HTC PC10100 Passes the FCC, but You May Know it as the T-Mobile G2



T-Mobile is one step closer to launching their first HSPA+ smartphone, as the HTC PC10100 has passed through the FCC. If that model number doesn’t sound familiar, it is most likely because we have only heard of this phone by its street name so far, and that name is the T-Mobile G2. The specs that we have heard on this one have mostly stayed within the pedestrian realm of what we expect from current top of the line phones. That is 1GHz processor, 5MP auto-focus camera with LED flash, WiFi b/g/n, and so on and so forth.


What sets this phone apart is the inclusion of HSPA+ support for faster-than-your-average 3G speeds, a full QWERTY keyboard, and the inclusion of stock Android 2.2 firmware (though this hasn’t been all out confirmed). The images from the FCC filing don’t provide much excitement, but the phone is one step closer to a release rumored for the end of September.

[via CellPhoneSignal]

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  1. I dunno, this doesnt seem like the G2 to me. We are only a month from the launch of the G2 and they arent getting approval from the FCC until now?! Something doesnt add up, this could just as easily be another HSPA+ phone with a qwerty keyboard, HTC Glacier anyone?

  2. Looking at the specs, it’s also known as the Nexus Two.

  3. YeS. Fuck this shit. It doesnt even resemble a the G1, how can it be the successor. Im getting the Glacier.

  4. T-Mobile has your back as long as it’s not an 8 MP camera or FFC. T-Mobile hates cameras, get used to it :)

  5. You don’t think this is the G2 because it’s just now getting through the FCC? lol, the iPhone goes to the FCC 5 minutes after Steve announces it, and sells a couple weeks later.

  6. why do people care so much about megapixel count its about the LENS not mp numbers jeez n00bs

  7. All of you stop crying and stfu

  8. @4. Jonathan Drake

    That was a retarded statement and here is why.

    T-mobile has the E73 of which has an FFC

    T-Mobile had an 8mp Camera formally known as the Samsung Memoir.

    95% of T-Mobile’s phones have cameras.

    and mike is also right.

    and @3. Keller

    How does it not resemble a G1? what really defers it from a G1? the chin and swivel?

    The myTouch slide didn’t exactly resemble the other mytouch’s

  9. i already have the t-mobile g2, but it doesnt have HSPA+ or 802.11n or physical keyboard or 1Ghz CPU

  10. I really feel like T-Mobile is about to fall off the Map with their new phones. I love T-Mobile and have been with them for a long time. But they keep coming up a step to late with there phones lately. I mean if don’t count the Nexus One nothing has come out since the G1 that has been ground breaking or better then what someone else has. I might have to bounce if I don’t see something that stacks up to the EVO or Epic. I want a FFC. That G2 is no better then my Nexus One. That extra speed on the internet doesn’t mean as much to me as extra speed in the processor would have. I don’t know I’m not impressed with that phone.

  11. I have a Vibrant, and I love the 4″ screen. Getting the G2 would be a downgrade for me.

  12. Do you guys ever stop complaining? I mean really even if it were 3gh, super duper AMOLED, running android 8.2 you would diss it. You sit here and complain there are no high end phones on t-moblie then bitch about the ones it gets…go jump ship with all the rest. I personally will be getting this phone.

  13. I swear you whiny little b$%^$es are getting on my last nerve with the crap you’re complaining about. Do you want this phone? Yes. Great, then please comment on this story. NO? Then don’t bother complaining about what this phone doesn’t have because your complaints aren’t gonna change a damn thing! Seriously, do you really NEED a FFC? No, you just want one and it’s not really a dealbreaker like you think it is. A slightly smaller screen? Do you honestly think you’ll notice the difference? No, but you like to complain on teh ‘nets, so here you are. Only xMP camera. Really? You do all your photography with a cell phone? I have a 12MP point and shoot and no cell phone will ever replace that for main photo duty. Grow up, get a life, and don’t read tech blogs if you don’t like what you read.

  14. Lol at the people having a go at the people having a go :L

  15. Im tired of you bitches complaining that we’re complaining. We just want decent phone. If you like this garbage then you buy one. I for one won’t. Now you STFU and GTFO you hippocritical fucks

  16. Wow I wonder why the complainers even stay with T-Mobile. If you don’t like the selection then jump to Sprint or Verizon.

    This device looks like a great successor to the G1. As stated before the 1 gigahertz processor has plenty of headroom in it. The software needs to catch up (aka Froyo). Such ignorant statements from ignorant people.

