Motorola Milestone 2 is Official, Promo Video Back Up



Yesterday we reported on a “leaked” promo video for the Motorola Milestone 2, but it was quickly pulled from Moto’s YouTube. Considering you can’t fight the tides of the internet, the video is back up and Motorola has gone official with the re-named Droid 2 for release in Europe. Being that it is simply the Droid 2 by another name, the same upgrades carry over for the original Milestone — a 1GHz processor and a revamped keyboard being the main ones — but the Milestone 2 also gets the ability to shoot 720p HD video. You will also be getting the ability to wirelessly connect up to five devices to the Milestone 2’s mobile hotspot.

The Deuce will be arriving sometime in Q4 of this year on various European carriers with pricing determined at a later date.

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  1. Also features the “no custom ROM” feature together with “crappy Motorola EU support” feature, which includes “UK phones get their updates 1-2 months late compared to Italy/Germany” feature.

    Yes Moto, you screwed over all your current european Android user, don’t expect nice words about your products.

  2. Shouldn’t this be more appropriately named the “Kilometerstone 2” That always confused me.

  3. F.augusztin – totally correct. Moto have no real concern outside of US from what I can tell.

  4. Custom ROMs are the only thing that keep this bleeding edge opensource community bounding forwards. Why would Motorola be stupid enough to lock this handset down like that? I’m sticking with HTC for my next handset unless something better and more end-user friendly arises (which is highly unlikely).

  5. The question is do I sell my Desire for this bad boy..? I’d prefer a European Epic 4g.

    Damnit teh catz want a qwerty keyboard!

  6. so this is the Droid pro?

  7. someone explain to me why this would be able to capture HD video, and the Droid 2 can’t.

  8. @uhh

    No, it’s the European version of the Motorola droid 2.

  9. Uh…Motoblur? Wow, I guess the updates will be even more failtacular than the first Milestone.

    I really hope this doesn’t even come to Canada. I literally feel pity whenever I see someone with a Milestone.

  10. @ quasar: droid 2 world edition = droid pro = milestone 2

  11. This phone does not look bad with a 1ghz and 720 capture I dont know why people are hating its better than the droid 2 here in America. This phone seems to be alright and I dont even know how you hate a phone that you never played with either? You might hate the company but why give bad name to the phone if you never tried it. Understandably your hate for the company is correct but to try and voice your opinion about a phone you have no clue about is childish. But i guess thats how some people are. Now down to facts this phone looks slick, it has 1ghz and captures 720 and I think thats pretty good for a phone I would be happy with that anyday and its a hotspot. I am sure that someone somewhere will hack it too so dont worry thats what they said about the X now look a rom just came out so stf and who cares its a phone if you never used keep your mouth shut go to a motorola hating blog or something to get your anger out.

  12. Why the hate? Locked bootloader + Moto slow to bring updates to market = Customer dissatisfaction.

    Nogo Moto.

  13. @brian: we talk about software updates, which are responsibility of the company – and they shown how they do it with their 3 android phones in EU already – they are worse than bad.

    ROM for Droid X is not a custom ROM, please get yout facts straight. What have you seen is a custom userland running on leaked 2.2 Droid X update. In other words – if Motorola will never release Android 3.0 for Droid X, you will never get 3.0 for Droid X no matter what hackers do.

  14. The updates for the milestone cannot possible be worse that the Telus HTC Hero, which is still running 1.5 in Canada…

  15. @Keith: stable 1.5 is stil better than unstable 2.1 which reboots 2-4 times per day.

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