First Official T-Mobile G2 Specs?


We’ve always had somewhat of an idea as to what this phone would come packed with, but if a leaked product page on WalMart is anything to go by, then we can finally get a more reliable specsheet for the T-Mobile G2. We know it’ll have the 3.7-inch screen with the now-known display type: AMOLED. It also won’t be stock Android as many were hoping from a G2 successor: we’re looking at HTC Sense (with no word on OS version, but I can’t imagine it’d be anything other than Froyo).


Other specs include the slide-out QWERTY, of course, a 1GHz Snapdragon Processor,  a 5-megapixel autofocus camera (no word on flash), HSPA+ support, WiFi, Bluetooth, aGPS, and built-in hotspot capabilities. Sounds just like everything we thought it would be, but I’m hoping that AMOLED display doesn’t bring about another Droid Incredible-style debacle.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sense UI? Guess that means Ill need to root it…

  2. on another website someone said that those werent real and they were a mistake

  3. sense? Really? Ughhhhh!! Might as well run on android 1.5 while its at it and how about adding “the cube” from the behold 2. Cmon t mobile, we want a “pure” android phone, we are not all high school kids!

  4. Anybody else kind of disappointed? We hear of Glacier’s dual core 1.5GHz processor, but the G2 gets saddled with a year-old snapdragon?

    Seems like this is just a Nexus One with a slide-out keyboard. Not /bad/, just… meh…

  5. Nothing wrong with Sense. Some people like it for ease of use. Especially the average user who WON’T be rooting their phone and flashing the latest CM build.

    I never understand the complaints about it either. It’s not crazy slow. And unless you’re some type of performance freak (over a cellphone really?), it’s fine for everyday use.

    Also, year-old? Exactly. It’s ONLY a year old. And everything you read about last week, probably won’t be coming in a phone that was first leaked… what is it? Last month now? 2mos? Come on now.

  6. Yet another T-mobile phone released about 6 months too late.

  7. This phone is a perfect replacement for G1 users, every review I’ve read never indicated it would be the best phone on the market. T-Mo is serving the small group of people who loved their G1 but won’t take the jump to something new. Although it’s not everything we all want we have to admit the phone serves it’s intended purpose. Give T-Mo credit for that at least…

  8. Pssh, I’m ready to jump to something new. I can’t wait to see the official Glacier release on September 15’s press conference from HTC.

  9. has anyone noticed that t-mobile doesn’t have a SINGLE phone this sense ui on it. leads me to further disbelieve these specs.

  10. How is this a perfect replacement for the G1 as opposed to, for example, the Slide? I don’t get it.

  11. T mobile sell the HD2 which even though it has winMo it stil runs sense UI.

  12. Isnt the Glacier the dual core 1.5 one?? i doubt its coming so soon.

  13. All I really want is a snapdragon and vanilla froyo. Anything else and I’ll be getting a winpho7 handset.

  14. As an early adopter of the G1 (I got mine the night before the official release day), I must say that the G1 was not just another phone. It was something new in the market, the beginning of the Android revolution. Heck, for a while, it was the best Android phone out there (and worst I guess)! Now that my contract is about to expire, I don’t want just another Android phone with the run of the mill Snapdragon processor. I want something that will yet again push the limits of what’s possible! Sadly, the only thing that I’m impressed about the G2 is its HSPA+ capability. That said, the G2 is a decent upgrade for the G1, but not a true successor.

  15. Snapdragon is still a good processor. What on the Android Market has pushed this processor? nothing really. I believe once we can save Apps2SD, we see more complex games/apps.

  16. Sense UI = fail…

    although those specs could be way off… it’s walmart afterall…

  17. The vanilla android is really what had me wanting this phone, it’s like a nexus one with a keyboard. If it has sense I will pass.

  18. If out doesn’t have a front facing camera, I don’t want it

  19. sense is awesome forget ya’ll, but damn no front face camera is what im pissed at. If your talkin smack about Sense and that it’s for non rooted users, then root it and change to a damn vanilla rom then. should be no problem!

