Hannspree Working up Android 2.2 Tablet with NVIDIA Tegra 2 Inside



Android 2.2 and Tegra 2. That is what it now takes to stack up in the Android tablet game, and Hannspree is saying, “Yes please,” on both accounts. Their proposed tablet will feature a 1GHz Tegra 2, 16GB of internal storage expandable via microSD card, and a 1024×600 capacitive touchscreen. Throw in some micro HDMI and micro USB ports and you have yourself a media machine capable of playing back smooth 1080p HD video, which, beeteedubs, can be viewed for up to 8 hours on one charge of the Hannspree tablet’s3,500mAh battery. Other connectivity includes WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1.


The newly announced tablet is priced at €399 (~$507), but no word on a release date. Hey, at least we have gone from 10 trash Android tablets popping up a week to 10 promising ones, right?

[via Engadget]

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  1. Give me one Notion Ink Adam, ASAP.
    All these new tablets looks terrible.

    Adam in September/October will be a HIT.

  2. I’m confused – what’s the benefit of it being able to view 1080p video when it’s screen isn’t even 720p? Can the HDMI-out run at higher resolution?

  3. “beeteedubs?” Really? Is this what passes for journalism nowadays?

  4. @DanGrover

    No, lower android phones cannot play (it acutally wont let you) play a video whos resolution is 720p, currently no Android device allows for 1080p, what they are trying to tell you is that you can play the file, it wont look 1080p on the tablet, but it will play it, also it might be able to take full use of the HDMI and actually output full 1080p

  5. These things are essential for me to buy an Android Tablet

    1. HDMI output at full 1080p
    2. capacitive touchscreen
    3. Android 2.2 (FroYo)
    4. being allowed to access the Android Market and download apps
    5. being allowed to install apps from non-market sources
    6. compatible with Adobe Flash 10.1 and working on the stock Android web browser at least or dolphin browser
    7. working bluetooth for sending/receiving files or pairing to bluetooth headset
    8. micro SD card capable
    9. WiFi enabled
    10. capability to insert SIM card for data access to 3G networks
    11. Front Facing camera for web chat Minimum 1.3 Megapixels
    12. Rear facing camera for taking photos minimum 5 Megapixels
    13. LED Flash next to rear facing camera for photo taking
    14. USB-Micro port for charging battery
    15. standard 3.5mm Stereo headphone output jack
    16. gyroscope

    now when all these things are verified, Give me a call Phandroid you’ll have finally found something i’ll buy.

  6. 17. minimum 16GB Internal Storage

    I forgot that one.

  7. @James: Basically, a bigger Evo with gyroscope and internal storage?

  8. Please, any manufacturer not going to release tablet in following months notify us, it will be easier to follow :D.

  9. This is what I’m talking about. Looks like a winner here. Unlike some other company…*cough* cough* “Archos” with their so-called “tablets”

  10. @Ace Curry

    Yep, basically a Sprint Evo 4G except a GSM version, tablet sized, with internal storage would be awesome.

  11. Where can you actually buy all these tablets from obscure makers?

  12. @1 engaget regarding the adam “…the device won’t be submitted to the FCC for certification until November.” good luck getting it in september/october.

  13. While I like to see all these tablets flowing…after reading the list of wants it got me thinking…

    Who’s gonna be running around trying to use a 7in, 9in, etc as a camera? It’s not a small device that slips easily back in your pocket – you could carry it in a nice leather case, but pushing a large brick in someone’s face isn’t all that great…

    I can understand the front facing camera – but a rear…just seem funny.

    I’d rather put the effort towards all the other media abilities rather than a rear camera. Music, video, games, etc…a super high res screen…

  14. Isnt an Android tablet as useful as an ipad? Im pro Android but a tablet without a true/full OS isnt that useful.

  15. i got sme android tabet from china and it wont let me download stuufs from store :(

  16. @James
    I really like that list. 1 slight modification would be to number 3. Make it Vanilla 2.2 for sure.

  17. @james Necessary Specs list Confirmed….or simply put. Amen

  18. @James Oh add GPS to that list Please…..

  19. @Nathanial


    GPS is a definite MUST !

    #18. GPS capabilities !!

  20. @James You might consider putting “Must be able to make good cappuccino” to your wish lis :o)

  21. Nice looking tablet, any news about a release date soon?

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