Sep 6th, 2010


Throughout Europe the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been getting priced a bit higher than what many had hoped. Just check the entry for the Tab now up on €799 (about $1030) will get you the tablet that has recently stolen away the crown of [currently] best Android slate (oh wait, no one held that title before?). Still hope remains for that pricing to come down in light of carrier subsidies, and that is exactly what Samsung is suggesting to multiple sources.

A Wall Street Journal article has it on authority from a Samsung executive that after subsidies are in place the Galaxy Tab will cost between $200 and $300. A Korea Times report, on the other hand, has the price pinned between $300 and $400 based on the word of another Samsung exec who claimed the Tab would cost “slightly more” than the Galaxy S. Whether these prices include any rebates isn’t quite known yet.

Still, if you want the Galaxy Tab free of a carrier you are going to have to shovel over stacks of cash, which is a bit disappointing in the end. Why would I want to pay for an extra device on my phone bill when I could just tether the Tab to the Android phone I am currently carrying? How do you prefer your Galaxy Tab? With carrier contract or without?

[via Engadget]

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