  20. I wish people would quit bitching about the front faceing camera. If you want one go to at&t, get an iphone, and jam it up your ass. Trust me they will be happy to have you.

  21. Jason,
    I agree with you 100%. This phone isn’t bad, it just isn’t revolutionary. I also had the G1 early. I was hoping for something really big and new.

  22. Those bitching about Sense UI have obviously never used it.

  23. Does anyone really know what the specs will be for the G2?

  24. I’d wait till closer to release time to rely on specs. If it comes with the Snapdragon I’ll pass and buy the Galaxy S. Hummingbird > Snapdragon

  25. @RJ, you do know an ANDROID phone had the FFC before the iphone right? so why dont you get that secret iphone cock from out of your STUPID ASS!!!! Nobody is thinking about the iphone when they bring up the FFC, but you, you fuckin dipshit!!!!

  26. Exactly, i would never get an iphone. But i will switch service if t mobile didn’t provide an android with a ffc camera soon. Or i might just order the international galaxy s

  27. I think there may be a FFC. This phone is basically the same as the Desire with a keyboard (except the physical buttons on the Desire have been changed to touch sensitive ones). When you compare the glass portion of the Desire to the G2, there is a relatively large section of black glass above the screen on the G2 (that does not exist on the Desire) that has no reason to exist if not for a FFC. None of the photos are taken at an angle at which an FFC would be obvious beneath the glass. Just an observation…maybe wishful thinking.

  28. it has vanilla 2.2 a flash no front camera and no hot spot. but itll be trhe first to get 3.0

  29. I thought I remember reading that the QSD8250 (Snapdragon that’s in the Nexus) doesn’t support HSPA+ which would lead me to believe the G2 won’t be running the same SoC as the Nexus. If the chip is gonna be a Snapdragon it could very well be the QSD8672 SoC which supports HSPA+ networks and has dual CPUs capable of a max 1.5ghz. This is where I got my info, http://www.qualcomm.com/products_services/chipsets/snapdragon.html

  30. @hasaan

    I am fully aware that android had it first. But it wasn’t until I phone four came out with those sappy commercials that faggots like you started bitching about it. I an personally happy T mobile doesn’t have video calls lagging down their network. it has enough problems already. So quit bitching go to at&t and jump on steve jobbs balls dipshit.

  31. I think some of the pushback to the Sense UI isn’t that it sucks to use (I’ve never tried it), just that people are concerned about the delay in OS updates that accompany a non-vanilla android implementation. It would be a totally different story if you could choose to use the Sense UI or opt for not.

  32. Ill wait for Glacier. Screw this. Will not replace my g1. ANyes RJ, I do want a ffc, no cause of iphone you tool. Why the fuck would you bring up iphone. ffc ≠ iphone so stfu. I will get the glacier even if it doesnt have a ffc but i want one so suck it

  33. @RJ, again you are the only one bringing up the iPhone and their marketing tools. I’ve never even seen that commercial. I bet you secretly hope the iPhone comes to t mobile, so you can put your cocksucking skills to use, you lame!! If somebody wants a FFC, WTH does that have to do with YOU?? Stop bringing up that apple iturd already!! Some people just want every feature available.

  34. @ Anthony – right on, I can’t figure out whether t-mobile 1. wants to put out good phones, but isn’t good at it so it takes so long that once they’re finally released they are no longer impressive spec-wise, or 2. Doesn’t care about what their competition is doing and so, to them a 1ghz, 5 megapixel phone is an amazing upgrade relative only to their own line of android phones, which, after the g1, has been slothing 8-12 months behind the rest of the carriers. Its as if t-mobile thinks that, since they offered the first android phone, they are the undisputed leaders and whatever they do is as innovative as the g1 was at the time. I can’t complain about their prices though, and 3.5 screams although I still can’t use my phone in 50% of buildings and I still can’t use it between cities, I borrow my friends’ iPhones often, its embarrassing

  35. @Hasaan- Here is the deal. If somebody wants FFC more power to them. Buy a Samsung galaxy S stock. There you go. The end. Quit bitching about something that one phone doesn’t have. Bitching about it does not make it have FFC. I’m sure your are upset that you weren’t born a woman, tough shit. If you don’t like the phone don’t buy it and shut the fuck up about it.

