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First Droid X Custom ROM Released with Installation Instructions



Earlier today we got a glimpse of the Droid X running the custom Sapphire ROM, definitively proving that the task was possible. The video, however, did not come with a copy of the ROM and installation instructions in tow. Enter Birdman, a Droid hacker hard at work on the X, who has released the first ROM image for the handset all thought was as unbeatable as Alcatraz to the public.

The ROM in question isn’t the same Sapphire version seen previously. It instead is a brand new custom image known as FlyX, which is currently in release candidate status. Just because it isn’t a final release doesn’t mean you won’t want to check it out, and if you decide you want to take the plunge head over to DroidLife for full instructions. You will need a handset that is already rooted and running the leaked Android 2.2 build to get things up and running, but chances are if you are even considering the new install you already fall into that category.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. oh! an interesting development.

    now the question is whether the technique used to boot this particular rom is exclusive to itself, or if this could run any ROM you want.

    if it’s any ROM? fuck yeah SENSE TIME

  2. @Osbor: You are still locked to whatever the current kernel is in the official ROM.

  3. got it !

  4. To all the people who think the Moto kernel is terrible, this is like putting a Rolls Royce grill on your VW beetle.

  5. The most important thing is that the X will now always get OS updates no matter how old out gets. Sense has never been fully preyed to a non HTC phone because hardware incompatibilities.

  6. @Dave123

    Not necessarily. As F. Augusztin pointed out, the bootloader has still not been broken yet, so at best this is a glorified theme. If Motorola decided that they were not going to update the Droid X to version 3.0 next year, you’re stuck at Froyo. You couldn’t install, say, Cyanogenmod to replace the kernel and OS.

    That said, you can still modify every other bit of the software on the phone now. You could build a rom that used Moto’s 2.2 kernel but run elements of 3.0 on top of it.

    Its not perfect, but its a hell of a lot more than we had before. Kudos to all those involved in making it this far.

  7. This is not a custom rom, this is a custom userland.

    @Dave123, no it does not. The Droid X is stuck on whatever kernel Moto makes for it.

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