About the Rumored Sprint Release of the Galaxy Tab — It May Have 4G



Adding on to the rumor of a November launch for the Galaxy Tab on Sprint, BGR is also reporting that just like the Samsung Epic 4G was a WiMAX variant of the Galaxy S, the tablet may also be getting the 4G treatment. That would be a pretty big incentive for the Sprint version if it turns out to be true, but we’ll just have to wait and see about that.

[via BGR]

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  1. WIFI only please these tablets will fail if they require another contract on top of existing cell phone contracts.

  2. Sounds nice but while I’m partial to Android, I still have the same hard time justifying the purchase…especially if it means yet another bill. I already have a powerful desktop/workstation for heavy work and gaming, a modest 2 year old laptop for taking on the road, and an Evo in my pocket. I understand that it is all relative to a person’s disposable income and needs but I would have a hard time spending $400-800 on a device that kinda squeezes in between my Evo and laptop. Hopefully in a year or two as my laptop starts showing its age this new slab tablet market will have matured to the point where I might be able to pick one up as a laptop replacement.

  3. I’m going to agree and say none of these tablets will succeed if they require carrier service. The people who are willing to have a 3rd! (home, cell, now tablet) Internet bill have already purchased their iPad 3G. There’s nooooooo way I would buy a 7″ version of my Galaxy S and pay twice the bill… rediculous.

  4. When there’s widespread community WiFi at 5+ mbps, folks will be carrying these around like paperback books. They’ll be everywhere. I’ll wait for the price point to drop on this. I was willing to be on the bleeding edge for the launch of Android on a phone, but that’s all over now. This time, I’m gonna sit back and watch all the early adopters bitch and get mine later.

  5. In fairness I have that all over town via Wimax or shared via wifi tethering. Still, I get your point. I just don’t see myself carrying both a 4.3″ device and also a device with similar specs but 2.7″ bigger.

    Since I couldn’t replace my cellphone with a tablet and the Evo is as big as I would go on a phone screen, it stands to reason that I would have a tough time finding a use for a tablet. Once again, maybe a slightly larger one after battery tech, screen tech, and processors/GPUs get faster in a year or two could replace my laptop but right now it’s too big to replace my Evo and too underpowered to replace my laptop.

  6. Agree with the first three.
    Already have the:
    -Workstation with three monitors
    -large powerful laptop
    -small battery and travel friendly laptop
    -an EVO and EPIC
    Paying Comcast for 20Mbit broadband, Sprint for EVO 4G dataplan including hotspot service – yes I am one of the few with a rooted phone and paying the extra $30 – I just can’t justify adding another mobile device and having to pay a monthly fee on top when I know damn well that my EPIC or EVO (whichever I don’t get rid of here) can tether or my home WiFi will provide. It will be interesting to see how all this shakes out… but I am convinced as well that most that wanted a tablet with cellular service have already plunked down for the iPad.

  7. Im may have 4G, but it certainly would have the price point that it needs.

  8. I think that a 10″ tablet has potential, but anything smaller (down to 5″ for the Dell Streak or 4″ as any top of the line android smart phone at this point) is just stupid and not worth it – 3 extra inches over my phone isn’t worth it at all :)

    6, however, could be… depending

    So who knows – maybe we will find a good reason to have it once we see the 10″ out, but until then, definitely not going for a 7″ screen on *any* device

  9. If it is free under contract from somewhere, I’ll take it!

  10. If its free under contract, it might replace my current phone, and just use a Bluetooth.

  11. Is T-mobile getting their own Tab

  12. while there’s certainly a big market for wifi only, i wouldn’t be so quick to write off something with a 3G or 4G connection.

    it’s not all that long ago that people bought a thing called a PDA and had a cell phone- and many of them did it because they didn’t want to pay for mobile data. But now it sure seems everyone wants a smartphone with the 15-40 dollar data plan that involves.

