Sprint to Get the Samsung Galaxy Tab This November?


One of those one-liners from BGR is back. This time, they’ve “heard” that Sprint will be getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab and that the carrier would be targeting a November release for the device. Nothing else has been said, apparently, but we’ll keep an eye out on this one. BGR hasn’t disclosed information on whether or not their source is trusted so approach this with the smallest of grains of salt.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I hope this comes in a wifi only version as well.

  2. If it has the lack luster copy and paste the Epic has than I think I’ll pass!

  3. For the low price of $1000


    Why is it being sold through a network? Because it can make calls. Why can it make calls? God only knows.

  5. Could it be possible for a four-carrier onslaught, just like all four Galaxy S phones? I would hope so. It might make great marketing sense, gaining that much more ground over the tablets about to come out that do not have the cellular wireless ties.

  6. As excited as I was and partly still am about the Sammy Tab, this thing will stay on the shelf if they’re planning on selling it for the current rumored price. Even if Sprint subsidizes it better be a HEAVY subsidy.

  7. This could be a replacement for my phone :) I think I can fit it in the pocket :) Question is, is there GSM version? at $500 I’m sold. $1000? I’ll keep my N1 and carry a netbook :)

  8. Google requires devices to have phone call capability if they want to have legit Market.

  9. Google stance on what can and can not access the market will be the down fall for Tablets and MIDs. Someone needs to make a $400 WiFi only Tablet that works as good or better then the Samsung Galaxy Tab. From what I hear the Toshiba tablet isn’t coming to the U.S. and people who got there hands on it said it really wasn’t that good anyway.

  10. Jdog is completely right. Why the Hell would I pay that much for a tablet that can make phone calls when I have an evo. Now if it was half the rumored price with market access and WiFi only I wouldnt hesitate to buy it, but right now the iPad is looking more and more dominant.

  11. This does have market access…atleast that’s what the preview on Engadget said….but its only apps that have the Google approved specs so no bogus apps. And who cares if it has 3g it has WiFi…mo one says u have to use the 3g. The ipad uses ATT network so what’s the problem…I see it like this…3g with a plan..lower price…Without a plan higher price…

  12. @J

    The problem is that with the 3G, I’m paying for something I don’t need. If that cost is insignificant and Apple is just being Apple and charging another $150 because they love to gouge their users, then it’s okay as long as Samsung doesn’t do the same. But if they were able to bring the cost down to about $350 for just a wifi tablet and sell it at Costco, Best Buy, Walmart, it would be a huge hit. Even at $500, I’m not replacing my iPad for a 7″ tablet. I don’t see it adding much value to my 4″ Vibrant.

  13. No Voice!!! WTF? Kills the deal for me. I was hoping to sell my iPad and phone and carry around one device., crap! Maybe I can find a European version with voice and ship it to the US. We always get the crappy tech.

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