LG’s Launcher Ported to Other Devices


LG’s home and application launcher – seen on devices such as the LG Ally and their Optimus phones – has finally been ported to other devices. The person responsible claims that no root is required and all it takes is a simple installation of the .apk file to get it loaded, but he’s only tested it on an HTC EVO 4G thus far.


The launcher doesn’t look bad at all in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The bottom dock allows you to place shortcuts to any application you want simply by dragging one from the app draw over to the area you want it to appear. The app drawer itself can also sectioned into different categories – such as Communication and Multimedia – if you like to keep an organized collection.

You can only switch between having 5 and 7 homescreens – a bummer for people like me who prefer to have only 3 (yes, I know I’m weird). Other than that, you also get the full suite of custom widgets such as Calendar, Clocks, and the Memo widget. Head on over to XDA for more details and to find the download link (you’ll need to have an account to download it).

[via Androinica]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. It’s not so weird I perfer 3 home screen as well, and i dont even utilize all 3… Also the launcher is pretty bad ass I would love for my launcher to be sorted that way =P

  2. I also prefer only 3 homescreens so you are not alone Quentyn.

  3. Launcher is a up sliding launcher….very 1.6 android if you ask me. Ill take some widgets though. All widgets in the market are hidious. Touchwiz widgets are the best!!

  4. @DonnyD Its Actually Very 2.0

  5. I use seven but, I guess that isn’t the norm…

  6. I think it requires 2.1 or better. Couldn’t get it to work on my X10.

  7. I really like the App drawer thingy. It allows me to organize my apps without having to put folders on my home screen. Allows to create custom groups, but stinks that doesn’t allow to organize the groups in a different order. Although pressing the home button force closes the launcher every time and the widgets look good but don’t work. Example the LG calender doesn’t access my calender, stays blank.

    Droid Incredible

  8. Well I really hate the known issue of force closing every time you hit the home button on your phone, but other than that…. this is awesome!!! :D

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