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With Archos’ announcement of their new line of Android tablets, there is something for the whole family. From the wee tiniest of tots to daddy man hands these Android 2.2 devices span the size range from a humble 2.8-inches all the way to an iPad challenging 10.1-inches. What they gain from a varied product line with a form factor to fit all needs they lose in their implementation of Android, however. The Android Market is absent from the lineup along with Google apps. Instead you will have to make do with Archos’ AppsLib and their own suite of mobile software.


Let’s get down to the various models. First we have the Archos 28 and 32. They feature 2.8-inch and 3-inch resistive touchscreens respectively, and pack a Cortex A8 processor at 800MHz. The 28 gets 4GB of internal storage, while the 32 will hold 8GB. The latter also gets a camera capable of 720p HD recording.  The 28 goes for $100 while the 32 sets you back $150.


At $200 the Archos 43 gets a (you guessed it) 4.3-inch 854×480 resistive display, a Cortex A8 1GHz processor, and an HD-capable camera.


The Archo 70 gets a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen at 800×480 resolution, 8GB of internal storage, and the 1GHz A8 chip. It also gets HDMI output, a microSD card slot, and a front-facing camera. The tablet is geared towards media with support for a wide range of video formats and a battery providing 7 hours of playback. This one will set you back $275.


At $300, only $25 more than the 70, the Archos 101 gives you all of the same features embodied beneath a 10.1-inch 1024×600 capacitive display. You get the same video support as you would with the 70.

All tablets should be hitting shelves around October, just in time for the holiday season and a plethora of other tablets from several manufacturers. Is any one sensing a trend? Is the tablet destined to be this years big holiday gift item?

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  1. Archose?

  2. Note, 300-275=25, not 15.

    Other than that, the 70 or 101 would be a lot more appealing if it had Android Market included.

  3. for $300 i would have purchased it, no android market, no point. can these tablets be modified to use the android market?

  4. It appears the 43 and below don’t have capacitive screens, no GPS, no Android market = no purchase

  5. I had there early 7inch Android tablet from last year. It was worthless with no Google market but it did have a few nice media options but totally not worth it.

  6. no Android market = no purchase…

  7. I believe the old Archos could be rooted to enable market access. Check XDA.

  8. Agree with others. Android market is a must-have. GPS is close to being a must-have. Additionally, 3G capability (at least as an option) would send it over the moon – you’d then have the possibility of using the smaller models as VoIP cell phones (these things have microphones, right?).

  9. No Android Market/Google Apps == No Buy

  10. Ummm…what’s the point of having an Adroid phone/tablet without the Android Apps itself and Google Maps?! Come on guys, why make a product that’s almost awesome? Why companies do that $*** all the time. If one makes a product and wants to sell well, might as well go all out….leaving behind all the “lack of” or “wish the product has…” crap… Include all the things that will make the phone/tablet a major hit. Don’t leave “major necessities” behind (ahem…Android Market, Google Maps/Navigation, etc etc etc). I bet you, the company will complain why their product didn’t sell well. No $^^^ guys. You left all of those popular things that customer wants. Am I right guys??? Just frustrated with the BS

  11. The Android Market still doesn’t support tablets. Only phones. In fact, the Android OS only supports phones (several text strings and features only make sense with phones). While these things can be hacked to make sense on tablets, it’s hard to found your business model on hacks and not really worth the effort when Google is already doing it in Android 3.0.

    Once Gingerbread is released, we will see much more intelligent Android tablets in the marketplace.

  12. Yeah, it makes no sense to have an Android product that doesn’t make use of the apps. Although, I am quickly finding out that Android apps don’t compare to those of Iphone/Ipad. I know that is sacreligous to say around here. I love my Droid with the Google Apps, though. I am using it to tether my Ipad!

  13. interesting. the 10.1 has fring, seems to know where it is, of course there are ways of figuring that out without GPS, and has what appears to be a FFC with an LED.

    as long as the hardware specs are right, i would have to say that these are candidates for root. in fact, i wouldnt mind seeing this thing rooted with a galaxy clone so i could have access to samsung media hub if that’s possible. i agree with everyone else though, in order to be viable, these things need the market.

  14. Who in the world would buy a 2 and 3 inch Tablet? U might as well get a smartphone.

    I have my Droid, not longer activated and it has a bigger screen…Wifi and GPS still works. I still got sent Froyo OTA so its still supported.

  15. Not sure if other developers have been contacted, but they have sent us a couple emails with regards to using their SDK to port our games to their tablets and upload them to the store. We downloaded it, but unfortunately it has a few issues and got frustrating enough that we gave up. I guess the point is, is that Archos is attempting to grow a significant branch and it is doubtful with all this effort, that they will get the official Android Market any time soon.

  16. Just as a side note. Even though marketplace isn’t available by default, you can download the installer with the web browser and install it.

    It isn’t really a big ding to the product overall. More concerning is why so little storage options were offered.

