Motorola Makes Slight Modification to Battery Release Tab in Droid X


That nice, yellow (I think) “Pull” tab found on the Droid X launch confused many people as they feared it might be a device-killing tab only to be touched by the big, bad Red when servicing the device. In actuality, it was just a tab to remove the device’s battery. Motorola’s made a slight modification to that tab, though, as it’s now red and says “Battery Release”. Not the biggest of changes, but apparently enough people were confused to warrant it. Perhaps we should all stop throwing our manuals into the waste bin before turning our devices on.


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I almost ripped the thing off when I got my X Wednesday. I just saw a big ass tab that said “pull” and I thought it was like a million of my kids’ toys that come with batteries – you have to pull the tab out to make the batteries contact, etc. I couldn’t figure out why the phone had one, but I started yanking on it anyhow. Luckily I figured it out before I mangled the thing!

  2. That’s fantastic news…now, on to something more important…Where’s our Froyo???

  3. I thought the same (battery activation pull) and managed to yank the whole mylar adhesive sheet right out of the battery compartment. It wasn’t fun trying to get that back in, and it still doesn’t fit quite right.

  4. What’s a manual?

  5. The Droid X does not come with a manual. It comes with a folded up piece of paper that says nothing about the tab. Luckily I read an article online about the problem of people ripping off the tab before my X came in the mail.

  6. Agreed. Where’s Froyo? It’s early September…

  7. @Jeff & tommy, my wife was nice enough to unbox my X and get it charging for me while I was at work. Found out a few days later when trying to get the battery out, something was not right. She thought the Pull tab really meant pull, and did so. She pitched it in the trash (which is long gone by this point) and so I don’t have a pull tab at all now, talk about a pain to get the battery out with a butter knife (and a bit scary). Once I got the battery out I did put some tape on it I can use to pull it out again if needed. So I guess a lot of people must have had this or similar issue and decided to fix it. :-)

  8. You gotta be kidding me! They gave used these tabs for years on there phones pulls other of their androids have it as well like the backflip, cliq, cliqxt, droid 2. I mean come on do people think at all? Nevermind that it has the don’t cut symbol (scissors inside the international no symbol)!

  9. Edits:


    I hate this stupid iPhone it always inputs the wrong words! Never have spelling errors on my android guess I should pull it off the charger and use it huh?

  10. Heh, my friend in tier2 support at VZW couldn’t stop laughing about all the calls he was getting about this at launch.

    What is wrong with some people?

  11. Nothing personal, guys, but this is one reason I do like my MyTouch (HTC) phone. All I do is grasp the handy little ridges on each side of my battery with thumb and forefinger and it tips right out. Very easy if your back up power is an extra battery. Moto does seem to like to make things complicated (I had a Razr once upon a time and found it very convoluted.)

  12. Let’s think about this… Why would a manufacturer put something in a phone if they want you to rip it out and throw it away??


    Just proof again that most smartphones are smarter than the people that have them!

  13. I followed the directions and pulled it out, then I stuck the battery in. It was a heck of a time getting the battery out again but I managed to rescue the plastic sticky back thing and trim it a little so it would go back in. My opinion……… both the original label and the instructions were lacking. I don’t think the problem could have been missed if they had done some consumer testing before release.

    Yours truly,


  14. Ouch! I’m about to get a brand new droid x so I won’t make that mistake! Poor design on that.

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