Droid Incredible Froyo Update Headed Our Way September 1st? [RUMOR]



Things have been quiet concerning the HTC Droid Incredible’s update to Froyo since a rumor that it would be released last week fizzled out. That means it is just about time to start playing with Incredible owners’ emotions again. This time we are hearing the update should be headed to the handset beginning September 1st. We can also expect to see the Incredible get a slight boost from VZW marketing to build up to the update.

Along with Froyo and all of its bells and whistles, don’t forget the Incredible should be getting 720p HD video recording along with the update.

We aren’t going to get too excited, given the results of several previous Incredible/Android 2.2 rumors, but we will mark the date on our calendar and hope come the 1st we won’t be giving you a “Sorry, no Froyo” post.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. What sources are saying this? Getting old reading about random rumors with no source information.

  2. Verizon Support still says no word on when. That is 3 hours ago on their twitter. I am going to call BS on EVERY rumor until I hear from them.

  3. @SteveE I’m with you on that dude. So sick of hearing rumors about nothing.

  4. Here we go again!

  5. Just keep guessing and eventually you’ll be right.

  6. @SteveE It wouldn’t be a rumor if Verizon confirmed it. The main reason for these sites is to pass along rumors that may have some validity to them. So you just have to take it with a grain of salt and hope for the best.

  7. I realize it wouldn’t be rumor. But how many of these rumors with “a source” are about getting site hits? All it says is “According to one of our sources”… This screams wanting site hits to me. At least say our sources at Verizon or something more then the most vague claim of a source ever. I am sick of hearing the word rumor.

  8. I am enjoying my Dinc on Froyo. It is nice to have the flash and the speed increase of the browser. It will be nice when others can start enjoying it also. I would like to see it rolling out soon. It would be nice to see all of Verizon’s phones on Froyo.

  9. Remember – ‘it takes 2 weeks for an update to push out’, so you might have to push check for update once every 5 minutes for that long to find out this was all rubbish. Oh, and since you might be one of the lucky ones who get the ‘test’ version a week early, it’s best to start checking now. 6000+ refreshes, here I come.

  10. Once the last rumor date came and went I finally sacked up and rooted and went with SkyRaider Vanilla. With more stable 2.2 ROMs available I was more comfortable making the jump and I’m glad I did.

    For those sitting on the rooting fence, take it from this noob and just do it you won’t regret it.

  11. I’m as sick as the next guy over hearing all of the rumors surrounding the Droid Incredible getting Froyo. I’ve never believed any of the hype surrounding it. That said, I have to change my tune (still a little doubtful). I am a proud Captain in the Droid Army. I have it from a good source ( and not some phone support guy) That as of yesterday, (08/24/2010) the official build of Froyo has the green light from Big Red. Verizon alpha testers have been running build after build of this delicious frozen treat for many weeks now. I’m sure this is the reason for all the speculation on release dates. Sadly, none of these builds lived up to Verizon’s quality standards. But finally the wait is soon over! A close friend who is one of these alpha testers for VZW told me Big Red signed off on the current build he is running. He tells me it now goes back to Google for their stamp and then let the rollout begin. Usually 7-10 days from this stage. Now I know this is yet another rumor, but It’s the first one I believe may have some merit.

  12. Meh. Won’t really affect my daily usage as I rarely shoot video. A speed upgrade would be nice, but this thing is already blazing fast. Sense really dulls the impact of new Android builds anyway…the only thing I noticed with the 1.6 to 2.1 Eris update was that it made the phone laggier…Don’t expect that with the DInc, but Sense is Sense. Won’t make much difference, IMHO.

  13. I heard another rumor that this rumor is just another rumor…blah….at this point, I am sooo disappointed at the lack of update or words from Verizon I probably still won’t believe it when I see the OTA update message.

  14. Just rooted my phone with unrevoked3 and forever. I haven’t messed with the radio or flashed any roms as of yet. So what would I have to do to get said update?

  15. I’ll believe it the day after i download it.

  16. At this point who gives a rats A**!!

  17. Completely agree with Herse. Was running Cm6, but cannot stand their dialer as well as any dialers in the market. Switched over to Skyraider and am enjoying the 2.2 experience. With unrevoked making the 1 step rooting process, anyone can do it.

    P.S. They might have been talking about Sept 1 2011. If tht is the case, I believe em.

  18. Where is my docking station?

  19. Man…it’s like the Eris all over again lol

  20. Already on Froyo, so not bugging me anymore. That said, I call BS for Sept 1, since rolling with labor day weekend for customer support- no way. I think mid September or just after labor day.

    The rumor patrol never gives up. Sad.

  21. LMAO !!!!! LIES LIES and more LIES !!!!

  22. Who the hell are the sources? Nipsy Russell? Fannie Flagg? Honest to God, what a joke.

  23. I throw the BS flag, That has be rumored too often pisses me off.

  24. I got the Dinc because I love sence, it looks good it runs well, and it offers more than std Android. But when I bought it I was smart enough to know I would have to wait longer than the phones with std Android. If you didn’t want to wait you should have gotten a different phone. Or you can root it either way if it’s a surprise to you, you didn’t do enough research before buying a phone.

  25. The rumors about this are getting quite old…its a shame people just can’t stop spreading them. If its not from a reliable source then it doesn’t mean squat.

  26. this is the 3rd time……im using skyraider any way. so, official 2.2 arent that excited any more.