  17. I agree with Vern. I am always blown away by how TMobile has allowed other carriers to pass them in this Android race. It would help if they would even give the android updates faster. How could Sprint of all companies update android faster?

  18. Man you cats can kiss my *s#! I’ve owned 3 different phones on T-Mobile over the last 2 years. It’s what I do. If I want T-Mobile to put out some phones on par with with what some of the other carriers are putting out then so be it. If you like that phone then love and talk about it but shut the F#$* up with your about complaining about what I have to say about it. Sorry Azz Bi#&@#!

  19. Will this have the same screen and screen sensor as the Nexus One? If so, I pass on it. The Nexus One was deficient in this regard, hence all the crazy ass characters I still get when I try to type on it.

  20. @robnoxious- “don’t read tech blogs if you don’t like what you read.” – wow youre an idiot, you got mad and started typing and now you look like a fool.

  21. @Olypdd that’s what I want to know too. I hate the screen glitches on my Nexus.

  22. Wow…anger issues?!? Just saying you all complaining here won’t so sh** to get better phones on T-mobile so b**ch somewhere else…go jump ship if you want the biggest and best for a moment and enjoy the termination fee when the newest and best comes out a month later. Better yet go get your iphone…seems to have all you complain android phones don’t have…

  23. For all you folks who believe we the consumers are suppose to accept whatever is thrown in front of us like poor little sheep being herded sheep got another thing coming. Most of us are here because we where not satisfied with the policies of some other phone or company. Don’t have T-Mobile become the company that couldn’t keep it’s customers because they couldn’t get a top quality phone.
    T-Mobile we need you…but just as important you need us.
    Bring us some phones we can be proud of to be on the FASTEST NETWORK.

  24. @MW go tell them that…I have! The only way the know what your looking for is to tell them. My only beef is the are begining to listen and all they get is b**tching that it’s not good enough. Give them a moment this is only the 3rd high end phone they have released and they are getting closer to what we’re all looking for.

  25. I don’t see the problem. It is basically a Nexus One with a keyboard, correct? You people do realize that Nexus One still ranks as the best phone according to benchmarks? Plus stock Android is faster (and better look and easier to use in my opinion) than Sense and TW?

    To me, an “underpowered” phone with stock Android 2.2 is better than a phone with an awesome 1.2GHz processor because it doesn’t matter. You won’t notice that speed difference running Froyo.

    And how is this phone worse than phones on other networks? Excluding the Galaxy line which has the better GPU. The only difference is less megapixels in the camera and no front facing camera. MP has been addressed. But with FFC you have to call someone else with a FFC. Not many people (or phones) have those. Maybe in a year or two will it be important. Now it is just a nice feature that you might use every now and then.

  26. Wow, some are just moaners. Soo many of you want an Evoesque type phone on TMO-who doesn’t? But while my patience has been tried while waiting, I realize some things..I could be somewhat content with the Slide-but have the Vibrant too, Tmo is the smallest of the carriers-but saw that Verizon & Sprint hit the ground running w something that Tmo started & likely had to readjust their data priorities-it takes time, MOTO is so sucked into Verizon that they don’t take time their other existing phones, HTC is spitting out phones to saturate as much as they can, Samsung is trying to forget their Behold II by their Galaxy line-whichll likely get support, Garmin is just new to the game, so whatev. Tmo sees the majority of their data is now, coming from Android, just give them a chance & time…build it & they will come : )

  27. i really wanted this phone. but i also want a phone that can take advantage of everything android has to offer. and would be able to handle everything android comes up with for at least 2 years. that shouldnt be too much to ask of tmo. if i wanted to swith carriers the early termination fee would hurt and so would the deposit id have to pay when joining another carrier. i cant just switch on a whim. i may have to wait for something better after glacier :-(

  28. I love the look of this phone and the keyboard. I still want to see how its tactile feel is, of course. And that hinge…I want to assess that too. The specs, the screen and sensor, and the processor…..is it comparable to the N1? I don’t care about FFC or HDMI….could care less. What I do care about is buyers remorse. I may wait through the holidays to see what comes out. I handled a Droid2 and love the build, but Vz is $52- a mo more for what I get with TMO. I can wifi tether, wifi hotspot at no extra charge and it works excellent with the n1.

