Motorola MB520 Kobe (Diablo?) Makes Its Way Onto Blurrycam


A few days ago, we heard about the Motorola MB520 Kobe – a device headed straight for AT&T and looking quite decent, from where I stand. Then, we learned of some initial specs: 256MB of RAM, 512MB of ROM, a PowerVR 540 GPU, and an underclocked TI OMAP 3430 processor – they made up the internals to put it just over the mid-range end (but not quite high-end).

moto-kobe-itw-03-sm (1)

We’ve now got an actual shot of the device in the wild, according to the original leaker Engadget. It’s still said that this phone will be headed to AT&T, though another codename is now being thrown around: the Motorola Diablo. That just sends chills down my spine. Of course, we still can’t confirm names as we often see devices go through many codenames before it eventually hits shelves.

The device will be launching with Android 2.1 + MOTOBLUR, though it’s expected that Motorola will be pushing FroYo out over-the-air sometime after its release. The device doesn’t look too bad, blurrycam aside. What do you guys think?

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Diablo? More like gremlin. LOL =p

  2. I thought it had 512 megs of ram

  3. I hope no one gets this phone thinking it will be upgraded to 2.2 :(

  4. I hope they find a different name for it than Diablo. I don’t want to tell friends that my phone is a devil. Too creepy.

  5. I don’t care for Motorola phones anymore for AT&T they make them like shit NOT A SINGLE 1GHZ processor that Motorola will even make for AT&T. That’s why I’m staying away from their ugly ass phones.

  6. “The device will be launching with Android 2.1 + MOTOBLUR, though it’s expected that Motorola will be pushing FroYo out over-the-air sometime after its release.”

    Hahaha…devices with MOTOBLUR don’t get updates. Haven’t we learned that yet?

  7. Damn, another moto device releasing with 2.1? I just left a decent sized post upon seeing the Quench yesterday. Now this puts the icing on the cake. Moto has alot of pissed off customers at the moment. They need to be thinking about what they already released rather then new pathetically innovative ideas with low budget android devices. If anything, update the current “cliq” style phones and then forget about the old qualcomm devices for future phones. I mean damn, how many times can you put the same old specs in a different but almost similar device? At least start putting 1ghz or higher processors in your units. Since october 2009 when I got the Cliq ive heard something about an update for it. I didnt really care then but still was curious about it. since then they released the backflip then promissed the same update since it is basically the Cliq with a slightly different form factor. then promissed an update again. then here comes the cliq xt…. wait for it… promisses a q2 update but is pushed back.. then q3 and now possably a q4 update but not before 2 or 3 new but very similar to the Cliq devices are released WITH 2.1 preinstalled. It says alot about the dedication Motorola puts into their devices. Trial and error. Droid was a flawless device and therefore gets the updates. they should just come out and say that theyre not gonna update the older “cliq” style devices. would be alot easier for us that got stuck with the devices that were forgotten about

  8. and just to 1up it.. Everyone that owns a Cliq/Dext, Backflip, or Cliq XT… We are proud (lol) owners of the Motorola Void family

  9. This is stupid it looks like my Cliq, I’m waiting on the T-mobile G2 and throw my dumbass Cliq away then move with htc again. After that no more Motorola phones for me I’ve had enough

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