NES Controller Used to Play Emulator on HTC EVO 4G By Way of Magic


Many were dismayed to learn that they couldn’t use their Wii remotes with HTC’s Sense-enabled devices due to incompatibility of some sort. One guy – named sk3tch – sought out another solution, however, and came up with what you’ll see in the video below: an original NES controller being used to control one of the compatible emulators on the market.

Sk3tch achieved this by taking a BlueSMiRF Bluetooth module, an Arduino, and the NES controller and throwing it into a basket. Upon closing the basket, he took his magic staff and out came the above result. Alright, that’s probably not how he actually did it, but they didn’t give any details beyond that. It might not be the prettiest piece of hardware to lug around, but if you game seriously on your non-physical-QWERTY Android phone and can’t use a Wii remote to facilitate that, then it might be worth it.

[via Hack A Day]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This is an awesome accomplishment. Please somebody hold that guy’s camera so he can play with two hands!

  2. Or you could root your EVO and install a real ROM like CyanogenMod 6 and connect your Wii remote..

  3. Now that is cool. Someone needs to make a wireless version of the nes controller.

  4. I love how people invest all that time, effort, and money into hacking up such a solution. Then, never think to invest in a camera stand, or even piece a solution together so they can have both hands to demo the remote.

    The psychology of priorities must be a fascinating field.

  5. Can you use a playstation 3 controler for the emulators?

  6. How cool would it be to have a PS3 remote to be able to control your phone, wirelessly. A wireless phone with a wireless PS3 controller.


  7. I like seeing all these things that people come up with. The solutions that people come up are very awesome. Using a nes controller to play NES on your android is one of the awesomeest things I’ve ever seen

  8. @Slick

    Android Phone + HDMI Out + Emulators + PS3 pad = Portable games console.

    that to me sounds awesome.

  9. im scared to root my evo though.. haha

  10. I think it great that people put these videos together to show there accomplishments. But for christ sake, is it that hard to setup a tripod to mount your camera? Also go to another room or something to get better lighting. Is this guy a mute?

  11. What really grinds my gears the most about Wii IME not running on sense, is what the developer wrote in his release notes about it.

    “It’s up to htc to fix this problem!”

    Umm, no. No its not. You’re the developer. HTC dosn’t conclude board meetings with “oh, and one other order of buisness: how can we change our entire OS so Ryan Frawley’s app runs smoothly on it?”

    Yeah, no. Don’t blame the OS if your app can’t run.

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