Galaxy Tab to Cost Between $200 and $400 for the US?



Throughout Europe the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been getting priced a bit higher than what many had hoped. Just check the entry for the Tab now up on €799 (about $1030) will get you the tablet that has recently stolen away the crown of [currently] best Android slate (oh wait, no one held that title before?). Still hope remains for that pricing to come down in light of carrier subsidies, and that is exactly what Samsung is suggesting to multiple sources.

A Wall Street Journal article has it on authority from a Samsung executive that after subsidies are in place the Galaxy Tab will cost between $200 and $300. A Korea Times report, on the other hand, has the price pinned between $300 and $400 based on the word of another Samsung exec who claimed the Tab would cost “slightly more” than the Galaxy S. Whether these prices include any rebates isn’t quite known yet.

Still, if you want the Galaxy Tab free of a carrier you are going to have to shovel over stacks of cash, which is a bit disappointing in the end. Why would I want to pay for an extra device on my phone bill when I could just tether the Tab to the Android phone I am currently carrying? How do you prefer your Galaxy Tab? With carrier contract or without?

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  1. I would definitely prefer a Tab without a carrier, but not for that sort of money.

    I already have a Galaxy S that I am perfectly happy with, but was looking forward to combining it with a Tab for internet and reading books on my kindle app.

    But if I have to pay that much for it, I think I’ll be waiting.

  2. Oh God, without. Everybody already has a phone, why do we need connectivity within the tablet? It’s nice to have the option but a lot of people won’t use SIM connectivity, as it’s just extra cost.

    I paid for my Desire up front with O2, about £275, and I’m not tied in to any contract, and that’s the way I like it. I see the Android tabs as a “laptop-lite” — and as my laptop cost about £400 but is perfect for what it does, I wouldn’t be willing to get a tab for any more that £200.

  3. Especially with a 7″ screen.

  4. I already have my vibrant thru tmo. I don’t have a computer at all so this thing wifi tethered thru my phone would be great. Would I wanna pay extra on my cell phone bill for this thing? Hell no. Just give the damn thing wifi and make it reasonable and were good. No flippin way am i gonna pay 600 for it. For that ill just buy a shitty $300 netbook from walmart and call it a day.

  5. Without a WiFi-only model available, I don’t feel that the Tab can slam into the iPad as hard as Samsung hoped. Even Amazon bowed to the trend and provided that option for the new Kindle. This thing hits such a major sweet spot for what a lot of people want a tablet to be, but not for as many people if they’re going to have to have another bill to pay because of it.

  6. Without. I dont want to add anything else to my bill. Id rather pay the $400-$500 upfront for a product ill honestly barely use than get it for $199-$299 and be forced to pay for it for another 2 years. Plus the concept that this may be on a plan when my Phone contracts expire? Not my cup of tea. But Im definitely getting one.

  7. Thanks commenters, you guys captured my sentiments exactly

  8. With all new phones being mobile hot spots having it 3G only is dumb. Plus there is free wifi everywhere now. Just give me a good android tablet with wifi only and i am happy

  9. you guys can say what you want but this is going to be one badass tab. Hopefully the price will stay low. To all those who said it’s over a 1000 dollars EAT IT lol

  10. Yeah, there is definitely a market for this tab. The specs are good, it actually is better than the ipad. Great price as well.

  11. One wonders if the US telecoms are pressuring stores to keep the wifi only tablets off the shelves. By now (outside of the K-Mart thing) I would think we would be seeing plenty of sub $200 wifi only tablets. No, they might not have the Market with paid apps but I would bet there are a lot of users who don’t care about that so much. Besides if there is enough demand for an app one can put it on an alternative market for these tablet users.

  12. It is now listed in Amazon Germany for 799 euro!

    Apple is laughing their ass off!

    I can get iPad 16GB Wi-Fi only for about 390 euro in HK (similar price in US).

    Anyway, for the Galaxy Tab, I could settle for 599 for the 16GB version, no more than that.

