Galaxy S Undergoes Intense Scratch and Damage Test


Performing an on-video scratch test for the newest smartphones is all the rage these days, and Korean site Media IT gave us the pleasure of seeing the Samsung Galaxy S under the knife (quite literally). The test started with a pocket change simulation to see how the device could stand up inside a pocket full of coins. The screen came out untouched, but the back of the phone saw itself receive a few scars.

Next, they did well to take a small screw to the face of the Galaxy S, and it didn’t pose any real problems. It wasn’t until he pulled out the box cutter that I started feeling sorry for the poor thing. Immediately, the cutter was able to produce a few deep scratches that – from where I’m standing – looked to be irreparable.


Personally for me, the test became too unbearable to finish, so take a gander for yourself to see how this Galaxy S ended up looking in the long run. To be fair to the device and Samsung, no one should ever be handling phones like this in the first place. If you put it through as much trauma as they’ve put it through in this video, then you probably don’t deserve to wield the thing.

[via Samsung Hub]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. FIRST!, ok, since that is now out of the way, the hardware on this phone is great, but they need to stop copying the iPhone, many of us are trying to GET AWAY from the iPhone, not buy an android device made to look like a last generation device..

    that Said the Sprint Epic 4g is the only one that does it for me,
    Too Bad there is no release date becuase I would seriously consider getting it over the Droid X. but the 15th is next week.

  2. The Video isn’t displaying on this page. I’ve tried Google, Firefox, IE. I have been able to watch all other video’s on Phandroid. Anyone else with the same problem?

  3. yeah, i’m not much into the iPhoney look (accent on phoney).

    it has good guts though so i can forgive it looking like last years top model.

  4. if all the screens for the galaxy s are the same I’ll be a happy man when I get my epic 4g. I wish they had a water droplet test(for ppl in rainy states). That’s what I want tested.

  5. I think the “iphone look” is about as obvious as placing the four wheels on a car, two up front, two left, two right, two at the back…

    The phone is black (practical) rectangular (duh!) touch screen (of course) and has a metal rim around the edge for strength and to define the phone (not terribly cutting edge either)

    So what is the big deal. The iPhone was the first to look like that, but we do not complain that (almost) all cars have wheels configured in almost exactly the same way, now do we? No.

    Its an obvious look, and it works for practical and aesthetic reasons… so stop calling it an iPhone look, it is not, it is the generic touchscreen phone look.

    – Mark.

  6. The video’s link is broken. Please fix it!

  7. Fredphoesh has a point. Yeah it looks a bit like an Iphone, but most touchscreen smartphones look a lot like that, basically a touchscreen with buttons.

  8. I don’t like that version at all. The ATT Captivate looks nice, even though the UI looks a bit iPhoney…. But it works, and it’s still Android.

  9. Galaxy S rumors are getting stronger and stronger to being end of August after Droid 2 launch if not by mid September. Basicly once Droid X calms down they’ll launch 2 more devices.

  10. well, you can do will it blend now….

  11. again with the destroyed smartphone fetish…

  12. in Italy will be delivered next week!aahhahahahah….you poor Americans boy!We are the best!! :-)

  13. Pfft… whatever you say Claudio ;)

  14. @Mark what you described was what the previous gen. iPhones looked like! So therefore this looks more like those phones than it does a Droid! Also the UI icons are modeled after those of an iPhone! the single recessed center track pad / physical button = iPhone only styling!

    There is no doubt in my mind, that Samsung wants to appeal to those folks out there, that are waiting for an iPhone or something like it! This totally reminds me of another South Korean company, biting the style of more popular, “high end,” brands (the Hyundai Genesis Sedan).

  15. Samsung should use sapphire glass, space shuttle windshield glass, or the glass that’s being used in armored vehicles (bullet proof glass). That would make it more scratch resistant :-) The iPhone uses Corning Gorilla Glass!
    In addition Samsung should replace all the plastic with carbon fiber, or a composite similar to what’s being used in the Boeing 787. I look forward to the Galaxy S2.

  16. @Chris -‘Cause we all want to pay $5000 for a phone on contract.

  17. So 1m60cm(5ft3inches) is the limit of dropping? It didn’t do too bad either.

    Survived a bag o nails and a screw driving into the screen and left not one scratch then they pulled out the boxcutters made a scratch hardly visible at certain angles but a scratch never the less. Then continued to dropping at normal drop length around 2ft 5inches survived 4 or 5 times without a scratch then they increased it to body height 5ft3in and the side cracks finally with the end result picture being that above. So basically unless you hold your phone at 5ft 3inches you would be okay with dropping it multiple times. As I am sure the consecutive dropping and scratch testing on the screen played a part in the one time it actually cracked with the height being at 5ft 3inches. It prolly could have been far less of a damage if previous tests weren’t done on the actually screen.

    That’s my summary.

  18. Also not to mention the dropping direction plays a part as well because the dynamics of screen as such if you drop it faced like they did it would be less than if it had dropped tilted at the side because a side drop will give more of an impact than faced down.

  19. Whats up wit all these people complaining about copying the iPhone. Who really gives a Damn(excuse the language) a about the iPhone. The only thing thats important is that this phone usable, and it trumps the iPhone in many ways. For all you people who complains about copying the iPhone, I think that’s what you really want so quit leaving those stupid comments go get you a iphone jump off the Android band wagon. It shouldn’t matter what looks like what, simple fact is how usable it is.

  20. @claudio. Lol but your gay and we ain’t saying nothing besides the phone comes out the 15th

  21. @Claudio
    PFFT, we got ours on July 15 here in America, so I guess we aren’t as poor as you thought huh.

  22. Oh and I got mine for $99 US haha

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