TeleNav Launches OnMyWay App for Android


TeleNav’s helping to keep you safe on the road by automating your need to inform people you’re meeting with that you’re running late. The app’s name is OnMyWay and is being launched today in the Android market. The concept is simple (and quite frankly, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before): you enter your appointment details – including the date and time, the place, and the people you’re meeting with – and it’ll automatically notify those people if you’re running late with an estimated time of arrival calculated using GPS (though your coordinates aren’t shared with the recipients.)


Head on over to the Android market now to check it out (1.6 and higher).

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. You wouldn’t be running late if you didn’t take all that extra tickets time filling in the data for the app!

  2. Do we really need to reenter the event details in this app? That’s just stupid. It should be able to read the existing calendar database and contacts database, and pull out as much information as possible from those sources.

    Who’s going to want to enter their events twice? And if I’m in the car running late, the last thing I want to do is stop to re-enter all this information. It’s a lot easier to just call someone and say “Hey, I’m running late, be there soon.”

    Sometimes I wonder if app developers ever talk to real world users to see what they want. No, wait, I don’t wonder. I KNOW at least half of these developers have given no thought to what users really want, or how their apps will really be used.

    A nice idea, but a nearly worthless implementation.

  3. same as my application Sorry2Blate ?
    Useful if it’s a trip you do on regular basis for example.
    For the calendar import/export will work on it after design/gui

  4. So it’s not “nothing we haven’t seen before”.

  5. @Bob Why don’t you tell them, not us. And don’t do it in the market comments. Send an email.

    I’m an application in the market and I welcome anyone to send me ideas or suggestions. I can’t stand when they do it in the comments though. FYI, developers cannot respond or contact you via comments.

  6. @skyjacks the phrase “nothing we haven’t seen before” is pretty straightforward: There are other apps that perform virtually the same function, so it’s not anything we have not seen before (meaning it’s not new).

  7. Ok my misunderstanding !

  8. Yes, Quentyn, the use of double negatives is huge problem in my opinion. It’s always confusing, sometimes intentionally.

    So let’s translate –“nothing we haven’t seen before” means “something we have seen before”.

    Please, everyone, cut out the double negatives and speak clearly.

  9. Two negatives make a positive ;)

  10. @quenton not if you’re adding, then they just take you further negative.

  11. English Class? lol

  12. @john the lesser @Deroy

    Two negatives can make a positive number.. All you’ve gotta do is multiply or divide the two negative numbers, and voila! A positive number.

    SOOOOO I guess that makes you’re statement not(x)not true. Lol

    @Bob – I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want an app like this automatically reading all of my calendar appointments; just one more company to have not not access to your “private” (yeah, private on a droid? What a joke) information. Besides, there are times that you’d want to not not show up late to an appt.


  13. Tim: Can’t stand negative comments in the market because you can’t open a dialog, or because they impact the number of people who download the app?

    I do see the value in emailing the developer, but the whole point of market evals and comments is so everyone can see them. And email to the developer doesn’t provide any info to potential users. Not as big a deal with a free app as with a paid one, but market ratings and comments are very useful in a storefront with tens of thousands of items.

  14. @Bob: can’t stand force close comments (especially when bugs are fixed because they stay forever) !
    For other comments no problem but having possibilities to reply would be great !

  15. @ those of you criticizing Quentyn’s use of “nothing we haven’t seen before”….
    It really doesn’t matter what you think of that phrase because #1, this isn’t an blog about the English Language and #2, it is an extremely well known phrase.
    Go here to complain about your pet peeves:
    Alternatively, get a job as an English professor. I’m sure you get the point I’m trying to make, but I’ll say it explicitly anyway. This is not the place for those type of comments, so please stop.

  16. At the very least, the comments should have a mandatory hole-in “what phone are you using” that would then be displayed. The force close comments typically will span across a few select phones. I have been discouraged by those comments before, but if the phone type selection was displayed, I’m sure I’d find that my Droid X was not one of the ones having the issues in many cases.

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