T-Mobile G2 Froyo Build Leaked



While much about the phone remains a mystery, it appears that we may be on the verge of learning a lot about the specific build of Android the T-Mobile G2 uses. AndroidGuys got their hands on a zip file containing what looks like Froyo for the G2. A spreadsheet found within the archive reveals some more information, including the kernel and bootloader versions, as well as confirms that the G2 is in fact carrying the model number HTC PC1010000. That’s a few more zeros than the FCC filing from yesterday, but at this point I think we can say for sure that the device in questions is definitely the G2. If you head over to the source link you can download the archive containing the firmware build. This ought to give the developer community a good head start on tinkering with the unreleased handset.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. Sure hope it does come out of the box with 2.2

  2. it better

  3. How is it that these leaks come out so conveniently? Like on purpose…

  4. FROYO=2.2

  5. “FROYO=2.2”

    I am sure they know that. I think they are saying they hope it comes with it and doesn’t launch with 2.1 only to get this build at a later date.

  6. Yes, I was saying I hope it comes with froyo/2.2 rather than an ota at a later date.

  7. I’m ready to buy this at full retail if it’s under $499. I don’t have a contract, so the $10/month savings means a $240 savings over 2 years, but if I keep it one year, it’s only $379 net. That’s just $32 a month, not too shabby!

  8. Is it stock though?

  9. it WILL come with froyo 2.2 this is the leaked eng build. THAT is for testing the shipped version, duh! It will not have sense ui. I just extracted the system folder and no signs of sense ui at all…

  10. FROYO is stock Android, should it launch with it.

  11. Damn the secrecy!

  12. its about time!!!!!!!! deff need a upgrade, 2.2 on my G1 just isn’t cutting it anymore!!!!!!!!

  13. my new evo came out of the box with 2.2

  14. I just want to know if this will get android 3.0

  15. Oh, and next to ” Realising Purpose ” What does Engineering Purpose mean isnt it just a smartphone -.- ..

  16. the htc rep i spoke with said the G2 will be the first android device to receive gingerbread

  17. @j.david I’d be willing to bet the Nexus will once again receive the latest Android (gingerbread ?) update many weeks before any other phone does.


  18. @going home—is there any other device besides the the N1 that is running 2.2 in its raw form? what say you since the G2 is a carrier device its second to receive it or even at the same time.

  19. Still want to know if this screen and sensor are the same as the N1. I know someone will crack the case and report…. sooner the better…

  20. All I want is a phone LIKE my Google G1 but one that includes the Flash Player application AND is serviced by T-Mobile…..too much to ask? (A little faster processor wouldn’t hurt either…lol!)

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