  27. Waiting for 2.2 is just motivating me to root my HTC Incredible.

  28. Oh boy, I can’t wait for September 1st 2011!

  29. Wolf! WOOOOLLLFF!

  30. You DI owners need to get a grip. N1 owners has been hearing rumors of Froyo’s release since Google’s I/O in May and didn’t actually received the OTA until early July. Your patience will be rewarded.

  31. Wish i had a dollar for every FroYo update rumor.

  32. I heard from a very reliable source who heard from am extremely reliable source that froyo for the DInc would be pushed out on the second Tuesday of next week! Hey, wait a minute……

  33. phandroid: “WOLF! WOLF!”

  34. DInc Peeps, if full flash is 1 of the things that makes you anxious for the froyo update, head over here to ease the pain.


    Someone (definitely not me, I assume no credit for this awesome work) @ xda has gotten flash 10.1 working on 2.0 and 2.1 devices. The word on that thread is it only works on HTC devices. It works great on my completely stock DInc!

    Please forgive (& don’t flame too much) if the world already knows about this. Just thought those who hadn’t heard might like to. Uh, this is the part where I say that I’m not suggesting that you do anything to your phone & am not responsible for anything u choose to do with it.

  35. I have been waiting for awhile now as well, I want froyo for only 2 reasons. Being able to use my camera’s led flash as a flashlight and 720p video recording. I sent a message to HTC via their website and got weird answers. First, “Dave” told me the Incredible just did not have the ability to shoot in 720p HD, as the camera was “JUST NOT BUILT FOR IT”. I was shocked, because we all know rooted DI’s have the ability, and he pretty much told me to download a flashlight app. After my second message back, saying how confused I was, “Tom” told me that they have no control over VW and VW will release it when they see fit.

  36. If I was getting paid for every website hit, I guess I would spread every possible false rumor too. Just think of how many Incredible owners hit about a dozen websites a day searching for news every time a new rumor surfaces.

    I just wish we could fine the website owners rather than directly feeding the fire that keeps this crap coming up.

    Really, the only confirmed source is going to be Verizon or HTC itself. I seriously doubt they will post anything until it is within 24 hours of the release.

    So, until you see a leaked screenshot from one of those sites with the announcement coming (like with the leaked pre-release of the Incredible itself), than it is all BS rumors to bring in website hits and advertising dollars.

  37. i heard the dinc froyo update will actually downgrade its users to 1.6 just for buying that crappy piece of hardware

  38. At this point, I am perfectly happy with 2.1. All these rumors made me less optimistic about what would have came..

  39. man @$*!# this mind game that VZW players with us.. first say they bringing out froyo then delay it.. no wonder people dont @$!#% trust VZW anymore and their updates. This craps been pissing me off lately. VZW says they gona do something then when the actual OTA dates comes out to push the new OS they delay that.. LAME @$$ VZW..

  40. http://erictric.com/2010/08/26/android-2-2-froyo-for-htc-droid-incredible-will-not-be-pushed-september-1st/

    Looks like the “source” has retracted their statement. Maybe they decided looking like Mashable wouldn’t be a good thing.

  41. I heard paul is a chode.

  42. If it is only a rumor why even report it. Just meesing with every incredible owner?

  43. I installed Froyo 10 days ago using the instructions on the Phandroid forums. What a huge step forward. Froyo rocks. It’s faster and more stable, but there are tons of little features improvements that eliminated a lot of annoyances. The new media dock mode is great–much dimmer. The new car dock mode is also an improvement. When paired with bluetooth headphones, you can use the physical volume buttons without unlocking the screen. The camera is much faster to launch and snap. I’ve seen some gripes about battery life, but I haven’t seen any change either way. The new home screens are great. Tethering. Best feature though–Update All.

  44. I heard rumor that Elvis is really alive!

  45. Alert the media!! Have you heard about the Lindbergh baby?

  46. Root your Incredible. Do it Now! don’t be a victim to Big Red anymore.Seriously, it is too easy not too. Just backup your rom and you are good to go from there.

  47. I won’t be putting it on my calendar…just another BS rumor with nothing to prove it or back it up.

  48. A bit off topic but here are my thoughts on a HUGE issue, that I hope froyo fixes…anyone else??
    Just my 2 cents on the issue. I’ve had the phone for about 2 months and the first month it rebooted periodically, but not unbearalbe. In the past few weeks the reboots have become more frequent – about 5-20 per day. I got stuck in the reboot loop the other day when my battery was at 15% power. Usually it reboots and comes back on fine. I has done this during a call, during navigation, launching a program, but has also done it while in standby in my pocket, etc. I called VZW yesterday and the gave me the usual, “we haven’t had this issue reported…” response. I told them to check the web, there are hundreds of responses on forums and message boards about this VERY common issue. They recommended a hard reset, I said no thanks…I’ll wait for froyo to possibly fix the issue. So for now I’m holding my breath…this is a great device, not a great phone mind you, but a great device – IF it would stay powered on!!!

  49. I did just get Froyo on my Incredible, so not a rumor this time.

  50. Just received and installed Froyo on my Droid Incredible this morning.

  51. Just got Froyo for my DInc today. Located in Cincinnati, OH. Updated at 3:25pm EST

  52. UPDATE RECEIVED!! Just got the Froyo update at 8:25PM on Tuesday, August 31st 2010. – Brad from Fort Smith, AR

  53. I just got a systems update request on my phone. :)

  54. I got my update this morning :)

  55. The Froyo update is hitting Incredible phones, but is being released in batches (similar to historical Verizon updates). If you just can’t wait for the OTA and would like to manually update your Droid Incredible, download the update and follow the instructions here: http://eugeneorourke.com/blog/how-to-manually-update-the-droid-incredible-to-froyo/

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