FRG22D Froyo Update Set to Deploy for the Motorola Droid, Will Bring Flash 10.1 [Update: Starts Tomorrow]



The answer to the mysterious FRG22D Froyo update question has finally been answered, and just as suspected the firmware in question will bring Flash 10.1 as a download from the market while providing various security patches and bug fixes. Documentation has gone live on Verizon’s support page, but no date is given for the rollout to being. Given the nature of the documentation we are inclined to say soon rather than later.

[UPDATE]: Droid-Life has gotten their hands on an internal Verizon document confirming that update from FRG01B to FRG22D will be kicking off tomorrow, August 24th. It will most likely take a few weeks to get out to every Droid, but I get the feeling a manual installation will be coming our way very soon.


[via Droid-Life]

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  1. is this gonna have swype or what? i want it

  2. Is this going fix my corporate email bug? Froyo is great except for the fact that now I can’t get emails from the Exchange server. How the hell does an update from 2.1 take away an essential feature?

  3. Grrr… what about the Incredible, Verizon?

  4. I really hope it fixes the Dock Clock. I don’t like the new screen saver mode one bit. And I wish they’d darken the neural-network live wallpaper back to the original look. Its look bright/light/washed out now.

  5. Ahhh another update!! I already have flash! But I think I’m ganna delete it to get this 1 lol

  6. Woohoo! I hope they reverse the roll out order as I received the first Froyo update on the very last day. :(

  7. Already updated to the non-beta Flash. Hope that’s not a problem. And, has anyone been able to use the Voice Search to TEXT, but have the default be Google Voice? I canceled Verizon’s texting long ago and would love to enjoy the Voice Search for texting!

  8. So I’ve pretty much just given up on the droid incredible. Seriously, I’m not even exited about froyo anymore. It’s so far behind other phones that if we actually ever do get 2.2, it’s just going to be a reminder of how late it is and how we got the shaft. I was the only guy in my group of coworkers who didn’t get the Evo, and instead got the incredible and look how much of an idiot I am now. Oh well, next time I’ll switch to Sprint since they’ve shown they support their phones better.

  9. Yeah where the update for Froyo…

  10. It’s just so refreshing to know that Verizon is hard at work pushing through the update for the Incredible…….not.

  11. I hope this fixes my corporate email as well! Ever since 2.1 to 2.2 my batter gets eaten with the email push my boss was complaining about the same thing so I told him to turn of push notification on his motorola droid as well :(

  12. Ya…battery life sucks since the update. Hope it gets improved.

  13. The exchange email works much better for me with the Froyo update. If we manually updated to froyo and manually added Flash already, should I still install the Market version of Flash?

  14. I have no issues with battery life on Froyo at all. It is actually exactly the same as it was before + I notice some good improvements in speed of the device. I give it a thumbs up.

  15. This update better fix the gallery bug. The lag between page switching and the scrolling responsiveness and speed in the app drawer

  16. okay so here it starts… i rooted my d1 yesterday with universal androot, and I unrooted, and rooted again, and installed frg22 root. i unrooted, and i still had frg22???. and i got a message saying i have a system update available. i updated today but it wouldnt leave the triangle exclamation with the android. so i canceled the update, rebooted, and i checked, i still had frg22. so now im worring if i will get this frg22d update? even if i dont, i am getting a replacement droid under warranty because my speaker is broken. so i will probably get the update on that… right? can you guys answer these two questions? PLEAS!

  17. okay so here it starts… i rooted my d1 yesterday with universal androot, and I unrooted, and rooted again, and installed frg22 root. i unrooted, and i still had frg22???. and i got a message saying i have a system update available. i updated today but it wouldnt leave the triangle exlamation with the android. so i canceled the update, rebooted, and i checked, i still had frg22. so now im worring if i will get this frg22d update? even if i dont, i am getting a replacement droid under warranty because my speaker is broken. so i will probably get the update on that… right? can you guys answer these two questions?

  18. In real life, for those Incredible owners, I think there are less Incredible owners than Droid owners, so I guess for Verizon it’s serve more. Just my two cents, you know.

