Sprint Stores Opening at 8AM for Epic 4G Launch, EVO 4G Back in Stock Online with Limited Supply



If you are eagerly awaiting the Samsung Epic 4G get to bed early tonight and make sure you are well rested, because most Sprint stores will be opening bright and early at 8AM for the launch of the highly anticipated Android handset.By far the most unique and featured pack version of the Galaxy S coming to market, the phone will retail for $249.99 on a 2-year contract. It should also alleviate some of the strain placed on HTC EVO 4G stock, as it will provide customers with a secondary option for getting on board Sprint’s high-speed network with specs that put it right on par with the EVO (sans Android 2.2).

Speaking of the EVO, it was also announced today that the handset is back in stock for sale online, though only a limited supply exists. Act quick if you’d like to snatch one up, as chances are they won’t last very long. The EVO can no longer hold the title of America’s only 4G phone, that number will now sit at two. Which 4G handset reigns supreme?

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  1. I wonder if the GPS works on this one.

    My week-old Galaxy S AT&T Captivate is really ****ing me off with its inability to use the GPS _at_all_.

    It is going back if the update doesn’t come soon, or doesn’t fix the issue.

  2. If you are on Sprint, get this phone! I am on T-mobile and have the Vibrant and LOVE it! Plus you get the physical keyboard & FFC. The only downside is you will be paying more for your service and the phone itself upfront… I picked up my Vibrant with my no contract plan for $100 down, no interest for 20 months payment plan, and I am paying $10 less per month for data than Sprint and am able to take advantage of the HSPA+ which is faster than Sprint 4G. Not to dis on Sprint, they are stepping it up for sure and if you don’t mind paying more I say get the Epic for sure!

  3. yeah, heard that GPS is a non-issue on this one. truly this is one heck of a device. I think 4 inch is perfect unlike the huge 4.3 inchers. If I want a huge screen, i’ll go with streak. 4 inch Super Amoled, Fastest GPU and CPU, and a freakin keyboard lol Keep up the good work Sammy.

  4. Hmm, my vibrants (and my wifes) GPS works fine all the time. It accurate as well. Are you sure your “use wireless network” isn’t turned on? With that off, any phone will have a hard time locating.

  5. I think I’m going to go by best buy first to see if I can get it for 250 strait. If they can’t do everything I needed I’ll go by the Sprint store I reserved it at and pay the $350 with mail in rebate.

  6. If you did not reserve one try: best buy, radio shack, sprint and the internet sites (amazon etc). I would say amazon but you might have to wait months to save 50 dollars.

  7. swapping my evo for this 2mor while at work :D

  8. Looks like a great phone, but I still think the Evo is better, especially with Swype.

  9. It is My firm opinion…..that Sprint will release a 3RD 4G phone by the Holidays to put to rest all doubts..

  10. The evo is a very nice phone but I think the epic is a very very nice phone! Lol u get where I’m going

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