Verizon Will Offer Extended Battery for Samsung Fascinate


We know the device is close to launch – it’s no secret at this point. More inventory shots have cropped up, though, showing accessories for the device. Outside of the usual collection of chargers, cases, and screen protectors, We’re learning that Verizon will be offering a 2200mAh extended battery for the device – that’s compared to the 1500mAh that’ll come with it by default. As most other carriers haven’t offered official extended batteries for their Galaxy S devices, we’re wondering if one can walk into Verizon and buy one for the Fascinate to insert into their Vibrant, Captivate, or Epic 4G. Someone will try it in due time.


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I hope we can walk into a verizon store and buy. My battery life is ABYSMAL!!

  2. Wonder how much bulk it will add to the phone?

  3. the i500 is the Fascinate? all the other galaxy S phones are i800+

  4. “I hope we can walk into a verizon store and buy. My battery life is ABYSMAL!!”

    what version do you have? Galaxy S phones battery life is quite good.

  5. I work in a Verizon store and we already have the extended batteries in stock. They are HUGE. I haven’t decided how I feel about them yet (in terms of appearance and feel) but the batteries probably last forever. The batteries are about 2.5x thicker than the stock battery.

  6. Won’t the extended battery require a new back cover for the phone? If so, it seems rather unlikely that the cover would fit any of the other Galaxy S variants.

  7. I believe this extended battery can be seen here, and note that they state it the thickness of the battery requires a new back case and so they include that;

  8. Love the extended life battery in mmy Droid X, lasts through the day no problem under what I would consider fairly heavy use and only added 2mm to the size.

    The extended life batteries are a must have to me but Im not sure I could deal with it being that much extra bulk.

    Those phones have a pretty weak stock battery life dont they? About 4 1/2 – 5 hours? Thats no bueno for a smart phone!!

  9. What interests me is the announcement (read elsewhere) that they will have a DOCKING STATION (desktop USB Stand)with a charger for a second battery.
    I had one of those on a previous phone and it was great. If it fits the Vibrant, I’ll get one.

    I have run an extended capacity battery on my G1 for a long time, but one thing I love about the Vibrant is how slim and light it is. My battery life is fine with stock battery.

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