  19. Wow…there is definitely no love for the HTC Droid Incredible…the Incredible isn’t so incredible under Verizon’s line-up…no love Big Red, no love at all :'(

  20. I installed flash on my Droid a couple weeks ago and it is horrible. Video is unusable, it looks more like a slide show then video. Pretty much all flash gives you is ads. I’m more excited for my contract to be up on my Droid so I can update to a 1Ghz phone that can actually do Flash video.

  21. DROID X when ,,,when,,, when,,,,

  22. If you look at it this way, the Motorola DROID was the first android phone Verizon carried. So it only makes sense that it should get Froyo first. Personally, I’m glad that they’re working out the bugs before I get updaed.


  24. all I have to say is my incredible has been side to side w/ a droid and droid 2 and I’m much happier with what I have, imho

  25. No 2.2 update for the Incredible? Blame HTC, 1st then VZW second.

  26. I’m going to wait until there is a rebuilt custom FRG22D ROM.There seems to have been a lot of stops and starts on this update. I’ve been running bb 0.1 with jdlfg 1.1GHz kernel for awhile now, and until recently, it’s been great. For some reason, whenever there is a new OTA pushed out, the custom ROM I am using at the time starts to get buggy. Does this happen to anyone else, or is it just me?

  27. And I just decided to root my droid too. So I have to un-root in order to get the OTA right? Do I have to un-root to do a manual update (whenever that shows up)? I’m currently running Android 2.2 rooted (no custom roms…for now).

  28. Just got my notification for FRG22D! I won’t be installing it though as I like my root, and it already has flash anyway, but just wanted to let you all know that I just got the update. I could probably post it, but I have no idea how to do that. Have a nice day!

  29. i love how you all think its Verizon.. you getting upset about your incredibles not being up to date is like me getting man at comcast because the latest dvr update on my cable box isnt available yet… You incredible owners are ridiculous.


  30. I was on verizons website and found this. Judging off of what this says, this update’s going out soon and big. The pics speak for themselves


  31. If I am rooted with my droid 2.2 do I need to “unroot” so that I can get the OTA? Or will the OTA still download. Will I need to root again if I accept the new OTA?

  32. What about my DROID X?????!!!!

  33. It’s not even the phone’s manufactor. It is the line up of Google, then the company that makes the phone, then the carrier. Not to mention, every phone has to have a rebuild because of the nature of the phone having diffrent features.

  34. I’ve had 2.2 for over a week now………….

    And i cant find 10.1 on the market!!!!!

  35. So fare I have heard mention of 2.2 on or coming to every Droid other then the X…well by the time my phone gets it hopefully all the bugs and such are worked out…but helpfully the X gets it this year

  36. May take a few weeks……. If I don’t it in a week or two than I will be very sad. I think that if you got the 2.2 update on the first two days than you might get it the first week of the update release.

  37. @ Paul. It isn’t HTC that is dropping the ball it is verizon. Look at the Evo, Nexus, Desire all pretty similar devices getting 2.2 goodies. It is verizon like someone said earlier they are pushing froyo more to the motorola droid because it was there first and there are more people using it. I do agree with someone else who has compaired the Incredible with the Droid, Droid 2 and Droid X. I like the incredible the most and when it gets the Froyo update it will be even more awesome

  38. @Shawn
    If thats the case then there’s a leaked version of froyo out for the Droid x right now and with it people complaining about it and wanting to flash back to 2.1. Would you (incredible users) rather have a broken version of froyo or would you rather vzw does it right?

  39. Lets go Verizon.. Give the Incredible some FROYO!

  40. If I was Motorola and I had all of the above bitches thrown at me, I’d tell everybody to go buy a new phone if they wanted Froyo. Better yet, maybe y’all feel a bit happier with that an iPhone.

  41. Droid X needs some love!!!

  42. ever since i got froyo on friday my battery life has been terrible. usually don’t make it a half day before heading for a charger. using ATK and no changes other than froyo, very frustrated and hoping new OTA fixes battery.

  43. JJ – Dump ATK! It’s what’s killing the battery.

  44. Still waiting for the FRG22D OTA update, :( hopefuully it comes out for me today! Who else got the update already??

  45. I just got FRG22D OTA!!!! It is wicked sweetz. I downloaded Flash and the internetz are mine…all mine…mwahahahahahahahah!!!

