Android Now Accounts for 25 Percent of Mobile Web Consumption According to Quantcast



The latest report on mobile web consumption is in from analytics firm Quantcast, and Android is once again up, posting up its biggest gain in market share since November 2009. Now sitting at 25 percent, Android is up 17 percent since this time last year, and showing a healthy 5.5 percent growth since last quarter. And as certainly as Android’s share continues to grow, the iOS stranglehold slowly subsides with Apple posting losses down to 56 percent of all mobile web traffic coming through an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It’s still a formidable figure to compete with, but would it be too risky to say that by this time next year the split might be a bit more even between Google and Apple?


[via Quantcast]

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  1. I like to see growth :D

  2. If those graphs continue on the same course, Android and iOS look to be even around mid-2011.

  3. Everyone stand and bow now please.


  4. The data represented here is just Android phones vs. iPhone, iTouch, iPad… Those two lines will probably intersect before then – Android browsing will really escalate once all these new Android tablets and TV’s come out!

  5. i think it’s also due in part of AT&T new web browsing restrictions too. 200mb and 2gigs….

  6. but cheers to android!!!

  7. I think it should only count for Ipads and Iphones because people 11 years old and up might have an Ipod to get on the web and Android,Rim and other phones would compare better With IOS4

  8. Another two years and they MAY catch iOS.

  9. ^^^ Obvious troll is obvious.

  10. Honestly who gives a shit whether Android or iOS takes the lead in this particular statistic? This data speaks nothing to the merits of either platform.

    Its already blatantly obvious that Android has established a strong foothold in the smartphone arena and iOS still remains a formidable competitor.

    Seriously, if you need this particular statistic to validate your smartphone purchase, then Android has a ways to go.

    And FYI, I own a Motorola Droid, am very satisfied with it, and have never owned an Apple product.

  11. It should really take off when Netflix comes out with their streaming app for Android…especially with all of the Android tablets coming out. I know I’ll be contributing to that increase.

  12. Well, I think web developers care about this particular statistic…especially if they are considering doing mobile flash websites/games.

  13. Well ssummer, it could be people are excited for lots of reasons. There are developers on here, sales people ect… and that is good news to them. The vested interested isn’t always vain.

  14. @5 those restrictions are only for new users.. all the old users still have unlimited as long as they weren’t retarded by dropping it..

  15. This is only Android phones against every iOS product. Just imagine what’s the percentage gonna look like when all these Android tablets hit the market.

  16. “We they might be using porn numbers” – Steve Jobs

    As if porn is not part of the net.

  17. @tati: You kidding? I thought that’s the main thing the internet was for. :P

  18. “We think our friends might be including porn download numbers” – Steve Jobs

  19. ssummer,It’s a stat that doesn’t matter in the abstract, but there is an component that is important.

    For example in 1989 every large bank had at ATM, but most had 50% of the customers (or less) using them while Citibank had 80%+ of their customers (saving them $$ and showing that they worked better and were promoted better, IMHO).

    It wouldn’t matter if everyone had an Android phone (or an iPhone) if nobody used them, so didn’t use them as much, or if they were harder make productive.

    It increase in usage shows both higher level of adoption but also that the consumers that have them are actually using them.

    It would be interesting to see on a calculation that averaged the usage down PER Single Device, which devices have the most use.

  20. Porn is a part of the internet… and actually one of the main reasons for broadband at home. Anyway, I don’t think AT&Ts 200mb/2gb limits really mattered since they didn’t force current subscribers on to new plans, just the new ones. It will be interesting to see what happens when the iPhone comes to Verizon and Android 3.0 is released. Android will win in the end even if it’s just because of the number of devices. From phones, to tablets, to tvs, to set top boxes… assuming every Android device is counted.

  21. What I find interesting is that Android is the only platform no to have had a decrease. In fact, according to these pictures Android has increased 17% and iOS has DECREASED 11%. That is remarkable.

    A second thing I noticed that peaked my interest is that I did not see any sort of spike, or even increase around the time of the iPhone4 launch this summer. The last appreciable increase depicted here would be around Christmas 2009.

    I often find it more interesting to look at trends than raw numbers, because it shows the direction the trend is moving. And this data is very interesting to me. I am a huge fan of Android and believe it will dominate within a couple of years. Though there is always room for opponents and differing platforms, because that is one of the main things that drive competition and innovation.

  22. 25% of mobile web consumption is huge especially since Its taken less than to years!

  23. I see Android continuing to gobble up web consumption, especially when the tablets start to appear, BUT, don’t forget AT&T won’t have the iPhone forever. When other carriers have the iphone too, iOS will probably see a significant bump, and Android’s share will either remain static or even take a small loss. My guess is that eventually iOS and Android will both have roughly equal web consumption, until further down the line, maybe three or four years or so, when I bet Android will have about 60%.

    Just my two cents.

  24. They “MAY” catch iOS cause ya know, it’s obvious iOS isn’t on a STEADY decline lololol. Stfu.

  25. I love Apple. No I’m not a troll, I love Apple, because if not for Apple, and more importantly the ‘iphone’, we wouldn’t have Android. The iphone changed the wireless game completely. Think about it, before the iphone came along Blackberry and Palm were duking it out for ‘Smartphone Supremacy’! And while I was more than happy with my Blackberry (at the time I didn’t think it could get any better than that!), since discovering Android, I couldn’t imagine going back to those days.

    But I firmly believe Android is alive and kicking today as a direct result of Apples smashing success with the iphone. Whenever a company comes out with something that is a huge hit with consumers, competition follows quickly. And Android was the counter punch thrown at the iphone. Sure when it first debuted the Android OS was no match for the strong hold Apple commanded over the smartphone market. But it has proven itself to have been built on a solid platform. And the updated OS’s have come so fast and furiously that Apple is finding itself under heavy fire, and Android is showing no signs that their ammunition is going to run out anytime soon.

    I wouldn’t doubt if the intersection occures sooner than the 2011 date previously mentioned. With Froyo, and Gingerbread both being rolled out before then, I don’t see how the iphone will be able to keep up with Android. When are they due for their next platform update… 2012?

    So yes I repeat, I love Apple. They started a movement in the cellphone industry that changed everything. And now I get to reap the benefits of that change by way of the Android invasion. Steve Jobs ALMOST got it perfect. But he left the door wide open by not creating an ‘open market’ environment with his technology. That is where Google picked up the baton and took off running. I can still remember the very first commercials hinting about what was about to come with their ‘Droid Does’ campaign. I remember thinking it looked cheesy, and figured it was going to fall flat on its face right out of the gate. I really thought it was a joke.

    I could not have been MORE wrong!

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