  29. @Mark
    Have you a point or are you just prone to calling others idiots on the internet? How exactly do I look like a fool? I, along with others here, are sick and tired of the complaining that goes on when a new phone gets announced and it somehow doesn’t live up the wild expectations of the complainers here. If they actually cared so much, maybe they’d get a job in the industry so they could stop complaining about why X phone company only gets Y phones. If you don’t want this phone then don’t get it. Simple as that.

  30. HTC evo is the best phone ever…. if they put the same evo with a longer lasting battery and call it the evo 2 I’m def sold! Anyone agree?

  31. I’m sorry for being a biotch guys. But it’s because I am. I have no life and my only friend is palm ela handerson.

  32. lol ok ok in a previous post i hammered the user of the 1ghz snapdragon processor, and yes, its more than enough on for the current SW we have running on the phones out now. but as with anything, i think ppl want to be future proof’d in the knowledge that the hardware they’re purchasing wont suddenly be defunct in 6months time i.e. HTC Hero. the 500+ mhz processor on mine is more than enough but when we hear details of minimum specs of android 3.0 (and thats still not confirmed) we just cry :'( but hey, maybe thats just technology and how quickly it moves on i guess, but im still dissapointed there isnt more of a hardware push…i’d hate to buy a phone now to then realise in Q1 2011 I cant update to the latest version of android.

  33. tmobile needs to do better than just hspa. its cool to go fast on the internet but if the device sucks then what? tmobile doesn’t have anything in their arsenal to make people either stay or come to their company and that’s a shame and FACT. yeah i know i bash tmobile a lot but this BASHING make sense ! now this g2 is going to be 3.7 inch screen(weak) with a snapdragon(its cool) with keyboard (ehh). if in fact the next device is the one pictured above it should have followed the Samsung Epic form factor. great screen,4 inch device and maybe a ffc(id like one but i know many people don’t care for it). Come on tmobile give me a reason to stay(8years and countdown to cancellation)

  34. @coolMANDINGO
    How is a 3.7 inch screen all of a sudden weak? I swear some of you guys talk out your a$$e$.

    We already know T-Mobile is coming out with atleast 2 more HTC phones not including the G2, so if you don’t like the G2 wait for the others to be release & stop whinning.

    If you want a 4 inch screen now then go buy the Samsung Vibrant – the G2 is an highend cell with a keyboard that’s primarily for folks who prefer a keyboard.

    So for anyone out there still on the G1 & was waiting on a good keyboard highend device this is it, because I doubt T-Mobile will be releasing another highend device with a keyboard before the end of this year.

    Even if this is just the Nexus One with a keyboard its still a highly competitive phone. The N1 is still kicking a$$ out there.

    Apple’s Iphone 4 didn’t surpass any of the highend Android phones in terms of specs either….it only bumped up to match the Nexus One & they (Apple) only added a front facing camera to compete with the EVO & Droid X.

    Be glad T-Mobile is bringing it with the Vibrant & soon to be the G2 plus whatever other goodies they plan to release before the end of the year.

    There is a difference with having valid points & str8 whinning.

    Man up & stop the bitching.

  35. coolMANDINGO do you even understand the technology? HSPA + (aka 3.5g) has a theoretical max bandwidth of 21 Mbps. Which is better then Wimax (current standard), to this point what really matters is the back-haul to these new data towers. If your LTE, Wimax, or HSPA + doesn’t have the back-haul to support “4g” like speeds then this whole arguement is pointless. Further more LTE implementation is very expensive right now, it would be much cheaper for TMobile to wait a couple of years while costs go done on the equipment. Especially since HSPA + has plenty of head room to offer “4g” like speeds while they do it.

    To the point of hardware specs. The 1ghz chips at this generation (snapdragon, Omap, Hummbird etc) have plenty of headroom the bigger issue at this point is software which Google has remedied with Froyo.

    Again it’s about choice if you don’t like T-Mobile’s offerings then get a Droid X or and Iphone 4.

  36. @Onlinedrama
    Thank god people on these comment board feel the same way i do. i am tired of all the people like KELLER and coolMANDINGO commenting on all the boards bitching like their opinions matter. i personally think that the hardware is not bad,this is a decent phone. I also find it funny how bringing up the word Iphone makes you the devil when they want all of the specs that it has. Stfu and QUIT BITCHING.