    People used to even buy smartphones and then not get data plans. There was a big hissey on the internet when Verizon began to mandate data plans on smartphones. a year later they sell smartphones with data like hotcakes and no one complains about the data plan.

    So eventually “everyone” will want an internet connected tablet with 3g/4g/5g/whatever.

  13. I have a powerful laptop at home, a pc, and my evo. I still cant justify a reason to buy a tablet and have a extra expense.

  14. Add the car mount plus ear piece and for me the tab would replace

    1) Phone

    2) GPS

    3) netbook

    4) Ipod.

    It doesn’t hurt I can get an unlimited HSPDA data plan for €9 a month.

    I guess if you never get out of the office you won’t understand this but measure the inside pocket of a jacket. Mine are just big enough to slip in the 12cm of the tab. Anything bigger won’t work. Much smaller is too small. Next time you’re on a plane pull a laptop out of your pocket or even an Ipad. Or even if you’re just waiting for your GF to get out of the bathroom at the mall.

    10″ is a bizzare size. It’s too big to carry 24/7. If I’m not on the road I’ve got a 24″ monitor . 10″ was too small for the first Mac and that was 26 years ago.

  15. This is a powerful device and it will be vet useful, but , I am sure not too many folks would like to use services from sprint.
    it will be totally loss for Samsung if they let sprint handle servives

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  17. I love the idea of an All-in-One Tablet/Phone … and one that is 4G is even better!!!

    I have an Archos 7 and it fits in my pocket … so I know this will too … and I can finally ditch my Phone.

  18. I’m gunna wait for this Chrome OS tablet and then make my mine up which way to go.

  19. It Would Be Great If The Galaxy Tab Were Given A Wifi Only Option. But That Would Cause A Whole New Slew Of Problems. Since It Would Lack A Cellular Radio, The Wifi Only Galaxy Tab Would Not B Able To Have Android Market, Or Any Of Google’s Apps On It (Maps, Voice, Gmail, Browser Etc). On Top Of That, Tethering Your Phone To Provide Internet Access Will Further Drain Phone. I Have A Droid X, And I Updated To The Leaked 2.2 To Escape The Major Battery Drain And To Gain Back The Google News Widget I Loved From My Original Droid.

    Granted, No One Wants To Part Ways With Their Money. But I Am Interested In Seeing How All The Plans Stack Up With The Galaxy Tab. Plans Mean That No One Will Have To Pay Full Retail Price (on contract). And Maybe The Paying Just $30 A Month Is Worth Saving Me The Hassle Of Searching For Public Outlets To Chart My Droid So I Can Tether My Tablet.

  20. @InsomniacSinner. What? Seriously, do you need to capitalize every single word? You need to stop doing that.

    And why in the world couldn’t you have the market on a wifi-only tablet? There are tons of wifi hot spots around these days. Not to mention tethering from the phone. I’ve had my Droid on for HOURS wireless tethering to 3 people without the battery being drained completely.

    A wifi tablet is completely possible, it just doesn’t generate as much money for them or their partners. That’s the only reason why a wifi tablet might not show up from Samsung.

    And if that’s the case, they won’t be seeing my money.

  21. @Ace Curry:
    “If it is free under contract from somewhere, I’ll take it!”

    Oh don’t say that you fool! You know how much more money you’ll give them if you’re under contract? Saying things like that only cements their ideas about not selling a wifi only tablet.

  22. contracts suck

  23. Bring it on

  24. It’s very good.

  25. @Alex
    unless things have changed Google hasn’t been allowing the market to be installed on devices without cell radios.

  26. Total waste of money to get a 3G or 4G capable tablet.

    Who the hell would want to pay for ANOTHER CONTRACT on top of their current smartphone one?

    A tablet should be treated basically as a coffee table book, where you can browse the internet and consume media of all types – utilizing your current broadband service at home.

    I am absolutely NOT paying another frigging DIME for any more contracts other than my smartphone contract.

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