  46. My droid just notified me that the update was ready, I clicked okay and it took forever to install. I got impatient and removed the battery like the verizon support document says and now my phone won’t even start. I’ve tried everything, pressing the top button, shaking it, jiggling it, poking it…nothing works!! Should I put the battery back in or will that make it worse?

  47. Is this the right place to inquire about how to replace a corrupt government that has wasted more money in one year than Bush did on the entire Iraq war??

  48. Why is Kevin Krause to commenters what the soup nazi was to the hungry?? NO COMMENT FOR YOU!! DELETE!!!

  49. I hope it will bring the battery life to normal. Please post your comments about battery life after FRG22D, I am keen to get the Flash working for me but not at the cost of battery life. I wouldn’t have gone for FROYO if I would have known this earlier that it will suck the life out of battery.

  50. WOW there goes another 2 weeks trying to push this OTA update to all the Droids. Incredible users we won’t see FROYO until the 2nd week of September!! :(

  51. Downloaded the Flash 10.1 suggested by another website and it doesn’t seem to work…will wait for the OTA update. Let’s get it on!!!

  52. For the people that have the FRG22D update already, how is it so far? Any changes in the appearance or anything?

  53. @Adam, re: your rooted droid and the FRG22D update notification you just received…thanks for nothing, you absolute q-hole. take your shiny rooted phone, shove it up your nose, and go manually stimulate yourself. i’m sorry, i mean it sure was nice of you to come on here and let us all know you got the update notification, even though you don’t need it ’cause you’re rooted.

  54. Stoked for the update. Thank you Motorola for working to release the update so quickly. To all you who think Verizon is holding up the updates on other devices like the incredible and such, get a brain. Do you really think the provider, who has no part in writing the software on your phone, has anything to do with it?

  55. I got 2.2 yesterday while I was in a meeting. I wasn’t paying much attention, the phone said it needed to install an update so I hit okay, and it just did its thing. No 10.1, however. I went to hulu, was prompted to download Flash, clicked that link and went to a redirect page from Adobe that said it’s coming in late fall.

    Appearance is a little different, there are three perma-tabs at the bottom of the display for phone, apps, and browser. Five home screens rather than three. USB tethering is a feature in the system, but i haven’t tried it out yet. Cool battery usage meter that I don’t remember from before that shows what percentage of your battery has been used by various hardware and software on the phone.

    OH! And I can finally connect my Droid to my laptop again. I was getting an error message forever that looked like a hassle to solve, so I was just hoping 2.2 would fix it and it has. I can move files back and forth! Crucial when I’m down to 200MB free on my laptop!

  56. Really looking forward for FRG22D froyo build #. Froyo is plagued with so many bugs and i would be really happy if all issues i had are fixed in this OTA

  57. @Deter…good point I was thinking the samething. And to comment 40 you couldn’t be talking to me…but to who ever you are talking to, it makes sense that people would complain about slow updates because of all these dam skins being put over Android os. The fact that you are happy with it that’s good for you but to lash out at people because you are fine with it well that’s not to cool buddy

  58. Has anyone got this update yet?

  59. @sandy…I think you should package up your phone and take it back to VZW. Tell them you are too stoopid to own a smart phone. YES YOU NEED TO HAVE THE BATTERY IN TO MAKE IT WORK YOU DUMB KUNTZ!!

  60. Anyone know yet if you will receive the OTA notification if you are rooted and are on Android 2.2 build FRG01B?

    The battery life has been horrible since I rooted the phone and got the early 2.2 release. I guess that is what I get.
    To anyone who has rooted and received the OTA (if possible), is the battery life better?

  61. Will having the flash 10.1 beta installed effect getting this update?

  62. Still haven’t recieved the new update. : /

  63. Still haven’t received the new FRG22D. I just got an re-furb in the mail today it is showing FRG01B. Is there really a difference. When can one expect it?

  64. lol at Sandy and comment 59…and lol again…and one more time lol

  65. Incredible, those who cannot either read or infer that this has nothing to do with the Incredible.
    And if you are rooted why are you here?

