HTC Peep or FriendStream Not Working? It’s OAuth’s Fault


Some of you with HTC Sense-enable devices might notice that HTC Peep or FriendStream isn’t allowing you to do anything. If you haven’t already read the news, Twitter is suspending all other authentication methods in favor of the more secure OAuth as of yesterday. They’ve been drumming up to this change since Fall 2009, and they’ve finally made it a requirement for any Twitter application that wishes to access a user’s profile in any way.


The problem with this and HTC’s Twitter-enabled apps is that they haven’t updated their application to use OAuth in any versions of HTC Sense – including Android 2.2. We’re not sure what happened in the software development process where they seemingly overlooked OAuth, but it’s a feature-breaking problem that we hope they’ll be able to resolve shortly. They’d need to issue updates to any phone to date that has come preinstalled with HTC Sense to ensure service is restored to people who actually use Peep over market offerings.

It may not sound like the most serious break in the world, but it’s still pretty big. Most people will head to the Android market to try out a free app anyway, but there will still be a lot of people left in the dark. We’ll keep an eye on this to see how HTC will handle and respond to the situation.

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  1. Um, no it’s not, it’s HTC’s fault! Twitter made it known last year that they were moving to OAuth. HTC has had plenty of time to ensure that it’s users wouldn’t be adversely affected by this and yet they din nothing. The joy of finally getting Froyo on my Incredible was marred by this BS because I use peep as my Twitter client since it already comes pre-installed. #EpicHTCFail

  2. I didn’t technically mean it was the fault of OAuth or the fault of Twitter for using OAuth, that was just how it came off in my trying-to-be-funny title. In the actual article, I state that it’s HTC’s responsibility to get the app updated and that they’ve known about the looming changes since late 2009.

  3. Bad headline. It’s HTC’s fault. HTC make horrible software and have a track record of being slow to update.

    Twitter made the announcement that OAuth was coming many months ago.

    This is yet another reason to avoid HTC software like the plague. That includes Sense.

  4. htc don’t seem to be well connected with users, compared to say Nokia or even Google themselves. Have htc even issued a press release on this matter? I like the Peep widget, but the official Android Twitter client just doesn’t suffice for me.

  5. This is the HTC response to my question about when this would be fixed ( pretty lame);

    I understand your concern about not being able to access Peep. Due to a change to Twitter’s authentication scheme Peep, Twitter for HTC Sense and Friend Stream can’t connect. There’s currently no ETA for a resolution. In the mean time you can download another Twitter application from the Market.

  6. @CJ

    Its called English, might want to learn it.

    As for HTC they clearly don’t have the capacity to keep an eye on everything.
    A million will bitch about this to support this week, and they’ll have an update on the market in a week or two.

  7. I’m just going to kick the same dead horse I always kick: Stop giving us “custom” distros and just deliver the Google Android as-is, maybe with your 3rd party tools as options that _can_be_uninstalled_if_we_dont_like_them_.

    I dont care about the HTC apps/skin, and i don’t like the features locked out (2.2 tethering/hotspot anyone?)

  8. I think HTC did a bunch of people a favor. Twitter is just a huge waste of time. If I give enough of a crap to know 12 words about what someone thinks or how they feel I will ask them, haha.

  9. Who cares? Those apps are bloatware anyway…

  10. I emailed HTC about this issue last when it first happened. They told me the problem was on my end and to clear the cache, do a battery pull reset, and if that didnt work, do a factory reset. Screw the factory reset, I already did that when froyo was released. So I downloaded twitdroyd and have been happy with that. I doubt I will go back to peep whenever they fix the issue.

    SwampFox obviously you have never been on twitter. Twitter isn’t just for people to care what others think, but for people to post the most random, stupid, and funny crap they can think of. Ever read any tweets from @GaryJBusey. He alone is a reason to use twitter.

  11. Drains battery like you wouldn’t believe as it is constantly pinging twitter until you remove the account.

  12. They need to get this straight. I actually use Peep. The official Twitter app is GARBAGE! It looks nice but just doesn’t work. Peep is missing a few things but it’s simple and it gets the job done. I don’t care who’s fault it is, just fix it.

  13. I have just spent several frustrating hours attempting to get Friendstream and/or Peep to work. And you’ve explained why I haven’t been successful quickly and easily.

    I’ve only had my Desire for a week, but really did like the Friendstream application, which stopped giving Twitter updates last night.

    I guess I’ll just use seperate Facebook and Twitter applications until it’s fixed, then!

  14. I liked friendstream for posting to Twitter & FB at the same time. Mine has been force closing for a while now. Boo HTC.