  37. seriously can u all stop with the complaining?? wat kind of device is perfect for u idiots?? there’s nothing is this world is perfect, not even iPhone so stfu and suk it up, if u can’t go cry in the corner….I just want to see some useful comments and wat I see is a lot of kids complaining about this is not good enough and that’s screen is too small blah blah blah….just get the best phone u can out in the market at this moment and if that phones gets outdated the too bad and suk it up. no phone can last more than 2 year, that’s how fast technology moves, if u dun like it..too bad

  38. worth a 2 week test drive.

  39. for rob and onlinedrama thanks for responding. first let me make it clear. ive been with tmobile for over 8 years and i have had countless devices. my preference is a 4 inch screen like the evo and a few other devices.i have a nexus one so im not surprised or just satisfied with 1 ghz snapdragon. excuse me for wanting more. how about that dual core that was rumored by tmobile or someone close to tmobile. how about something that has the same if not better features than the epic. i know you two will bash me and tell me to go to another carrier. trust me god i would’ve done that already so don’t ask me to do that.i want tomobile to succeed but its hard being apart of a company or customer to a company that keeps dropping sub-par or lackluster devices COMPARED to the other carriers.why cant tmobile delivered on a BANGER aka a mouth watering device to have the masses rejoicing to be on tmobile. i have had my same g1 since launch day and im pissed that i cant get a WORTHY successor to it? vibrant is ok but its not a TMOBILE EXCLUSIVE like the evo SPRINT,DROID ect you get my drift. i am not alone in this! other people that feel this way please let this 2 people know im not alone in my concern about tmbiles lack of cool FEATURE phones.

  40. You know I wonder the same thing Rob.

    I had plenty of chances to leave T-Mobile, but really I like the service I receive, the plans are not outstanding, but I think are better than what VERIZON has to offer. Verizon seems to ride on the “WE HAVE THE BEST NETWORK” train, but really I get service here on the west coast from the border of Washington State and Canada to Southern California no problem (minus the woodsy areas).

    Now, on to the phone. I am getting this for sure because I love my G1 and I’ve had no problems with it. I can’t believe people are wanting super computers at the palm of their hands. Why have a super computer/phone? Just get yourself a laptop you can do everything you want on there.

    Leave the phone as a phone with multiple functions like browsing the net at a good speed or taking a good 5MP picture so you can do some uploading to FACEBOOK when needed. Stop your whining please.

  41. @coolMANDINGO

    Yeah, you have a Nexus One. Some of us are still on G1’s waiting for a Snapdragon qwerty phone. This is for US. Has it occurred to you that different people have different needs? I just want a phone with the Nexus One/Desire specs but also a hardware qwerty. Something for YOU will be coming along AFTER this phone, while I sit quite happy and contented with this one for the next 18 months and you go through 3 more phones constantly moaning that next years specs aren’t here now.

  42. why is it considered whining when i have an opinion of what i want. many of you probably wanted mcain to win but i wanted a change from the norm so i voted(im black but thats the only reason i voted for him). s in the same token o want a change from the norm we want something fresh and new to call our own.wanting a device with with the hspa,4 inch screen, ffc,keyboard would be nice. i have a nexus one also. i use my nexus one has my modem at home and i can even watch movies using tmobiles 3g network so i know how great the hspa will be ,trust me. if im aying my hard earned money why cant i want what i want without someone saying is whining. tmobile has SHITTY phones and thats not a lie. check their last 2 quarters of attrition. i want tmobile to compete trust me. to stay with tmobile ive bought unlocked devices from overseas. it seems as thought thats the same route im going to take. if yall not buying me the phone dont disrespect me and tell me to go elsewhere. i have the complain , im a paying customer just like. whe nthe coverage is jacked ,i call and let hey ass know. if their customer service sucks ,i let they ass know. they have shitty ass phones COMPARED to the competition i MOTHER…. let they ass know!!! dont ridicule me for having an opinion. lastly im too grown to be on facebook what are you still on it?

  43. @coolMANDINGO
    It’s ok if your preference is to have a 4(+)inch screen, but that’s why they brought the Samsung Vibrant.
    Yeah, it’s not a “T-Mobile exclusive phone” but does that really matter? My thing was what’s the point in bashing the G2 – if you don’t like it then wait for T-Mobile’s “Project Emerald” or whatever else they have coming before the end of the year.
    The whinning isn’t productive critizism it makes us “Phandroids” seem like those bitches the walk around holding there “bumper exclusive cell phone”.

