Samsung Shows Off Galaxy Player 50 PMP (Not the YP-MB2) at IFA



While we are still waiting for Samsung to officially announce the Yp-MB2 portable media player that we have seen and heard of countless times, they were showing off an entirely different Android PM today at IFA. Lost mostly to the buzz surrounding the Galaxy Tab, the Samsung Galaxy Player 50 is an Android 2.1 device featuring a 3.2-inch screen, WiFi, and 8GB or 16GB of internal storage. A microSD slot allows for expandable memory up to 32GB.

The Galaxy Player 50 will feature DivX support, come with ThinkFree office bundled into the software, and provide access to Google services and the Android Market. Not too shabby if you are looking for a secondary media device, though no iteration of Android or UI skin has quite made music and video playback on Android its strong suit. The Galaxy Player 50 will be available in Europe this October for 229 Euros for the 8 gig version and 299 Euros for the 16 gig.

[via SamsungHub]

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  1. Nifty but the more and more I read and see about the new Archos 4.3 the more these Samsung PMPs look to be lagging.

  2. No Android Market for this PMP either, I take it.

  3. @starlightmica the article clearly states that there will be AM support.

  4. Disappointing.

  5. WHEN THIS BABY COMING TO THE STATES?! i would get rid of my ZUNE HD for this baby.

  6. The fact that there is no Android PMP on the market that even comes close to the iPod touch just blows my mind.

    Honestly, with all these great Android phones out there, why hasn’t one of these companies just taken their phone design and pulled out the cellular receiver?

    Apparently, that’s the case with the YP-MB2, but there hasn’t been a hint of news about a release date for that device.

    What’s the holdup?

  7. @littlegreenrobot: oops, my bad, got a case of Archos and Toshiba.

    @nb: especially given the 4th gen touch will be out soon.

  8. Anyone know if this player has a capacitive or resistive screen? If is has the former, then I may get this for my boys instead of the Archos (so they can stop playing with my phone :-)

  9. Samsung’s Galaxy series are coming out really fast. Within a couple of months, from SmartPhone, Tablet PC to MP3P, it has formed a complete ‘the Android-powered Galaxy’line. Samsung seems to be the most fast-moving company other than Apple.

  10. It seems like Galaxy Player 50 is going to be different product from Galaxy Player GB1/// Since it’s an Android OS powered pmp, it may be used in different ways besides listening to music…like games)) But the price leaves much to be desired)))

  11. It is soooooooooo cool! I like very much))) people say it has SoundAlive and the sound quality of it is absolutely amazing… the most important for me in player is its sound, and G50 seems to provide an exclusive sound quality among all players. Wanna buy it!)

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