Official Promo Video Reveals Motorola Milestone 2, Quickly Pulled from YouTube



We were all waiting for it, even though it seemed like Motorola might not have any plans to release the Droid 2 outside of the United States. But thanks to an error on someone at Moto’s part, for but a brief moment an official promotional video for the Motorola Milestone 2 found its way to YouTube. The video was subsequently pulled, but not before someone could get a quick screen grab for posterity’s sake.

If you aren’t familiar, the Milestone branding was applied to the original Droid when it launched to carrier around Europe, Canada, and smaller US carriers that weren’t Verizon. The same will happen with the Droid 2 it looks like. Expect the Milestone 2 to carry an identical spec sheet and feature decidedly less dark and droning Droid advertising.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Expect bad sales, after the Milestone 1 fiasco.

  2. If this is true, it’s good news. With a bit of luck a UK network (I’m looking at you, Vodafone) will pick it up! I like my Milestone and it’s Android goodness. I can also appreciate that people will be pissed off with the locked bootloader, but for the majority of users (myself included) this may not really be an issue. If I tried rooting i’d turn my phone into a rather snazzy paperweight. As long as the phone works out of the box then people will be happy, and that’s one thing Moto do well is build bulletproof phones. I’ve owned several and am yet to kill one! My L7 even survived a foam party in Mallorca!
    However with Motorola’s UK reputation in the gutter, sales will be poor. Nothing a snazzy advertising campaign wouldn’t fix though…

  3. What Milestone 1 fiasco?
    The only concern I had about my Milestone was that it wouldn’t get Froyo but even that fear is gone.
    Nevertheless…I waited a full 6 months before I got mine…not this time. Milestone 2: You will be mine.

  4. Another disappointment if you can’t get hold of this in the UK yet, there sometimes seems a reluctance to release the new versions quick enough and their reputation will only remain the same if they’re not available.

  5. What do you mean what Milestone 1 fiasco!?! The concealment of the locked bootloader, the delayed updates, the large amount of bugs, ( alarm clock failures, random reboots, music starting when headphones disconnected ), not to mention the debarcle about froyo, with them taking weeks to reach a decision to actually support an advertised feature of the device, then suggesting an update time well into the gingerbread release schedule. Also given the massive backtracking they have done on dext support, “end of the year” might aswell be “if we ever feel like it”.

  6. @Brother J: what planet are you living on ? Motorola Milestone together with Motorola EU support is one big fiasco.

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