Aug 25th, 2010

Oftentimes when making the decision over which phone to purchase, battery life may have to take a backseat in order to take advantage of certain features. Such is the case with devices featuring AMOLED displays, as they recently found themselves at the bottom of the heap compared to phones featuring LCD displays in terms of battery life. The HTC Droid Incredible and its AMOLED touchscreen ranked lowest, which perhaps creates another enticing argument for newer versions of the handset outfitted with SLCD displays due to component shortages. Devices already featuring LCD screens such as the Motorola Droid 2 and Droid X ranked at the top of the pack by a wide margin, while Super AMOLED Galaxy S phones make up the middle of the pack.


While the testing undertaken by LaptopMag followed a strict set of parameters, it only accounted for battery life in terms of web browsing. Talk time and standby battery performance were not tested as far as we can tell from the details in the original article. Head over to the source link below for the full story.

[via LaptopMag]