Froyo for HTC Desire on Orange Gets Pushed Back to Mid-September



Orange has issued word through their Twitter account that a slight delay will bring the release of Android 2.2 for the HTC Desire locked to their network back to a mid-September release date. It isn’t the biggest delay just yet, but if we know anything about Android updates they always start off with well-intentioned release dates slowly and slowly shifting until 6 months have passed and the update is no where in sight. OK, so the recent round of Froyo updates have done a good a fairly good job of eliminating that scenario so we will cut Orange some slack.

They are citing a delay in HTC delivering the update as the reason it is being pushed back. A follow up to their original announcement further put the delay in HTC’s hands, saying it “is not related to Orange services on the device.” Hopefully that puts your mind at ease if your first thought was Orange needed just a bit more time to load the update down with bloatware.

Geeze, it’s almost September already? Where does the time go? You Desire owners on Orange should get your update in no time…(fingers crossed).

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. HTC didn’t have any issues getting 2.2 with Sense out for the EVO..

    I say orange is full of crap and they are the ones stalling.

  2. They are not loading any bloatware………BECAUSE IT’S ALREADY FULL OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Just RUU it, guys. I have an o2 Desire in the UK and the RUU was great. I now have Froyo, no o2 splash screen aaaaand hence forth I can get the updates OTA from HTC. Lovely.

  4. @DanGrover i have looked it to this but couldn’t find a complete noob friendly, step by step guide

  5. When is 2.2 for T-Mobile coming out????

  6. I can’t recommend rooting and applying a custom ROM enough.

  7. What’s the point of putting this article when it’s not even on a major U.S. Carrier. I have high hopes on getting this phone but it’s only on crappy U.S. Cellular really wanted this on AT&T.

  8. JJFNIGHTS80: Even if it were on a major US network, it still wouldn’t matter, as this is specifically about the Orange network’s roll out of the Froyo update. I daresay there are lots of Orange customers who find this information useful, even if it doesn’t abide by your arbitrary “it must be about a phone on a major US carrier” requirement.

    Luffy: The only bit you’ll need a guide for is making the Goldcard. The actual RUU is literally an executable you run on your PC. It does absolutely everything for you, just like installing any bit of software. IF you google for goldcard, you’ll find a few posts on androidforums and xda about it.

  9. I flashed a new Froyo 2.2 ROM onto my HTC desire 3 days after I got it. All those Orange cr-Apps were ridiculous; they automatically booted up when you started / unlocked the phone, and slowed the phone down greatly. I have to say, without the Orange stuff, it’s incredibly fast.

  10. i am a orange pay monthly customer, i have a branded desire, after hearing the news about the delay i decided to ruu my desire(thankfully!) i am now running 2.2 froyo on a de branded desire. best bet is orange wont have the update ready till Xmas.

  11. @JJFNIGHTS80
    Because the world doesn’t revolve around the USA and neither does this website. Ignorant fool.

  12. Hmm… HTC pushed the Froyo update to unbranded HTC Desires over 3 weeks ago, so I’m not sure exactly where this new “delay” could be.

  13. “Thank you for contacting HTC. I have no idea as to why Orange have blamed us for the delay in releasing THEIR software, and told you that story Mit, but I can assure you that is not true. We do not have any information as to when Orange are going to be releasing the update for their customers, but it is literally just them that have this information to give to you. Sorry I can’t be much more of assistance with your query. I trust this resolves your enquiry. Please do not hesitate to contact us again, if required.

    To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number”

    HTC response when questioned why ORANGE BRAND HTC DESIREs are delayed

  14. I would like to root my Desire, (phnaar phnaar) but I’m scared, any one not to far from South Wales with experience want to do mine?

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