All Samsung Galaxy S Phones Use Gorilla Glass Displays


Super AMOLED not enough to convince you of the Galaxy S’s display superiority? Perhaps the added bonus of it being covered by Gorilla Glass will impress and excite you. We’ve seen glass tests for the Samsung Galaxy S before, and while it’s not impenetrable, it can definitely take a flogging without whimpering. This confirms the suspicions we had earlier as a result. So go ahead and drop that Galaxy S without fear! (Or don’t, because, you know, it could still break your phone.)


Or just be happy with the fact that it can sit in your pocket with your change and set of keys and not get into a violent tussle.

[via BusinessWire]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. If Sammy’s UI wasn’t so crappy, I’d be considering it right now. But Idk. I don’t know how I feel about the trackpad just yet. And quite frankly, I’m used to MOTO and HTC’s quick access 4-button arrays, as opposed to Sammy’s 2. I’ll check out Sprint’s Galaxy S phone and see how I like it before making a final judgment though.

  2. This screen is pure epicness. The contrast ratio is superior any any of my 3 HDTV’s in my home and I have yet to get a scratch on it. I removed my scratch resistant screen protector because this thing WONT SCRATCH! Fingerprints wipe right off and it looks like a brand spanking new phone again. Love my Samsung Vibrant and I would only trade it in for a bigger Vibrant and nothing else.

  3. From what I’ve heard though, it’s not the screen you have to worry about. It’s the plastic everywhere else that wont cope too well with keys or coins.

  4. My S has already taken a good beating an still looks new… I got the Skinomi carbon fiber body and screen protector… Such a good phone and great protection!

  5. Now if Samsung would come out with a version of the Epic for T-mobile without their custom UI then I think I would absolutely love it!

  6. If this is the case im going to cancel my Zaggs invisible shield order for mine! Its strange that we are only hearing about this now. So am I right in thinking that ALL SGS have gorilla glass? I would hate to think that I just got mine and it doesnt have the glass and now there going to manufacture them with this glass.

    I work in a phone shop and sell these everyday, and new nothing of it

  7. Wow, this is big news! I really didn’t expect to hear this tbh. What a good move by Samsung: durability is a huge deal with these big-screen phones, and the GG definitely goes a long way to helping customers achieve peace of mind.

  8. Still use caution, because I put a big scratch in mine just by having it in my pocket along with a ring.

  9. @von
    you could always just download a homescreen replacement from the market like launcherpro

  10. @Von
    As Bobby said, I use ADW and have Launcherpro installed. use Home Switcher to switch between all 3 launchers.

  11. I use LauncherPro as well and like it quite alot. I wished that is how the manufactorers would do it. Just make the launcher optional.

  12. @touchwiz3 haters

    A little of my background. I forced my wife to pick up a droid at launch, rooted it, and have tweaked it to hell and back. My sister-in-law has a droid incredible that she purchased based on my recommendation. I owned a nexus one for two months immediately after launch. I’ve now owned a galaxy s since launch.

    In my opinion, Touchwiz3 is a damn fine UI. Personally, I will put it up above HTC Sense by a wide margin if they get just a couple of really simple bugs worked out (contact ringtones require an app like ringo, for instance). Just about all of the major interface tweaks are a significant improvement over vanilla.

    Some of the features are a bit iphone-ish, but IMO, they’re based upon the best parts of the iphone UI. The left-right screen scrolling for the app drawer is easier to scan alphabetically than an unreasonably long rolodex. It’s really nice to have icons in the same position on the screen every time I browse the app drawer. The alphabet along the right side of the address book is a killer feature without an acceptable alternative in vanilla android. The dialer color scheme and layout is generally easier to read/navigate. I could go on…

    It’s just good, so take off your vanilla blinders and recognize… As much as I prefer vanilla android for ideological reasons, touchwiz3 certainly gets the job done with style. I’ll be sad when I leave it behind for CM6…

  13. I’ve managed to keep my keys in the other pocket while I waited for this news to hit… Hell yes! Gorilla glass!

  14. @Jason

    I’ve played with a Galaxy S phone and I think HTC’s Sense is definitely better. And people do RECOGNIZE, that’s why so many people despise TouchWiz.

  15. @otis just as many people hate sense…i prefer sense over touch wiz and I also prefer touch wiz over vanilla …touch wiz can hold its on down and does a good job

  16. @Carlos

    I know people hate Sense just as much(I prefer vanilla over Sense and TouchWiz anyways).

  17. “Flogging” haha

  18. Got a nice big hairline scratch down the middle of mine after just 5 day – and I was being extremely careful! Think it must have been something in my ‘soft fabric’ Mofi case that did it.

    Don’t believe the hype!

    Amazing screen though. And a +1 for LauncherPro, much MUCH better than Samsung’s effort!

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