  66. @Sandy. Put your battery back in your phone, but immediately cut your drivers license in half and sell your car. You should not be driving. If you’re blond, have your stylist color your hair smart.

  67. I got the 2.2 Update. All if great, no bugs or nothing, and flash works! Thanks!

  68. took off ATK and still no help on the battery drain and warm/hot phone issues. called Verizon, told to factory reset, still no help. was told it appears to be totally random who has battery issues and who does not. now being told to go to store for factory reset, unless i want to wait on the new update (FRG22, i suppose) and see whether that fixes things.

  69. @bneals, my exchange seemed to break too, what i had to do was make sure that the “server” name in your account, matches the name on the certificate. you can check the name on the certificate by going to outlook web access on your PC and checking the name on the certificate it uses. Usually you can find this by clicking in the address bar. this at least worked for me.

  70. no FRG22d for me yet. But on my 01B i have perfect battery life, I even noticed an improvement. I just wish my homescreens didnt lag as much as they do. Its still faster than when I had 2.1 but it could still be smoother. Hopefully 22D will fix that.

  71. Wow…Sandy…I have to say…really? Thanks, though, I had a really stressful day at work and that made me laugh out loud, as well as comments 59, 64 & 69. Reminds me of funny stories from PC tech support, ie the cupholder / cd-rom story.

  72. Got the OTA for my Droid this AM and downloaded Flash from the market (if you can’t find it just got to a page where you know it’s needed and click on the flash area – it will automatically take you to the market download for it). It works great! Thanks Verizon & Motorola for keep the original Droid THE premier Droid device by delivering the biggest coolest updates to the Droid 1st. :D

    Note to previous poster – nah, you probably do not need to put the battery back in the phone for it to work – just wish real hard, real hard.

  73. For all you people complaining about Verizon not updating their Incredible or the X. Verizon does not make the updates the manufactures do (Motorola , HTC , etc….) and it is different from phone to phone. say like all the droids got froyo 2.2 that does mean that the X will they have to reconfigure for the x same as with the incredible , the Nexus one got it first but that does mean the its the same for the incredible, each phone has to be reconfigured. The Motorola Droid and the Nexus one phones are a.k.a. developer phone so they would get up dates before anyone anyways. I like my droid but i loved my nexus , just wish the nexus would have come with verizon.

  74. Uh, OK, so I can download Flash 10.1 now, for what that’s worth. But when will they fix the launcher performance, which they so thoroughly broke in 2.2?

  75. LOL and it looks like you have to deinstall/reinstall Swype again. I suppose after a while I’ll get really good at that.

  76. Here it is September 2nd and I’m still waiting for the second Froyo update (FRG22D)! I currently have Froyo (FRG01B) on my Motorola Droid. Hearing that this second Froyo update is supposed to end on Sept. 4th…just getting worried since that date is getting closer and closer. I hope I get that update soon! Does anyone know if there’s some way it’s being pushed out (ota) or if it’s just random as usual?

  77. Hooray! I just got the FRG22D update this morning. First of all, it’s not an automatic update like the original Froyo. You have to go “System updates” manually and it will say update android, reboot and it will install.

    I have yet to play with the phone so I don’t know if all that “Application Launcher” lag is gone. Hopefully. Now I will go and download flash. Good luck to all who haven’t received it yet.

  78. After I installed the first update, my phone kept randomly shutting off. I’d reboot, take the battery out and it would just keep shutting off. Worse, each time it restarts, it reverts to December 1st 1968 at 3pm. ??? Then the 2nd update came last week. The phone no longer randomly restarts. However, my battery life has gotten 10 times worse!! It drains within 4 hours or less! And that’s without running anything. I disabled synching, Wifi and still drains. I had to get a back-up battery just to get through the day. Also the touch screen is much less sensitive. I have to practically squeeze down on the screen to get it to scroll. Some web pages no longer scroll at all. There are other issues too. It suxxxx! You’re not missing anything if you haven’t installed the updates. I wasn’t too thrilled with the phone anyway to begin with. The slide out screen is completely pointless and only makes the phone bulky. I am regretting not going with the iPhone.

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