An Early Look at Galaxy Tab Accessories, Including Bluetooth Stylus and USB Adapter



The Galaxy Tab is quickly filling the void left by the release of the Motorola Droid 2, providing us with leak after leak and image upon image of the yet to be officially announced device. The latest batch of images provide us with a look at some of the accessories that will be available for the 7-inch Android tablet. Aside from the standard array of case options and screen protectors, the Galaxy Tab will be getting a few interesting toys to play with, the coolest being a Bluetooth pen that will not only act as a stylus for the tablet, but can also connect other cell devices and act as a remote control.


Samsung will also be offering up a USB adapter for the dock connector found on the Galaxy Tab, making it easy for you to connect a camera or other device and share media between the two. Take a look at some of the cases over at the source link below.

[via OLED-Display]

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  1. Please be a pressure sensitive pen!

  2. thats probably the main purpose of this pen.

  3. Sooo… bluetooth pen…? Meaning… I can write on any flat surface and the motions I make will be transcribed onto the computer as letters and numbers?

  4. The pen sounds pretty fantastic, but doesn’t Samsung get that we’re fed up with proprietary dock connectors?

    Why can’t this thing just have a USB A jack on the side, rather than requiring an adapter?

  5. I am personally hoping for the ability – that when the pen is activated, it turns off the touch sensitivity of the screen from regular fingers, and have it only respond to the pen itself.

    that way, it can be used as a nice drawing tablet that dosnt require me to be overly cautious about where my fingers are…

  6. dude, this is awesome news. I hope the price is right for the tab!

  7. I like the fact that Samsung is offering a usb adapter, but whats the purpose of the proprietary connector then? Kinda strange….

  8. @JC
    The dock. Audio/Video, USB, all in one connector.

  9. afaik this is not a proprietary connector, but a new standard.

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