Once Again, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Jumps Onto Camera


After getting its official outing by Samsung ahead of its September 2nd unveiling in Berlin, the Samsung Galaxy Tab can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight. GizChina caught video of the device just minding its own business and took it for a very brief whirl. We didn’t get the most comprehensive look at what it’ll offer, but I can admit that Samsung’s really trying to emulate the iPad with this one. Is that a bad thing? Not quite, if they can pull it off (and from everything we’ve seen so far, they might be able to pull it off quite nicely).

I’ll go one step further and say this could be even better than the iPad, but I’ll reserve my judgment until I’ve actually been able to use it for myself (or – at the very least – see some more in-depth videos of it being put through its paces).

[via CrunchGear]hands-on-Samsung-Galaxy-Tablet

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. i think this video is fairly old
    here is the same video on youtube and its 2 months old ;)
    and here are some guys on a train quizzing somebody who is using the galaxy tab ;)

  2. Given that Samsung have very good distribution, supply and pricing, I’d have thought that it will be more widely available, cheaper and in-stock than the IPad is. I’m guessing it will be faster too, given that it has froyo. The only thing it lacks is an original case design.

  3. I’ll be waiting for a 10″ Android Tablet with Froyo (or better) and the Nvidia Tegra 2. I was fortunate to win an iPad, but it’s going on ebay the second I can replace it with an Android tablet having USB, a Memory slot, HDMI (hopefully), and support for Adobe Flash.

  4. I see a proprietary connector.

  5. Please God let it come preloaded with that song. Sooooo good.

  6. I agree with Bob… I may feel differently once I get my hands on it, but 7″ seems a bit small for a tablet. I think 10″ is the sweet spot.

  7. I dont care much for it having 3g. I highly doubt I’ll use any device like this outside of the home. Thats why I have my android phone for.

  8. Urgh, I hate Samsung’s stupid iPhone wannabe interface.

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