droid.

  4. I actually like it more than the original to be honest. The G2/Desire Z is close too….

  5. Me and my wife’s AT&T contract on my Blackberry expired the same week that this phone came out, and it was a perfect confluence of events. I wanted an Android 2.2 phone with a good hardware keyboard, and the Droid 2 was perfect. I have to say that’s it’s already proved itself the best piece of gadgetry that I’ve ever had.

  6. Wow ok. How many people really bought it? This thing is ugly in color, ui, and its locked down. No one is hype about this, so no one really went and bought it like they did the d1, dinc and dx. How could the rates get higher if it isn’t selling like the others. Didn’t even go out of stock like the others. This is not an improvement, all they did was play dress up and made it unappealing.

  7. I love how crisp the screen looks compared to my X i wish they could have given the X the same ppi as the 2!
    my wife loves it aside from the occational glitch, which is an android os thing not a moto thing.
    i have knoticed sometimes when using the usb charger or when plugging into a car power converter. It has virtually no screen responce. Its basicly to watch or listen to only (on my dc to ac converter). No touchy! Lol
    Also i dislike the lack of hdmi. Especially with the Real HDMI™ app out for the x.
    Overall i wouldn’t Trade my X but if there was no droid X i would definitely go with the Droid 2. Over anything else……… so far.
    Even though the facinate has a better cpu and gpu.
    Also on another note the x has a slightly greyed black compared to the droid 2 but also is much brighter.
    They both also ” time out” from 3g once in a while but for no more then a minute or two. I wonder if its verizon…..
    P.s. im writing this on DROID X. So please no picking for grammar or spelling.

  8. They didn’t do a major change because the d2 was pretty great. Why change a goof thing too much and risk losing your target!
    Anb haven’t they already found out how to root it?

  9. I think its funny when peiple complain about it being locked down. A very large share on android users either don’t know about custom roms and all or people don’t care.

  10. @ dev!

    i don’t think you understand what a “rate” is.

  11. My very anti-technology wife moved from a Blackberry Curve over to the Droid 2 on Friday. She hasn’t been able to put it down. And the most amazing part, the OS is so easy to use that she has been able to figure out how to do everything on her own. I expected to spend the long weekend answering questions. After a 10 minute tutorial, she was self-sufficient.

  12. So long as Sanjay Jha is running Motorola, I’m staying far away. His comments towards Chicago tech people won’t be forgotten.

  13. What was the number of units sold to number of units returned ratio? And what was that ratio compared to the same ratio of Droid X’s and Droid Incredibles? I think that is much more important than just saying “fewer units returned”.

  14. OK I am a smart phone Noob. What does being Locked-Down mean? Sorry, but I am looking to buy my first smart phone and dont know what to look for. Thanks.

  15. @photoray: “Locked-down” means you can’t put custom ROMs on the Droid 2. So far, everything reported as a custom ROM for the Droid 2 and the Droid X have just been modified versions of Moto-Android. The next question you can ask is “Why should I care about custom ROMs?” To answer that, you should research the Cyanogen Mod and Bugless Beast (there are countless others) and see what they offer that stock (or Moto-) android doesn’t offer.

  16. “Wow ok. How many people really bought it? This thing is ugly in color, ui, and its locked down. No one is hype about this, so no one really went and bought it like they did the d1, dinc and dx.”

    I would say that most of the people who would like to get a D2, like myself, aren’t upgrade eligible yet on their D1s and other phones. I’m dying to get one but I have to wait until January, although by then there will probably be something better.

    And I realize the people who hang around sites like this are the “serious” users who want to install custom ROMs and such, but they are just a small minority of users. Most people don’t even know what a custom ROM is, let alone want to install one.

  17. FUCK this. Give me HSPA+!!

  18. I’ve had dropped calls and extremely slow data speeds on a d2. Like 98Kbps slow.

  19. @photoray: it means once Motorola stops supporting it (in case of Motorola that can be anything between 3 months and 1 year), you won’t get anything newer on it, you will be stuck at the Android version Motorola released last. That means :
    BACKFLIP/DEXT at 1.6, MILESTONE at 2.2, etc etc. So in case of Droid 2 or X, you will probably get 3.0, but the next versions are questionable, considering how Motorola “supports” their own phones.

  20. Who cares if a small majority of people know about custom ROM’s..This site is catered towards those people so they will mention it..DUH!!

  21. Man stop using myname you butt pickle

  22. @ Mensahwatts:
    HSPA+ is only 3.5G (28 Mbps Max rate, with 56 Mbit max allowable by the protocol)
    HSPA+ is a stopgap at best. It’ll be second rate by end of January.

    Sprint is actually considering dropping WiMax in favor of LTE because of the planned rollout.

    Verizon is Launching LTE lite (3.9G, 86 Mbps) In November/December (so goes the rumors… I’d expect February/March 2011 for realsitic saturation)
    Talk all the shit you want, but LTE Advanced only takes very minor upgrades to get 300+ Mbit rates over the air… Ready by mid-2013. Since Vodafone is picking up LTE, Verizon will be the leader in international phones for the USA right out of the gate. (Rumor:) Vodaphone is partnering with Verizon on seamless, low-cost roaming.

    As far as asian carriers go, I don’t have a clue.

    I’m not sure when AT&T is planning their LTE rollout, but I know Verizon is beating them to the punch by at least a few months, if not an entire year.

  23. Motoblur is a deal breaker for me

  24. Really? I just got my 4th Droid 2 today. FINALLY one without a serious problem.

    First had a bad antenna
    Second had dead pixels all over the screen
    Third had a bad keypad(keys peeling up and caps locking all the time).
    Fourth I hope is ok.

    Either way, I’m not sure where this data came from, but whatever you say–you’re full of it.

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