First Samsung Galaxy Tab Commercial Makes its Way to YouTube


Is it naive of me to think that it is just unlikely for people to use a 7-inch tablet as often and in the same situations presented in the below commercial? From the looks of it, if Samsung had their way this device would act almost as a complete replacement to your phone with added web and media functionality thanks to the screen size. I suppose some may be interested in lugging around such a large device everywhere they go, but it isn’t exactly my cup of tea. See Samsung’s vision for the Galaxy Tab yourself in the below commercial that just popped up on YouTube.

[via Android Community]

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  1. Did anyone else catch that little android guy that jumped out at the end? Pretty awesome.

  2. Awwweeeessssooooommmmeeeeee.

  3. I see myself using such a device more for home use… when I just want to relax on the couch, browse, chat, maybe look up a recipe… things for which I’d rather not lug around my laptop, or have it heating up on my lap.

    Gotta say… even though devices like this make me drool, I’m having a hard time figuring out why you’d have both a tablet like this AND a smartphone. I know, bigger screen, etc… but… hmm.

  4. its nice to see a company not scared of apple and doing a good job of getting their products out there. i hope they succeed.

  5. This guy must have the biggest hand in the world if he can death grip this tablet!!! This tablet is what other tablets should be based from, everything you need from the get go with room for improvements. This tablet actually makes make want one, something the ipad and other tablets couldn’t achieve

  6. Not really that far from the Dell Streak, but I wouldn’t want to use it as a phone though. Other than that, it looks really cool, assuming it has Market access.

  7. if they can sell this for around 300

  8. this tablet is actually smaller than the iPad, its 7 inch

  9. Another thing…

    Verizon just recently announced the pay-by-month data plan. If they would offer such a plan for the Galaxy Tab, I would be very interested in it – I can see myself taking this along when I travel for work. When I’m not traveling, I’ll just use wifi at home.

  10. I think it’s a terrible advert, to be honest. I like the idea of the tablet, but the advert’s awful. Get Verizon/Moto’s advertising department onto it, they know how to advertise Droids!

  11. I would love this as a carry around tool with a nice, book style cover like my old Tablet PC had YEARS ago. Being female I can tote it in my big purse! I will like it more if I can use a sytlus pen to make notes, drawings when meeting with clients on the go! The size is PERFECT! The iPad is just too big to carry around (as was my 14 inch tablet PC.)

  12. I really wouldn’t mind having a tablet device like this without the data plan. I’d just use wi-fi at home and then tether it to my droid incredible for use abroad.

  13. Awesome! Now I just need a sport jacket with a HUGE pocket like he had, hahaha.

  14. Totally stupid commercial. He actually pulls it out of his breast pocket? No one in their right mind would carry this around with them everywhere, your 4″ screen phone is with you everywhere, not this thing.

    Looks to me they don’t understand the market it for it and just built one because Apple did. Don’t get me wrong, I love Samsung and have a Galaxy S 1900M myself but I’m afraid they don’t seem to know who they are marketing this thing at.

  15. Great video. It’s far more enticing than the iPad.

  16. Engaget has a nice video preview showing several of the Samsung custom tablet apps such as a two paned email app.

  17. Look good. Anybody test out the Google Voice integration? Will u need minutes or can it work just over WiFi (or through Gmail)?

  18. I hope Samsung succeed with this

  19. Android is AMAZING! I am amazed at how fast it’s growing :)

  20. Wow, I didn’t really think much of them before, but now I kinda would like one!

  21. I wish it could be more school friendly for college/high school students or people who do documents. so if they have a document app for school. that would be nice. along with printer connectibility and such.

  22. Seriously considering this

  23. is it just me or does the back seem to just be copied from the white iPhone 4?

  24. Great commercial but too bad that rotation animation isn’t on the actual product. FALSE ADVERTISING! But still and awesome tablet.

  25. Yeah, just not impressed with this. I hate TouchWiz, and I know they’ll TouchWiz the crap out of this. It’s just awful. Also, I honestly think it’s too small. I would much rather have my 3.7″ smartphone, my 17 inch laptop, and a nice 9-11″ tablet right in the middle. Obviously that’s a personal preference though. My primary function in a tablet will be to allow my clients to sign documents on-screen, while also having some fun for myself of course.

  26. Not unlikely at all. Some of us hate talking on the phone, but of course, we still need the option. I’m the target market. I’ve actually been waiting for a tablet that’ll do double-duty as a phone, rather than the other way around. Look at it this way. You’re wondering if somebody would lug this around instead of a phone, and I’m wondering if I could take this along instead of my laptop.

    (Actually, I’ve wanted a netbook-like setup that can also do phone calls, and I’m still a bit leery of completely foregoing a keyboard, although perhaps I can connect one through USB when I need to do real work? Swype has convinced me that not all soft keyboards suck.)

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