Official EVO 4G Car Dock Now Available at Sprint



If you have been looking for a piece of plastic with a suction cup to blow $59.99 on and own the HTC EVO 4G, the official Car Upgrade Kit is now available at Sprint. And just how exactly does this kit upgrade your EVO for the car? By giving you a way to stick it to your window or dash, and not much more. The dock will cover your camera, doesn’t include a charging cable, and won’t allow the SD card to mount while the phone is safe within its grasp, preventing you from rigging up an EVO music station from files stored on external media. Sounds like you might just be better off with a third party option already available.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Straight bull@#$%

  2. I see a thing tht looks like it would insert into the Evo for charging? How can they make just a holder with no built in charger? I figured it would have a stronger GPS chip in it and provide garmin quality GPS? for 60 bucks it ought to…

  3. You can’t mount SD card? What the eff.

  4. Wait, does this thing charge, but it just doesn’t include the charging cable? If that’s the case, it’s awfully cheap, but at least it charges… I’d be thrilled to have it for the DINC.

  5. Fuckinally! Now…wheres that home know..lil more important.

  6. I guess they saw Apple getting away with selling $20 rubber bands and figured “why not?”

  7. This was supposed to be out in July. I waited and now I wish I just gone ahead and bought the third party option (available on for $10). There’s an awful lot of margin Sprint has added on this accessory. Fail.

  8. Epic Fail!

  9. @v – no, this is for the EVO, it will be a while before they come up with a similar worthless piece of s*** for the EPIC!

  10. Epic FAIL indeed.

    Does even trigger car-dock mode? Looks like little more than a charging station without the charger.

  11. It does charge the phone and defaults to Car Mode.

  12. I guess people just aren’t seeing that Micro-USB port in the image…

  13. I needed something for my EVO and spent a while searching….. Of course the major hold up was cost. I’ve bought third party accessories and they but all fail in one way or another; however Walmart seemed to produce a winner. I just took the family out to Colorado for a family vacation and the EVO just couldn’t have shined better. As I had mentioned cost was a factor for me and everything I had looked at was either $30 or so or just looked to cheap/weak to support the EVO until I found this:

    mind you, that when I went into the Walmart it was $15 and was next to the portable dvd players and car stereo speakers and receivers… I own a 2006 Jeep Commander and the vents are a small round shape and if this worked for me I’m sure it’ll work for you… I’ve used it for 3000 miles over 1 1/2 weeks from Chicago to Colorado up and down hills and mountains + other rough…. really rough terrain. My EVO never popped out of the “mount.” Good luck… Oh I particularly enjoy the AUX port on my radio and how easily I was able to plug a cord into the radio and EVO and listen to my music or via Google Voice listen to specific work via Pandora or use my GPS via Google search with no issues at all….

  14. Well took them long enough now how about the rest of the fucking shit! I would’ve bought that the day i got my Evo along with a home dock but they still don’t have a home dock. They should have had this stuff out before the Evo came out.

  15. I don’t think it has a speaker on back like the Nexus One dock either…

  16. WASTE OF MONEY. I paid $1.99 for a vent mount off of eBay that leaves the ports open and all the buttons usable and looks way cleaner then this. Most people don’t want a vent mount but this works well so i’ve come to like it, plus the extra cooling on the phone is nice.

  17. I’m afraid to get a vent mount for my phone because I don’t want the A/C causing moisture build up on the back of the phone.

  18. @Contraus the A/C in a car wont add moisture, it is a de-humidifier, why do you think when you hit defrost in your car the A/C kicks in? it blows dry air against the windshield not moist air.

  19. OK, so where does it say we can get one of these? The SPrint Stores have not heard of them, they are not on the Sprint online store. So wtf. Is this story even true? The pic looks like a nexus one dock!

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