  36. Almost 2 years with my my slo g1 and now this, t mobile got to be kidding this is waq. I expected a dual core, 8+ mp camera 720p vid@24p. Flash support 4+ inch screen. 3g+ network support. Froyo 2.2 @ launch. Anything else is waq.

  37. @Keller

    Good for you. Buy the Glacier. I am looking forward to hearing your bitchy buyers remorse stories. Like how it lacks a kick stand or some stupid shit. You’ll find something to cry about, that is undeniable.

  38. I agree with the majority of posters here. I stood in line on launch day (10/22/2008) to get a G1 and took the day off work to play with it that day. I’m still using that original G1 2 years late. I’ve never had a phone that lasted the entire 2 year contract.

    It makes me downright sad to see T-Mobile keep launching a neverending barrage of lowend devices and calling themselves the “Android experts”. The G2 with a 1Ghz processor should have come out around the time the original Droid launch…but as it is it’s a year too late. The Nexus One was a perfect oppportunity for T-Mobile to shine, but they blew it by only allowing one type of rateplan to qualify for the subsidy and by not having in-store demos.

    The people on this board (myself included) are not “spoiled babies”. We just want a true update of the G1…..something with all the latest hardware(i.e. > 1Ghz processor, front facing camera). We want vanilla Android because that’s what is best suited to the developer community now and for the future.

    In 2 years, will this “G2” be able to run Android 5.0? If the answer is “probably not”….this is not the G1’s true successor that we all want. WAKE UP T-MOBILE AND LISTEN TO YOUR MOST LOYAL ANDROID CUSTOMERS!

  39. Anyone else think this “leaked” Walmart page may be a hoax?

  40. it is ive seen held and played with the g2….questions? thanks htc rep!

  41. Are you all crazy? High end devices? Really? REALLY? I am sorry you are all SO tech saavy that a 1ghz snapdragon in a CELL PHONE is old news and not good enough for you. Believe it or not, most people like more features over a big processor ( I know because I have worked selling phones for several companies for 2 years). The MTS3G has been a huge sucess for T-Mobile because of this, as was the MT3G before it. Oh, and for the record, you can blame Google for the nexus one debacle.They wanted to sell it themselves, and did a terrible job of it. Just wait and see waht it really has beore calling them out on it.

  42. Digital Trends says no senseUI.


    Rumors are that 1ghz processor and 512mb internal memory are required for Android 3.0 Gingerbread.

    Will this phone have what it takes to get Android system upgrades ?

    Thats what worries me. TMO has a history of releasing phones that cant get Android system upgrades, or that can receive only one upgrade.

    Look how many Android system upgrades the Nexus One has been able to handle.

    From my next phone I want the latest greatest hardware and software with longevity too !

    The G1 was outdated a year ago as far as Android updates.

    I want longevity in my next Android phone TMO !
    Any TMO execs read this site and its comments ?

  43. Hi my issue with sense ui is it isn’t accessible for the blind. At this point, the g1 is the only Android device available that is accessible. At the same time, Verizon has 3 phones that are accessible. The best access comes from phones that run stock Android.

  44. I know for a fact ir will not have the sence ui and is hspa+ capable ..
    as for the other specs i cant comment

  45. from experience i own both G1 and G2 and the speed and handling as far beyond its time. overclocking and Sense UI is remarkable. stop bitchin root and change the rom like you did your G1 it WILL handle what ever rom you place in it. G1 smashed all other phones and it was getting old ppl still used them, like they where new. now watch how the G2 becomes number 1 once again.
    there just freakin phones in the end and all does what the other does big small box or round. get whatever root and be happy

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