  44. Obvious Robert
    oh naw bruh. i just want the top of the line. im just pissed that mobile allowed Sprint to come back. Sprint was dead in the water with the Palm crap and they know it. Tmobile shouldve gotten the EVO minus the ffc,some people dont care for it(i do).if i have the money to buy a lambo dont disrespect me and tell me to buy a nissan z. i buy whatever i want and i think tmobile needs to understand people buy wha they want and not whats all NEEDED. the ffc isnt needed but hey its a cool feature. the snapdragon isnt needed but its cool. im not bashing tmobile im just pissed that theyve continually come out with kiddie phones as opposed to the GROWN ass phones them other companies have.The Samsung Epic wouldve been a perfect device foy keyboard lovers(myself included). Trust me i dont always like the nexus one keyboard but ive learned to like it. the reason why America is sooooooooooooooooooo behind in technology is because of people like (anyone that objects me or the features that selling like hotcakes on other carriers i.e ffc)you. you DONT WANT CHANGE. YOU DONT WANT TO GET INTO THE NEW.STUCK ON OLD WHEN THE NEW IS EVOLVING! EVOLVE PEOPLE!

  45. Onlinedrama … trust me boss im not whining im just voicing my opinion. yall right the g2 most likely isnt my type like a chick with no ass and brains! i almost bought the Vibrant then i was like ehhh. i will probably just buy an unlocked phone from a foreign website and call it a day.i do wish that tmobile does come out with something worh talking about.I love tmobile,its the only company ive ever had. i dont see myself leaving tmobile im too CHEAP to SPEND a mortgage payment on a phone bill ( yall know compared to verizon tmobile is leagues btter as far as pricing). like i said before the hspa is cool but for a person like me its not enough. i want people to have the drool factor like when tmobile was the only company with a ANDROID(g1) device.I WANT TMOBILES PHONES TO EVOLVE.I want my phone company to rise again to the top of the heap but its seems as of the late all tmobile can muster is a HEAP!!! smh

  46. I’m with many of you…I have been with T-mobile since the Voicestream days…we are talking aobut 8 – 10 yrs or so…and I am really getting tired and bored of the phones offered by them. I was excited to see the BB 8900 come out, that was taken out of circulation 6 months later. Since 2009 the only thing that makes sence to stay with TMO is the BB 9700. Motorola Zliq, the Nokia, and the other HTC phones are just lacking the marketing power that androind, iphone, and bb have.

    If I am going to spend $200 on a phone, it better have the ability to grow with me and my needs for atleast 1 to 2 years. BB 8900 has done that for me through the various hybris OS out there, bcs TMO does not even support the 5.0 OS made offical by other carriers.

    The one thing the TMO does very well is customer service and prices….you can’t beat that…I have 2 BB’s with unlimitede phone, message, and data for about $160..VWZ or ATT don’t come even close….

    Come on TMO step up your phone availability or your will loose a customer that has been patiently waiting for something good!

  47. I don’t want to feed the troll any more, but why do you care whether or not a phone is exclusive to your carrier if it has the specs you want?

    Sounds like you’re not upset over the capabilities of the phone, but rather upset that you can’t wave the phone around over your friends’ heads as a status symbol.

  48. @chad.. youre a little correct and WRONG ASS sin on the other. when people talked about their Iphones back in 2007 didnt that make you want to get one or something like it. im a techechie type person so i want ot stay on top of the game. if i can afford it i want it. point blank.theres nothing wrong with wanting tmobile to continue doing well. just like CREY23 said… tmobile has great customer service and great plans.ive worked for tmobile and had their service for ovr8 years. i want them dudes to be a beast. if you want to settle then you should get a tracphone sir(CHAD).Pardon me me CHAD isnt a TMOBILE a cellular PHONE company? why shouldnt they hear our complaints and what better? its my right as a tmobile consumer to voice my opinion when i se that they are lacking in the PHONE dept.If tmobile was doing so well in the phone dept they wouldnt have …..T-Mobile Loses Customers, But Gains Revenue | News & Opinion …
    Aug 5, 2010 … T-Mobile lost 93000 customers in the second quarter of 2010, and the company blamed intense competition in the prepaid market for their …
    http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2367448,00.asp ……. i blame it on wack phone selection. i really hope tmobile listens to people like me that are willing to pay top dollar for a great phone to go along with our great service. Its sad that SPRINT has the WORST customer service and service but has the BEST phone(s) EVO and Epic out right now!!!smh Tmobile is doing the complete opposite. why??

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