  17. My understanding is that any android device with out 3g capability is not alowed to have the market installed. Im sure some devs will figure out a way around this but these look average at best. I’d wait for the tab.

  18. *sigh*
    I would probably buy this in a heartbeat if it had the Android market. O well, another tablet to pass on

  19. FAIL.

    They NEED the Android market

  20. Couldnt you still just install apk files without the market? honestly there would really be no need for it then.

  21. No market, no win, unless APKs can be installed. For that matter; no root, no win. I’ll be waiting until some are out to see which get rooted.

  22. they haven’t missed a single size. I like the attitude.

  23. If this thing is rootable(is that even a word) I’m most definately buying one, the price is right IMO….

  24. i doubt there will be a market especially with the lack of phone capability

  25. There are two markets that you can DL from the Net to DL other apps: “AppBrain App Market” and “SlideME Market”

  26. Absolute win with the pricing.

  27. Oh, cool! I already own two Archos devices both which have given me a long and happy service life. Good products at good prices.
    Wow, an Archos 7 or 10 inch tablet at a reasonable price.
    Coolness! I want one.
    What’s this? No android app market?
    Ok, nevermind. There are so many other Android tablet devices appearing I’m sure I’ll be able to find one that doesn’t make the fatal brain damaged deal-killer decision to omit the android market.
    This from the same company that stopped selling the best $20 foldable wraparound neck headphones ever made on the entire planet. Glad I had bought a couple extra pair a few years back when I began to suspect they would disappear.

  28. For people wondering why they have removed the google apps (market, etc), it is because manufacturers have to pay licence fees for those apps. Android OS is free, those apps are not.

    Not saying that leaving them out is the right thing to do. I am just saying that is probably why they are not there.

  29. Don’t Panic. I have the predecessor to these the Archos 5 android that came out last year. Getting the Android Market takes 2 minutes. There is an .apk file you download to your comp, transfer it via usb to your archos and then install then full access to the Android Marketplace. Archos is restricted by doing it by Google but you can do it yourself in like 2 minutes.

    I’m getting the 10.1 inch I think as a Xmas present to myself.

  30. So you can just download the AppBrain .apk, install it to the tablet and then have market access?

  31. @Lutin, that’s a good point.
    It’s also one of the wonderful things about competition. Someone else running an android app market will realize it is in their direct interest to make their market app free to OEM’s to include on devices. After all, those app markets get a 30% cut of each app sold.
    @Russel, the OEM can’t just download and install it. It is still copyright by AppBrain and must be licensed. But a license doesn’t necessarily mean money must change hands. Just that a deal is agreed to. (Probably including that the OEM can’t sue AppBrain over the app, blah blah, etc).
    If the OEM doesn’t include AppBrain (or another non-Google alternative) then the only way to get that onto the device is to hack it — which most people won’t do.
    IMO the best solution is for someone like AppBrain to be smart enough to realize it is in their direct financial interest to license their market app for zero dollars.

  32. @ Roger – YOU READ MY MIND! HELLO ARCHOS 101!

  33. Yes, what rodger said. The market will be easily imported. And as for the person who asked why I would want a cell phone sized tablet is that with a mic built in, and google voice, maybe some mods, I’ll have a free phone on my hands.

    Archos kicks A$$

  34. “The Android Market is absent from the lineup along with Google apps. Instead you will have to make do with Archos’ AppsLib and their own suite of mobile software.”

    Yes… this will and should be a definite reason for some to pass on this series of tablets. However, you will also have the ability to install the other various alternative markets available – and there are quite a few. I for one will be rooting this tablet day one and begin working on a custom ROM with all Google Apps.

    A 10″ Tablet with a capacitive screen and Android 2.2 for $300? Sign me up!

    – AdamZ

  35. you all know market will be able to be manually added. i want the 101 so bad. now need to talk the wife into it :)

  36. With a little hacking to get the market etc, I’m very tempted to get the 43 as a replacement for my old Palm LifeDrive. (Which has a 4 gig compact flash in place of the MicroDrive.)

    The Archos is a little longer, barely wider than the LifeDrive’s screen and a heck of a lot thinner and lighter.

    The Archos’ screen width at 480 pixels is the same as the *height* of the LifeDrive’s screen.

    Cooler yet, LifeDrive’s original price was over $500. Archos 43 = $200 with twice the storage plus a camera.

    P.S. Another “requirement” for Android is a multi-touch screen. Resistive multi-touch technology was recently announced. If you like multi-touch but like the precision (and warm fingers in winter!) of a stylus on a resistive screen, just wait a bit and it’ll be available.

  37. I don’t see any need for the hassle about the Google Marketplace. This can easily be manually added. I am in for Archos 43!

  38. it comes with a market just not android market and nost android phones dont have google market because they dont qualify to have and archos has done it again make great tablets

  39. … So… What’re the odds that this could get Android 3.0?

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