  13. Personally, I wouldn’t think this would cost more than about $300. What market are you trying to tap here? The Ipad lovers of the world. But Ipad is way overpriced (and oversized). Touch is too small. Book readers got the size right but who wants another device to carry around. Too specific. This multi-purpose device seems perfect. But I’ll only get one if it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I already have a laptop (like most everyone else in the world).

  14. Whats all this talk about people being required to have a monthly contract for the TAB? Your not “required’ to do anything. If Sammy doesnt release a wifi version just buy from your local carrier out right with out a contract and dont use the 3g service.

  15. Id like to know why its so Damn expensive. All I want is a device to tether to my evo, not have to get it through a carrier and pay extra on my phone bill. If I have to pay that much to get that on a Android tablet I will just get an iPad for a fraction of the price

  16. This would be a big mistake for Samsung to do this. Unless they restructure the pricing, iPad is going to rule this segment for a long time. Until they figure out the pricing I’ll just keep my rooted galaxy s and tether it to my 13″ portege when I’m on the go.

  17. anything between 200-400 is a great deal for this device. it might not be what I actually want or need because I already have a SGS but there is defintely a market for this. Trust me, this thing will sell like hotcakes. Even Sammy predicts 10million + unit sales. Keep up the great work Samsung!

  18. Chuck,

    Sure, and without the carrier subsidy you’re looking at $700. The wifi-only iPad is $500 with a bigger screen. That’s a recipe for marketplace fail.

  19. I was hoping for a bit more from Samsung than a super-expensive, 7-inch, 3-G only device. I have no interest in adding another charge to my monthly phone bill, especially with a larger, more established device in the iPad available for much cheaper.

  20. What the hell are Samsung thinking with the European pricing? I’d been keeping an eye on this with the general thought that it was going to come out undercutting the iPad and steal some of Apples market share. Then the fools go and make it more expensive… I mean why on earth would average Joe, with his iTunes/iPod/iPhone now go for one of these over an iPad?

  21. Sounds like the galaxy tab is a little pricey for everyone. Hopefully if sells drop, they will lower the price a little.

  22. @Travis,

    I think Samsungs goal is to get more of these devices in peoples hands so I dont see them offering it for no more than $550 off contract. Similar to the prices of off contract netbooks sold in wireless carrier retail stores.
    I’d like to believe that Samsung knows better than to price it too high….but I could be giving them too much credit.

  23. Is just plain out ugly

  24. Also, I don’t understand the appeal of a camera on a tablet. I get that pretty much every high-end tablet coming out in the next few months (iPad 2.0 included) has one, but I can’t imagine taking photos with it over my smartphone. The front-facing camera could be useful, but not the full camera on the back.
    –rant over

  25. i just ordered a laptop from a company called lnd computers it is like a ipad i can teather it to my personel t mobile phone or my work phone from att which i just have basic internet on both and it doesnt charge me any extra it runs off of google android 2.2 so far it is great. i will let you know if anything goes wrong
    if you want to look at the specs

  26. I would like a wifi only option but as “jdog” pointed out in the comments here that won’t happen unless google change their policy as apparently:

    “Google doesn’t allow devices that don’t have 3G access to the market”

  27. Ya, I checked out the samsung priced is quite high in the Europe

  28. I would love a wifi only version. i dont want to pay for another device monthly

  29. yes but with the one i bought it has both

  30. I was really hoping there was going to be a carrier free(wifi only)version around the cost of the wifi only iPad. So here comes a “wifi” only version, waahoo! What do you mean it’s over a grand!!! No thank you! Realistically, I don’t see how this can compete with the iPad at that price. The average person just isn’t going to be willing to spend that much on this kind of a device. I’ll just stick with my EVO.

  31. Without. Id say at this stage, anyone who wants one is somewhat technically inclined and knows how to tether.

    Why on earth would anyone prefer to pay a monthly bill

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