  15. Switch to Twidroyd. It is the best one I have found out of all of them.

  16. The “official” twitter app does not work either.

  17. If you are looking for a widget like FriendStream supporting multiple providers, you should try Pure messenger widget (gmail, sms, facebook, twitter …)

  18. So what’s next?

  19. And do you know the funniest part of all this?


    Announcing their twitter app’s not working on…. TWITTER! :)

    Wonder if this has something to do with mine not auto-syncing anymore despite not using that app. I use official twitter, seems to have stopped synching.

    could me multicon’s fault…

  20. I get obsessed when things dont work on my phone and I thought it was htc’s problem at first, but I kept looking to see if it was solved yet and came across this. I am glad I searched before jumping the gun and blame. follow this link and what I get is….it is twitter and htc not jumping the gun actually protected our security…I got another app in the meantime but I know things are not that secure as this article states this version of 0Auth is the worst out of anything out there…

  21. I’m FURIOUS. Took my EVO to the Sprint Store because of this issue and the technician said I needed to do a hard boot (I’m not blaming him; I had pretty much resolved myself to that.) So here I sit, re-installing all my apps over this!!! I even called HTC tech support and some local yokel told me I need to get over it because HTC didn’t support Twitter. The reason I’m so upset is because it did work very well for me. I don’t follow people, but it is an amazing tool to watch industry trends. I blame both Twitter and HTC for dropping the ball!!!!!

  22. I’m glad that I found this article, because I was stunned that my Peep wouldn’t update my Tweets. For the past few days I’ve only been receiving the SMS back-up messages, but I much prefer the direct Twitter response ability with regard to such.

  23. Official Twitter app does work now, on Hero with Android 2.1 at least. I installed it this morning. Also Touiteur – both OK. However I miss the HTC full-screen widget.
    Is there an official HTC page or at least a page on HTC forum where they have given a response to this issue?

  24. Just tried the official twitter app and it is working.
    Any news about HTC peep?

  25. Working again as of tonight on Peep/FriendStream without any software update. Not an oauth prob I think, but unrelated Twitter problem.

  26. Yep, HTC and Twitter were on the ball, and Peep & Friend Stream all back up-and-running!

  27. While I dont have an ANDROID, I have an HTC TOUCH PRO2 and PEEP still does not work.. I can search peeps but I cant UPDATE.. I click update stream and I get the UNAUTHORIZED message! HELP!

  28. No, HTC Peep is not working… 5 days later…

  29. Actually I doubt it is HTC’s fault because Peep seems to log into twitter fine…I can even see HTC Peep in my ‘Connections’ under ‘Settings’ in twitter..Even viewing my own profile and searching for tweets work fine from HTC Peep..But it is not able to display my tweets..Seems like an issue on twitters side but I could be wrong. Using Windows Mobile.

  30. HTC peep for Touch pro 2 still not working

  31. HTC peep for TP2 still not working!

  32. HTC Peeps on the TP2 is indeed working. At least it does for me. It’s limited though so it won’t list anything. What works is when you tweet it will say it’s not authorized to connect or whatever, but if you log into twitter you should see it posted anyways. It works for me and it says it was posted via HTC Peeps.

  33. @James same here buh peep has always been like that for my tp2 since i kept getting that stupid error msg. i d/led frother from marketplace. not as elegant as peep buh it works & it’s free!!

  34. I just got the HTC desire on tues and all was working fine until this morning when I got the “forced closed” message. Now PEEP tells me i have “no tweets” which is BS because my backup messaging says i have about 90 of them.

    So what is the deal?????

  35. using a HTC HD2 with the Energy cooked ROM and running a FroyoStone Android build. Really couldnt careless if the Twitter app works or not. Ill either tweet with Tweetdeck or with the app i downloaded in the android market.

    why get pissy anyways, its a website.

  36. The funniest thing is this. Peep also lives on the old fashioned windows mobile 6.5 on the htc tp2. Now the downside was that the phone stopped connecting to twitter but the upside was that the second unsolved memory leak in htc sense (apart from the first one in the sense sms application that had been resolved in june after months and months of denial) was apparently inside the twitter app. My phone hasn’t crashed in more than a week after crashing 2 to 4 times a day. You probably won’t have that problem on android anyway. looking forward to the rom port.

  37. I reentered the login data and it’s working now. HTC Desire.

  38. I’ve had this problem with my HTC PEEP on my FRIEND STREAM not updating both Twitter and Facebook at same time! I like not having to type 2or3 separate times instead of once! Please fix the oauth problem with Twitter so it will update again! It’s been 2weeks already! Please fix ASAP!!!!!

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